Best Ways to Know He’s the One for You

Hey, Girls! I know what brings you here. Looking for a prince charming, aren’t you?

Or are you already “involved” with someone and are still baffled about whether or not the person is your Mr. Right?

If the intriguing thought of wanting to know if he’s the one for you popping on your mind? If yes, consider your problem solved. This is the article for you. You can call me an expert at extending relationship advice.

Have you bounced into the right page on the endless stream of the web? You bet, yeah!

Let me begin with a little backstory of yours truly!

I have had a wrong choice in men ever since I first started dating. And by now, I don’t even remember most of the faces. After all, you don’t find the pearl unless you dive into the ocean, #amirite? Haha!

Eventually, I shut myself down completely and now, I’m officially unavailable for dating purposes. I’m an expert at “friend zoning” men or even brother-zoning them under special circumstances. LMAO!

For what it’s worth, I started fantasizing about Alexander David Turner. Yes, ladies, the same singing sensation that sings about Arabella and keeps asking, “R U Mine?” Those are all directed or let’s say, misdirected towards me. At least, I like to think so!

Anyways, with all the experiences I’ve had in my life till date, I can just tell you the signs that’d help you to decide if he’s the one for you. Or not!

Remember that you are my personal version of Charlie’s Angels. So, rely on me all you want. I’ll never let you down.

Here comes an exclusive list of all the signs, each of which would scream -off- the rooftop and tell you that he’s the one for you!

1. The Series of Incessant Conversations


Do you and your partner talk ALLLLL the time on the phone? By all the time, I mean, do you talk to him when you are doing your “morning chores” and don’t bother caring about it, and so does he? And do you often pass out each other during your late-night calls?

Do you know who comes in at his house at what hour of the day, which friend has borrowed his Xbox or who he plays Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) with?

You must have figured out what I’m trying to say.

I wouldn’t bother to hear someone’s voice and tell them every single thing about my life unless I am genuinely in love with them and trust them enough to think of having a future with them.

Does this description match your relationship? Does he want you to be his girlfriend forever? Well, Shoes? Fit? Wear ‘em! Lucky, you!

2. Tells Everyone Everything about You


The thing with men is that they aren’t too complicated to handle or to understand, unlike us, girls.

Maybe that’s why they say, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” Couldn’t be more correct! How to know if he’s the one? Let me start with a little story.

I had this Guy friend of who wouldn’t just stop talking about his girlfriend?

“Did I tell you that she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my entire life?

“Do you know how smart she is? And intelligent too.”

Oh, Sweet Jesus! I was so close to losing my calm right then, but in some way, I thought it was adorable and quite intimidating too.

Who wouldn’t want their boyfriend to talk about them all the time, even if at the cost of it sounding irritating to someone else? If I were the girlfriend, I wouldn’t mind at all.

And if you are the girlfriend, there’s no doubt of him being the one!

3.  Acts like a Completely Different Person Around You


There is this universal truth that if we are deeply involved with someone, we leave no stone unturned to impress them, whether it be by dressing to impress or reading a book written by their favorite author to make them love us even more.

If your relationship began from being friends, then you’d notice the changes in him.

Does he act like a gentleman around you? Don’t misinterpret me, by the way! I don’t mean to imply that he might act like a jerk behind your back or tell the forbidden tales about your relationship to his friends.

Maybe “more gentlemanly” would sound better? Anyways, I believe you got it!

No one would change themselves for anyone unless the other person is of significant importance in their life. So, if he has exhibited some applaudable behavioral change, then make up your mind.

Is he the one to marry? Well, he might be the one for you!

4. They like You for You

I have a confession to make. I make a lot of complaints and I’m often dissatisfied with the minor things of minimal importance.

It takes a lot of effort for me to like someone who I don’t connect within the first meeting.

Some touch their beard too often, some lack basic manners, some make a LOUD noise when they eat, some bite their nails and some talk at the top of their voice. To add further, some are aggressive, some typical bores, some don’t like going to parties or dislike my favorite bands for no particular reason, and the list goes on. Help me, Lord!

But you’re not me and you probably aren’t as difficult to deal with as I am.

However, if you realize that you have any trait as mentioned above or any other trait that anyone, in general, would find annoying, and that guy doesn’t give two flying Fs about it, then CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE?

UNDOUBTEDLY, He is the one for you! Someone’s imperfections go unnoticed only if the person in the other end is truly, madly and deeply in love with you.

All in all, you are with the right one! This is an early sign that you’ve met the one.

5. You’re Good Enough All along When You’re Yourself

Change is the only thing that maintains constancy. We all change for the better, more often than not.

But I am of the opinion that one should change only if their heart and soul demands change, and not because someone else compels you to bring about a change in you.

Call it body-shaming, or any other form of racism. People in the society label you and demand a change in you every time.

Well, none of their opinion matters.

However, if your partner is the judgmental one and is ruthlessly critical about your appearance or body, and tries to change you to meet the society’s ideal standards, then don’t think for a second before calling it off with him.

Gather your memories and remember the song that John Legend sings for Chrissy Teigen. I am referring to the single “All of me”. There’s this part where he sings about how he loves her flaws and her imperfections. That’s my definition of an ideal man.  What’s yours?

Ergo, if he’s quite genuinely appreciative of you, embraces you for who you are and pulls off a John Legend every single second of each day, then clear the cloud of confusion that’s clogged up in your head.

Carry his heart in your heart and serenade him, singing, “You’re the one, you’re the one!”

6. Wants You to Meet His Relatives and Agrees to Meet Yours’


I’d want to raise a toast to everyone who loves their family. I’m a family-oriented person. And I share everything of utter importance with my family, especially my younger brother. That little birdy is a true gem!

Let’s not go into my family history though!

Anyways, does your guy invite you to any of his family dinners or outings? Or does he always shut you off with a “Maybe next time, babe!”?

How about yours? Is he willing to meet your family, kith, and kin?

Ladies! “Maybe next time” is a euphemism for, “I think it’s going too fast”. I apologize for breaking your love-Bubble, but that’s the truth no matter how harsh it sounds.

If he’s not willing now, I don’t think he ever will. That’s just my two cents though and I know I’m not wrong.

You don’t have anything to worry about if you’re familiar with his family. In that case scenario, you better stick to him!

And if he has been putting it off since forever, then I see the break-up fire burning, sooner or later. Oopsie!

7. Takes You Out

Being in a relationship means you’ll get to explore all the dating destinations, go to a lot of restaurants or anywhere else where you can enjoy the intimacy with your partner.

My concern is, how often does he take you out? Maybe once a week or even twice a month would be perfectly alright.

Are you raising an inquisitive eyebrow? Oh, come off it, you! Don’t be so demanding. He needs to run some errands, go to work or study. Besides, he has a life. Don’t expect him to take you out every day!

Admit it! If you don’t go out on dates for a long, long time, you can see the affection fading away little by little. Of course, “Absence makes the hearts grow fonder” but a prolonged period of absence would have a reverse effect.

So, which side of the dating fence are you in? “Out-side” or “In-side”? If you know what I mean.

How to know if you’ve found your soulmate? The wise would know. You have all the hints. Have your verdict and decide for yourself if he’s a keeper, or otherwise.

8. Digs into the Details

“How deep is your love, how deep does it go? How deep is your love, let’s explore!” Sean Paul hits the right notes!

I am intrigued to know something about your relationship profile. How often does your beloved one show interest into the detailed affairs of your life?

If I were serious about someone, I’d utilize every moment of our togetherness to get to know them better. But I am me and you are you, and you are the one who is in a relationship, and not me. Haha! I talk in riddles, don’t I?

If he shows an interest in exploring the depth of your soul, embrace him for he might be the one, and if not, you know what to do, Charlie’s Angel!


As appealing as the concept of a perfect man or typically, a “Prince-charming” sounds, life doesn’t work that way. This isn’t a Disney Movie but a real life. We are all flawed. Trust me!

Don’t be extremely fussy, try to “un-see” the imperfections hidden beneath his beautiful soul if he shows all the signs.

I hope my ideas were of some help to you.

May the stars of love and togetherness land at your doorstep! I wish you all the best!

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