The Age That You’ll Finally Meet Your Soulmate According to Your Zodiac Sign

It requires much of a tricky tactic to find a soulmate. Getting to know someone and then developing a bond with them that you haven’t established with anyone else ever before is extremely soul-soothing.

They don’t only fill the void of a romantic yearning but also provide you with moments of ineffable joys and happiness, as well as support whenever you require it.

The idea of starting an expedition for finding a soulmate is much dramatic and intriguing. One is likely to lose all the hopes when they can’t connect with people regardless of how hard they might try.

Well, keep your woes at bay because I have listed the approximate ages when each zodiac sign is destined to find a soulmate.

When will you meet your soulmate? What age will you meet your soulmate? My soulmate prediction astrology has an answer to your questions.

Here are the ages that you will finally meet your soulmate according to your zodiac sign:

1.  Aries

You are likely to meet your soulmate at around the age of 21, an age when you are trying to discover the meaning of life and also, gaining maturity slowly and gradually.

This is a prime time when her soulmate will be able to see her the way she is. Generally, Aries are outgoing, fun-loving and chasing their dreams. They never hide behind a balaclava and to cut to the chase, they are who they are.

This is a period in your life when you will have fun and explore life. You will start settling by the age of 30.

2. Taurus

The alignment of the planets suggests that you will meet your soulmate somewhere when you are around 16 years of age. This is the age where you will feel highly romantic and you’ll be looking for young love.

You are yet to know if the relationship means anything or if the “together-forever” concept validates in your life. But a period of life when friends mean the world to you, it will also feel heavenly to have someone to catch your senses and who will know exactly what’s going on in your head.

3. Gemini

You will meet your soulmate at around the age of 19 but you will not take them as your soulmate until after some years to follow.

It will start off as being introduced to someone via a mutual group of friends or at work or college, and then you’ll click instantly with this other person and get a feeling as if you’ve known them forever.

Geminis aren’t the kind of persons who would dive into commitment straight away. Chances are that they might part with their soulmate for a while but the person will always be there in the back of their mind. And someday, just someday, when they are mature, they will have a lovely encounter with each other again.

4. Cancer

Haven’t you been fantasizing about love ever since you were a minion? No wonders you will meet your soulmate at just 15 years of age.

Romance and respect, these are the two attributes that are essential for you when it comes into being in a relationship with someone.

You have the capacity to make your soulmate appear to be naive, one moment and mature, the other. You will find a person with whom you’ll be able to hold hand and kiss, and also, talk about intellectual subjects that most of the people of your age are still unaware of.

5. Leo

You want to know what life has in store for you before getting into any relationship. Sometimes, you might question yourself if the decision to wait was worthy, but all this long, you’ll have discovered the best possible version of yourself.

You are likely to meet your soulmate at 25 years of age.

Age is not a bit of a certain to you after you have seized all the opportunities to make your life 10 folds better than it would have been had you fallen for young love.

At 25, you are still young, wild and free enough to feel love the way it runs in the veins of a teenager.

6. Virgo

It all seems appealing when you see others with their respective soulmates but you have a trouble analysing if ever you’ll find your soulmate. In totality, connecting with people on a romantic level is quite problematic for you.

You are an exception to the rule that you’ll have to find a romantic soulmate to feel complete. You’ll be surrounded by friends who will feel like your soulmates and they will add value to your life.

7. Libra

You’ll meet your soulmate at a phase of transition between adulthood and teenage – the age of 20.

In a period of imbalance, when you are in the quest of all the mysterious factors of life, your soulmate will aid to your rescue.

You are likely to find a soulmate in a best friend and even if you aren’t able to connect with them romantically, you’ll find an even deeper connection on all the other levels.

8. Scorpio

It’s highly probable that you will find your soulmate at a tender age when you will not be able to figure out what could possibly be done with the emotional rush, the age of 12 it is.

You might be thrilled to have a soulmate at such a young age but still, you will not admit it right away or enter into any sort of commitment any sooner.

Regardless of how many seasons have gone by since you started spending time with your soulmate, it will always feel new and lively.

9. Sagittarius

Dear fellow Sagittarians, it’s crazy how much we love our independence and freedom, and not having to be accountable to anyone for whatever the hell we do in our life. And our sense of independence will lead us towards finding our soulmates when we’ve reached the age of 28.

Commitment seems to be rather unnecessary until we reach our mid-twenties. So, it’s likely that we will land onto having one when we start a new phase of our life.

We will have trust issues first and we will fear as if the potential soulmate might disappear in a flicker of a second, but given the time, we will slowly start easing into making a way for them to our lives.

We are the signs that demand a lot of space in a relationship, and we will be lucky enough to find someone who will respect our needs. Yayy!

10. Capricorn

You, there, are a sassy one. Practically, you are the queen of eye-rolls. Even if someone mentioned about the concept of soulmates, you’d roll an eye on them because it seems vague to you.

You like to put up with life first before getting into a relationship with someone so that you’ll not have to deprive them of your love.

You are quite the realist and you gravitate towards mature relationships and that is the reason why you’ll find your soulmate at an age of 30.

11. Aquarius

You are the kind of person who often feels as if nobody understands you. That’s when the idea of a soulmate factors in.

You will not long for a soulmate at the age of 12 or 13, but again, finding a soulmate is about having a deeper connection with someone rather than being connected with them on a romantic level.

You’ll spend time with your soulmate in bonding whether it be through countless meetings or an hour long conversation on the phone.

You believe in creating a foundation of trust and only afterward shall you put your trust into someone as they do to you.

12. Pisces

You like to make everything sound like an extract from a fairytale. You will meet someone at the age of 17 who will help in giving your life a real taste of the fairytales that you have fantasized about.

Like every other chapter, finding your soulmate will be much of an exploration and you will enjoy this brand new chapter of your life.


I hope my article aids in your journey of finding your soulmate. Do remember me when you find one.


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