200 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Let me commence by placing an example, here and now. I’m a fitness freak. I stick to a workout routine for a maximum of 10 days, and then, you know what happens! I start lazing around until and unless I change my workout routine and the tracks that I workout to.

We humans tend to get victimised by boredom quite easily. And who is to blame? I wish I knew.

The same rule applies to our relationships as well. Before you know, the spark might seem to fade away eventually if you make no effort in spicing things up just a little. You know how the phrase goes, “You need to up your game, eh!”

#NoOffence but Bae & Boo are too mainstream of the names. If you’re still adhering to the mainstream trend, then I must say, You need to up your game!

Remember the game of 20 Questions? Don’t we always find ourselves on the verge of running short of questions?

I’ll not let that happen when it comes to helping you in selecting the pet-names for your boyfriend. Let me draw your attention to my point- even the most unromantic person on earth would turn into a romantic human if you gave him an alias like those in his video games!

Who says you only need to stick to one? I am willing to offer a helping hand for I have a handful-actually 200 of them.

Choose all you want and shower him with oodles of names.

My list covers all the peeps from gamers to fitness freaks to adventurous folks.

Without any further delay, let’s dive straight into the list of the names.

Adorable: Perfect for someone who is too adorable to handle.

Amazing One: If you want to let him know what kind of an  amazing person he is.

Amore Mio: The Italian version of My Love.

Angel: For a boyfriend who is sweet, cute and angelic.

Angel Face: Lucky you! He should be as beautiful as an angel for you to call him as such.

Apple: If he’s as sweet and fruity as an apple.

Apple Pie: This name applies to all the fruitalicious hunks. He won’t mind being one- especially, if Pie is his favorite idea of a dessert.

Baby Boo: If he is your Mr. Perfect and you’d want to spend the rest of your life with him.

Baby Cake: He’ll love it if he’s a cake-lover just the way I am.

Bad Boy: A perfectly rebellious person would love the idea of being called so.

Batty Boo: I would call this name as moderately cliched but could suit him well if he enjoys a little baby talk.

Bear: Remember the warmth I referred to earlier? If your boyfriend reminds you of a hulk, then call him a cute version of one.

Beautiful: Some men are effortlessly gorgeous. Keep it simple and plain, yet a name of wondrous beauty.

Beloved: Remember Prince’s album intro Dearly Beloved? How precious does it sound? It’s a cute name for a guy who you love.

Big Guy: This is another name for a cuddly, teddy-ish guy being with whom makes you feel protected and loved.

Binky: Works out perfect if he is a ridiculously cute guy.

Boo : This name has been out there since forever but as they say Old is gold. Why not try naming him as such?

Boo Bear:  An idea of a man who you’d want to be your Forever and Always, and who is cute as hell.

Boo Boo : A guy who is a great kisser, and a keeper!

Bookworm: A perfect idea of a name for a lad who loves exploring the world of books.

Bug Bug: No, he is just the opposite of someone who bugs you all the time. How cute does this sound?

Bun: Just the way the messy bun hairstyles are. Simple but elegant and sexy!

Button: Not old-school at all, but cute and sweet.

Buzz: Do you know what the buzz is all about? I do. I hear he doesn’t like it when things get overly cute. Name him as one!

Candy: Sweet as Candy. How obvious could anything be?

Captain: A maritime or seagoing name for someone deeply connected to the navy.

Casanova: A bad boy who is sexy and cute, all at the same time.

Charming: Didn’t he charm you and make his way through your eyes into your soul?

Cherub: This would work fine if he’s sweet as sugar and romantic like no other.

Chicken: Not because he gets scared easily but he is your little birdy, typically the chickadee.

Chief: A wonderful name for a guy who is a little bossy and likes to be in charge.

Chiquito: A gentleman with an exotic taste and who may be somewhere from an exotic land.

Cookie: For a guy as delicious as your favorite chocolate chips cookie.

Cowboy: If he is a wild countryman,

Cuddle cake: Someone who you love more than your favorite teddy and who reminds of your favorite flavor of a cake.

Cuddle man: Do you go straight to him when you are in need of some cuddling? If yes, call him one.

Cuddle Bunch: If he is cute and cuddly.

Cuddles:  If he is a cute cuddler.

Cuddle bear:  A guy who loves cuddling more than anything else. Aww!

Cupcake:  Do you know the Cupcake song? Nothing’s better than a guy who loves you and the cupcakes.

Cute Pants: Great name for a guy who is cute AF and who wears cute shorts and pants.

Cutie Patootie: A cute rhyming name for a cute guy.

Cutie Pie: Your most favorite pie in the whole wide world.

DareDevil :  Is he adventurous and daring? He’d love to be called as such.

Darling : If you don’t like beating about the bush and would want to keep things straight, go for this one. Straight from the heart.

Darl : Moderate variation of Darling.

Dear Heart: Closer to your heart. Baby pull me closer in the back seat of your Rover!

Dearie: A moderately cute yet lovable name.

Doll:  If he’s your favorite thing to play with.

Doll Face:  If your man is beautiful and you fall for his beauty every time you glance into his face.

Doodle Bug: You know how the bugs creep you out? Well, this one doesn’t.

Duck : Cute, yet strong, just like a duck.

Dumpling:  I love dumplings. If you find them extremely delicious too,then call him one.

Eye Candy: Can’t keep your eyes off of him? Let him know.

Everything: This shall be a great idea of a man who means everything to you.

Ecstatic: Do you get filled with ecstasy whenever he is around? Then this one sound cool.

Emperor: He might not be controlling, but he has power over your heart, in a good way, of course.

Favorite: For the favorite guy on the universe.

Firecracker: For a man who is rich in spontaneity and whose actions can’t be predicted.

Foxy:  Does he get you going? If yes, this would work.

Flames:  For a guy whose light shines brighter than the sun.

Fluffer Nuffer: He’s ridiculously cute and fluffy, and delicious, too.

Fruity Loops: A man with perfectly sweet and crazy traits.

Funny Hunny: Does he remind you of a comedian? If so, call him one.

Fuzz Butt: Cheeky much?

G-Man: He might not be a secret agent in the FBI, but he’s your perfect man.

Giggles: A good name for a guy who just doesn’t stop giggling.

Good Looking: Do I even need to explain? Nah!

Gorgeous: Ah! You’re lucky to have him. That’s all I can say for this one.

GumDrop: Sweet as a gummy bear who you can’t resist to gobble down.

Gum Shoe:  This name suits well for a guy who doesn’t mind being your Private Investigator.

Handsome: Hi, Handsome Hunk!

Heart Breaker: If he’s gone all Taio Cruz’s Break Your Heart on others, but makes  surre that he treats you right.

Heart Throb: Makes you heart speed up than its normal pace? Then this would be a good name.

Hercules:  Only if he is literally strong.

Hero:  Not an actor! If he’s your real life hero and would do anything to everything for you.

Honey: Might sound classical but is sweet as honey. Try it on your honey. Sorry for the lame joke!

Honey Badger: A cute one with a dark-side that only you are aware of.

Honey Bear: For a tall, powerful, cuddly and cute guy.

Honey Bee: For someone who is as hardworking as a honey-bee.

Honey Buns: Remember the sweet little buns?

Hot Chocolate:  Delicious as a molten bowl of chocolates. Oh, sweet Jesus!

Hot Lips: Well, needless to say, for someone with irresistibly hot and kissable lips.

Hot Stuff: Wayyy too darn hot to handle.

Hug McGee: For a huggable monster that you’re in love with.

Hun: Short for honey.

Hun Bun: Similar to hun, but slightly more cute.

Ibex: For an adventure lover.

Ice man: He can be cold sometimes, but loves you much more to cancel out the effect.

Iron Man: A strong and heroic man.

Jammy: He loves jamming and he is full of good-luck.

Jay Boy: If he’s blessed with a soulful voice.

Jellybean: If you’re a jellybean lover like me.

Jock: If he’s a sports fanatic.

Knave: Is he full of mischief? He deserves to be called as a Knave if he fits the description.

Kiddo: This is nothing short of cuteness.

Knight in Shining Armor: If he always comes to your rescue whenever you’re entrapped in problematic situations.

Knock Out: If your babe is a stunner.

Ladies Man: If all the ladies swarm into his borderline, but he’s all yours.

Lamb: If he’s the sweetest person you’ve ever known.

Looker: If you can’t stop looking at him!

Love: Say it if you mean it.

Love Muffin:  You love him so much. It makes you want to eat him.

Lover: If he is amazing in bed.

Lovey: This has everything to do with you being head over heels for him.

Major: If you have a major crush on him.

MarshMallow: So adorably sweet that you can’t get enough of him.

Mi Amour: Spanish for “My love”.

Monkey: A perfectly perfect name for a cheeky and playful person.

Mr. Cool : If he loves playing it cool.

Mr. Cutie: If he’s the cutest person you’ve ever seen.

Mr. Muscleman:  He’s the one with a worked out body.

Mr. Perfect: If he is effortlessly perfect.

Mr. Right: If your heart tells you that is the right man for you.

Muffin: If you want to wake up to him and his beautiful self everyday.

My All: Substitute for Everything.

My Angel: No person on earth could be better than him. He holds a great heart.

My Dear Boy: If he is a work of art, and you want to make it sound sweet and classy.

My Everything: If he makes you feel as if he completes your life.

My Knight: A guy who makes you feel as if chivalry isn’t dead.

My Love: If you love him enough to call him as one.

My Sunshine: He adds sparks to your life.

My Sweet Guy: Nothing can meet his level of sweetness.

My Sweet Prince: Someone who loves you and treats you like royalty.

My World: If he means the world to you.

Nature Boy: If he admires the nature and it’s beauty, and loves spending time outdoors.

Naughty: He’s always up for naughtiness.

Nemo: Once found, you feel like it’s highly unlikely to lose him.

Night Light: If he’s the one who makes you safe and protected.

Old Man: If your boyfriend is older than you.

Omega: If he is all be all and end all, he’s your Omega.

Oreo: If he’s  as yummy as Oreo.

Other Half: If you feel like he’s your significant other and that your life would suck without him.

Pancake: If he’s so delicious that you want to add up the condiments and eat him right away.

Panda Bear: If he’s rare and special.

Peach: The man who is sweet and delicious.

Pickle: He adds spices into your life and makes you feel lively.

Playboy: If he’s always around the ladies, but treats you better.

Pooh Bear: Reminds you of Winnie the Pooh.

Pookie Bear: He is teddy-ish and makes you want to snuggle all day long.

Poopie: Meanie, yet funny.

Popeye: Strong and muscular as Popeye, the Sailor Man.

Prince Charming: If he has left no stones unturned to sweep you off your own little two feet.

Pudding Pie: He reminds you of both pudding and pie, combined. How sweet!

Pumpkin: This would make an adorable pet-name for someone who is chubby.

Pup: For a guy who is sweet like a little pup, perhaps like a pug.

Puppy: Someone who you’d want to pet all throughout the day.

Quackers: If he’s a little weird but you love him anyway.

Quirky Boy:  If he appears to be a little odd but you treasure him regardless.

Quakes: Because you feel as the ground beneath you is shaking when his eyes look into yours.

Randy: If he has a high sex drive.

Robin Hood: This sounds like a good name for a boy who is always up to a right thing on all grounds.

Rocky:  If he’s like an underdog. Get the picture?

Rockstar: If you’re blessed with a real life musician.

Romeo: If he’s unrealistically romantic.

Sailor: If he takes you to the dreamy side of the shore in the ocean of love.

Sexy Face: If he is sexy and appealing, this could be a fun name.

Sexy: If he’s blessed with the sexy genes.

Sexy Pants: Someone who is over-the-top sexy.

Shortie: If he is cute and you love him.

Shy Guy: Someone who is shy around others but opens up all the doors of his world to you.

Snapper: If he’s short-tempered.

Snoochie Boochie: If your boyfriend is a Jay and Silent Bob fanboy, he’ll be happy to be called so.

Snuggle Bug: He’s freakishly cute and you love snuggling with him.

Snuggle Butt: Fun version for Snuggle Bug.

Snuggler:  Smuggler + Snuggle, combined.

Soda Pop: As refreshing as a can of soda.

Soul Mate: If you believe he is one.

Sparkie: He’s bright and lively.

Stud: He is robust and knows how to find a way to a girl’s heart.

Stud Muffin: A cute substitute for Stud.

Sugar: Again, if he’s sweet as sugar.

Sugar lips: The one blessed with kissable lips.

Sugar Puff: If he is muscular and sweet.

Sunshine: Because he increases the brightness quotient of your life.

Super Stud: He is an upper-class Stud.

SuperStar: If he’s your real life hero and he is a star in your eyes.

Sweet Cheeks: If you get a good picture of him from the back. Bootylacious!

Sweetie: Sweet, just the way he is.

SweetiePie: If he’s as sweet as a pie.

Sweetness: Variation of calling him Sweet.

Sweetums: A perfect fit for a cute and sweet guy.

Tater Tot: A sinful yet delicious person.

Teddy Bear: If he fits the idea of a cuddly teddy.

The love of my Life: Say it only if you mean it.

Tiger: If he rocks your bed, if you get the picture!

Toots:  A cute pet name for a guy who makes the wind blow in his way.

Tough Guy: If he is generally tough but exposes his sweet side to you.

Ultimate: In case he is the ultimate winner of your heart.

Underpants: As weird and strange it might sound, but it’s still cute. You can use it as your secret sexy code.

Viking: If he’s a viking who has ransacked your heart.

Winkie: If he is too darn cute that makes you want to wink at him.

Wolverine: If he is cute and adorable as real life Hugh Jackman, but strong and like Wolverine.

Wonder:  If he makes you wonder how lucky you are to have him.

Wonder Boy:  The guy who is cute, funny and smart. A perfect combo!

Woo Bear: Another amazing variation of a Pooh Bear!

Yankee: He’ll love this name if he is a big time baseball fan.

Yummy Treat: If he is the most delicious cuisine you’ve ever devoured.

Zebu: Don’t mistaken it for a wild bovine. It certainly as hell means cute and strong, at the same time.

Zorro:  The silently strong guy.

Adorable and affectionate nicknames can be way too difficult of the things to get your way to. You don’t have to be ridiculed anymore of having to us the same pet name over and over again.

I hope I was of some help to you.

Let me know the degree by which your love life gets spiced up once you start using these names. Good luck!

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