How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ they say. But come on, who are we kidding? Tinder is a social dating app specifically designed for just that. At least before you get lucky enough for them to be reading your bio that is. I agree, beauty and abs are added bonus but we all know […]

10 Serious Dating Advice for Teenage Girls

Are you a teen and wishing upon a star if someone could give you some serious dating advice? Consider your wish granted. This article is for you! I stumbled upon a post on Quora Digest the other day. An anonymous user had posed a question to the fellow Quora members about the advice they’d give […]

Why Dating in 2019 Sucks

Hello, there! Kindly allow me to begin by letting you know that I am not here to sing an anti-Cupid anthem neither am I here to tell you how love sucks because hey, it doesn’t. Love is the binding force that keeps the beings within the universe intact, enticed, intertwined or whichever fancy adjective you’d […]

Not Every Woman Is Bisexual

I can’t express enough of my gratitude towards you for finding some spare time out of your tedious work-schedule to take a glance at my opinionated and a subtly prejudiced take on this subject of discussion concerning the sexuality of women. I speak highly of transparency when it comes to expressing one’s opinions and so […]

3 Reasons Why Men Leave the Women They Love

Relationships can be pretty dramatic. Partners exhibit varying range of emotions throughout the course of the relationship and sometimes, the complications add up to the extent that it becomes impossible to keep up with one another. Under such circumstances, breakups are quite inevitable. However, during the rest of the times, things end without any prior […]

5 Relationship Lessons from How I Met Your Mother

I’ll begin by saying that I absolutely loved watching all the 9 Seasons of How I Met Your Mother. Besides having tons of pending assignments and exams being just next door, I managed to sneak some time to watch the series. It’s only about 25 minutes per episode, WHAT UP! You might have guessed by […]