10 Cool Things To Talk About With Your Crush

Hello there, you little cherub! I’m glad you stopped by to collect all the latest scoop from the world of love. How do you propose I help you?

Oh wait, a little unicorn flew all the way to me to tell me about the world’s new It-Couple. #amirite? Well, I heard rumor has it that a lot of cool stuff is being talked about. I see the fire burning. Keep up the oomphalacious chemistry!

This might sound a little off topic, but do you know why I bring up all the spicy gossips and topics to talk about every time I update the blog? Because I literally break into yawns if I’d have to jot down the lines about some boring topic, over and over, to infinity and beyond.

If I deviated from being my usual self for a while and turned into a typical bore someday, what would you probably do?

Run, o’ dear reader, run!

I’d have done the pleasure by asking you to run away on my own. You ask, Why?

Well, it’s because even I can’t stand a terrible bore. Duh uh!

Nevertheless, if you haven’t been able to derive the correlation between my verse and your relationship yet, let me do another pleasure by rescuing you from your naivety.

Like in life, in general, we need a perfect balance between cool and hot things to keep things going on in our relationship, even if it’s in the Crush Stage. Kick-starting things off with hotness screams of desperation. And that’s the last thing we’d want to happen.

I guess I’m done with my theoretical analysis for now.

Let’s keep physics aside for a while

How bow dahh!

Yes, that was a  “Cash me ousside, how bow dahh” reference. I say Don’t believe the hype, eh?

The world is so full of road rollers. To keep you from the trouble, how about I get you deep-frozen in the fridge of the crush cubicle. You ask How? Well, moreso,  by sharing an inside gossip about 10 cool stuff you could talk about to impress your It-boy & keep the It-Couple status intact forever.

I have done my research. Yes, you’re welcome.

What are we waiting for? I’m game if you are. Let’s go!

1. Talk about something you like


Are my ears playing trick on me or are you still totally in a forbidden land and haven’t asked him about his interests or told him about yours yet?

Well, I couldn’t respectfully stay out of it. So, let me interject.

I’ve always been interested in a lot of things and my crush(es) had no option but to lend their ears to me.

Call it the Arctic Monkeys’ music or the moves that I groove to like a Jagger, or even my literary inclination, they’d know it all.

Also, also, I never ever turned a blind-eye or a deaf ear to their field of interests. I got an outlook of how avid sports fanatics they were, listened to death metal, played basketball with them and even a 30 round game of Counter-Strike.

I call it the smart shot. It always worked for me.

Even though they say that talk is cheap, a little talk always hits the bull’s eye.

See it for yourself and let me know if it turns out well for you as well.

2. Movies and Series

The Vampire Diaries

Have you had an insanely romantic and amateurish session of  Netflix & Chill? Oh, well! I’m not talking about the urban dictionary version of it, you little dorks.

“I smell a scheme whilst I see one coming”, you might say. Aye, you stop it!

But nonetheless, you’re correct anyway.

One movie of his choice or the favorite characters from the series he is rooting for, is one secret way to know all his little secrets and find a way to explore his heart.

I have just realised how important it is to share the dynamics of interests with someone you have a crush on.

I’m more into all the Gossip Girl scoop and Pretty Little Liars, and even Scream Queens. I’ve binged on them all. I’m more of a The IT Crowd person too. Talking about movies, I am always up for some inspiration and motivation. Goodwill Hunting & The Dead Poet’s Society are some of my favorite movies.

How about his? I need you to do a little interrogation and let me know. Go! I allow you to take a  rain-check for now and fall right into the arms of your beloved. Later, alligator!

3. Mutual Interests

Mutual Interests

Seems like it was only yesterday when your eyes met his and look where we’ve landed already?

You’re already drooling for him, and you’re one hell of a lucky girl to have his eyes laid on you.

Physical attraction is one thing but unlike gravity, it’ll fade away if you continue doing the deed with the No Strings Attached policy.

Well, to rock your world, I have another suggestion.

How about knowing where his heart lies? You could assemble the pieces of his scattered heart and have it all by yourself.

Here’s the deal. To keep the gravity working well, you need to play it clueless, yet make an attempt to know the core of his heart, get to know about the things that get him.

No, I’m not trying to be unnoticeably redundant and talk about the same old “movies, music and more” thing.

I want you to know what makes him emotional. A better way is to play a game of 20 questions and let it all out of him. Open up your heart to him as well.

My suggestion would be to neither be a bragger nor so blunt, by either only invariably talking about yourself or only listening to him.

Keep it moderate and elegant. Play it well! Seal the deal for me. I know you can.

4. Find the passion

Find the passion

They say that love is a game of hearts. Since you’re in the initial phase of it, I believe you’re yet to gain your expertise in this field.

There’s a buzz amongst the crowd that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We are 21st Century Women, but traditions can’t be vague no matter how modernised our lives are.

So, that’s that but there’s more to it.

A key to a man’s heart lies somewhere beneath the weaved pattern of his passions too. I totally buy that sentiment.

Some guys drool over the strings of their guitar, some men are typical bookworms who dig deep underneath the words inscribed everywhere, whilst some are such gamers that just a little dose of basketball or football makes their day.

So, I say, find the key and unlock the doors. See what’s inside in the unexplored corner. It might just be your next clue into finding a way into his heart. Hurry!

5. Travel


I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you and hit the hiking boots and gears right away.

Or else, if you aren’t in a mood for it, the least you could do is talk about it with your crush.

We all have tiny sets of adventures in store in our hearts. There are places we’ve been to or the places we’d want to go to if we ever had an opportunity.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a trip to Paris or a round trip to Europe or even a journey all the way to the Mt. Everest based in Nepal? Well, when it comes to adventures, sky is the limit.

I’m always up for the travel game. Or even a little hike or a road-trip on a dreary road island would light up the spark.

Talk it out and get to know about his adventurous corner. I hope you have fun! A travel plan could be next. Who knows?

6. Your friends and his

Your friends and his

Like life-goals, there are friendship goals too. Friends form an integral part of our lives. Friends are the second thing we have in our mind when we think of a family. Talking about the word “friends”, it has a set of categories preassigned to it. Be it the hello-hi friends, pen-pal, just friends & the most coveted Best friends.

My points shall not remain valid based on any other category except for the Best Friends part. Ask him about his friends, the bond he shares with each one of them, the things that have drawn them closer towards one another, the trips they’ve been to in order to strengthen the bond, and so on.

That will give you a little insight on the kind of persons he puts his heart and trust on.

Tell him about yours and put your trust in one another.

Wow! Playing cupid is fun.

7. Wild Experiences

Wild Experiences

Want to hear a dirty little secret?

I say Use your imagination, baby!

Anyways, let’s not dwelve into the depth of a wrong direction, if you know what I mean!

I have a better idea actually. How about you ask him about his wild experiences?

You must be one of those bimbos if you thought that I was referring to the wildlife. Well, I’m clearly not. Looks like someone didn’t use their imagination quite well.

I’m here talking about the wildest, weirdest, wackiest and even the darkest idea of a fantasy buried in the depth of his soul.

Make sure you whisper the sweet nothings into his ears afterwards. Just so you know, the You’re so dark baby, but I want you hard sort of things.

I know you’re a player. Go, make me proud!

8. Pet-peeves


Hi, there! Welcome to the era of slangs. By the way, did you know that SLANG in itself, is a slang for Short Language?

Moving on, the word pet-peeve is particularly used to describe something that typically annoys someone. Well, now you know if you didn’t know about it already.

I here present you some instances of what pet peeves could actually be. Some of them include people who are always interrupting, people who don’t shut up and talk over you constantly, people who don’t know about personal space, unflushed public toilets, animal cruelty and the list is endless.

I guess you got the picture.

So, yeah, stay on the safe side by knowing about all his pet peeves and telling him about yours so that you don’t end up hitting his last nerve and neither does he.

It’s better to stay on the safe side than having an image of an annoying little shite in the eyes of your lover. Isn’t it ?

You’re free to beg to differ if that’s what you want. Your loss, I’d say!

9. Ask for an advice on something


Advising someone is a work of art which can only be pulled off by an intellectual or someone with a high degree of emotional intelligence.

So, if you ask your crush for an advice, you’ll strike the tenderness of their heart.

They’ll feel enormously special seeing that their take on something adds value to your life.

It also is an indicator of the fact that your heart has placed a trust in his .

He’ll feel special either way. So, cast the spell and win him over. I’m watching, somewhere from over-the-top!

10. Don’t bring up topics about exes


There is a golden rule in the world of love that says to never mention about your ex except in case of absolutely acceptable and appropriate circumstances.

If you keep bringing up their name over and over again, he’ll have the impression that you are still not over your ex (singular or plural !). Believe me girls, it’s such a major turn-off.

You don’t want to lose him even before he is yours.

Watch out, girls! And don’t worry no more. I’ve got your back.


Remember how the slow and steady one wins the race?

That’s exactly how you’re supposed to act out.

Pick one or two of the aforementioned points and know your details. And some more. And then some more.

That’s called keeping it smooth.

I hope to see you soon!!

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