60 Cute Things to Say to Your Crush

Having a crush on someone is one of the most amazing experiences one could ever have in their lifetime. The butterflies in the stomach, the liveliness in the air and the lovey-dovey music , all in combination, make sure that we have a perfect day. Well, what could add up? A glance in our eyes through the eyes of our crush would make things even more bountiful and surreal.

It’s okay to blush and mush your way out whilst the person you’re having a crush on is somewhere near you. But that is not self-sufficient on its own. You can’t afford to pause right there. You need to make some advancement by holding your head up and approaching them to have a conversation. Or else, you could use your fingers and send a text.

But there’s a problem. We fall short of all the right things we need to say or run out of ideas about how to impress them. In order to hold an impressive conversation, we need to be able to talk about interesting topics, throw the punch lines right where it matters and give them some type of an indicative signal that we have a crush on them.

There are a lot of things that could be said to the crush-either in writing via text messages or even the love letters, or in person, too. It’s for you to figure out which way to opt for.

However, I’m in the mood of being your cupid for the meanwhile and arching your bow in the direction which, on release, would make its way all through their heart.

Hold on to me for I have a compilation of  60 cute things that you could say to your crush to win them over. Let’s see what we’ve got!

1. I haven’t had a crush in my life till date, well, until for now.

2. I’m single if you’re still available.

3. No, I’m listening even though your eyes are ridiculously distracting.

4. I happened to know you’re single from your Facebook profile. That just made my day.

5. Come over. I have all the things you need- pizza, whisky and a little dose of me.

6. Let’s follow each other so that I can DM you.

7. Justin Timberlake? Yeah, he’s alright. I think you’re better though!

8. You have the gigglish & blushing effect on me.

9. You are amazingly funny. Funny is super-sexy to me.

10. Oops! I bumped into your hand so that I could feel the softness.

11. Oh yes! That movie kind of freaks the hell out of me. Please be my savior. Let’s go together.

12. Sorry, was I staring? I just can’t get enough of your cuteness.

13. Umm.. So, let’s play a game. It’s called How-long-it-takes-you-to-ask-my-number.

14. If I could bake you anything, what would you like to have? And when can I bring it for you?

15. I believe there’s always a right time. I think this is the right time to tell you that you are the right man.

16. Wanna know what amazing things can be done with $20? Let’s catch up this weekend and I’ll show you all about it.

17. Hey, you! Haven’t talked to you in a while. Want to catch up?

18. Let’s play a game. What’s your number? Care to hang out with me tonight?

19. If your heart was a prison, I wouldn’t mind holding myself captivated for a lifetime.

20. I’ll never get sick and tired of saying how much I like you.

21. Want to know why U & I are adjacent to each other in the  keyboard? That’s because we are inseparable.

22. It only takes one text message from your end to brighten up my day.

23. One of the many things that makes me smile is YOU.

24. I like you a lottle, it’s like a lot, except a little.

25. I get butterflies in my stomach even though it’s for the 40th time in the day that you’ve crossed my way.

26. Talking to other people and laughing with him makes me happy but it’s nothing compared to the joy I get whilst I am with you.

27. Butterflies? That’s an understatement. The entire zoo comes running into my stomach every time I catch a glimpse of you.

28. I wish I were the reason behind your smile because you are the reason behind mine.

29. Every moment in my life that I spend by your side is the definition of a perfect moment for me.

30. Wondering what the tiny hearts in the back of my notebook signify? Well, they are the scribbles I make every moment when I think of you.

31. Love is when I can’t pay attention to what the teacher is saying because I’m too busy day-dreaming of you.

32. The thing is, even if Alex Turner proposed to me, I’d still choose to be with you.

33. Dear you, I’ve sent a little fat guy in a Red Jumpsuit asking for you as my Christmas Present. Please kindly get into his bag when he comes to take you away.

34. Hey, you! Why do I have a strange tendency to act like an idiot and smile like a freak when you’re around me?

35. I’d not regret spending the entirety of my time with you.

36. If the stars ever run away, you could look into my eyes instead. I get starry-eyed whenever I see you.

37. Come out of your hiding place. Let’s head out for an adventure! I’ll give you sparks and explosions.

38. I adore our friendship. I was wondering if we could up our game just a little and move to the next level?

39. Your smile could shine its light through a land million miles away.

40. I was caught in an awkward moment with you today. You know what? Well, that awkward moment whilst I was staring at you.

41. I read a million love quotes and all I think about in the meanwhile is you.

42. You are my favorite idea of a daydream.

43. I love passing out at nights while talking to you, holding the phone in my hand.

44. Like Alex needs his Arabella and Romeo needs his Juliet, I need you.

45. I choose you and you choose me. I guess that’s enough of a reason for us to get together with each other.

46. I’ll love you forever, to infinity and beyond.

47. I feel like I’m starting to like you a little less and love you a little more.

48. You held my interest right from the moment when you first caught my attention..

49. From the minute since we began talking and you sat next to me, the only thing I’ve felt for you in my heart is love.

50. If I could wish upon a star, I’d wish for our togetherness. You’re all I want and that shall be my only wish forever and always.

51. Your love for me turned me into a writer, a singer and a poet. You brought out the best in me. And I can’t thank God enough for making me fall for you. Now, I’m in a win-win situation for I have me and I have you.

52. I love you for the way you love me for the way I am. Solve the riddle, can you?

53. Before I knew, your effortlessly gorgeous face drew my attention. I fell for you even before I knew what love was. Thank you for letting me know what true love feels like. I wouldn’t trade this feeling with anything else in the world.

54. Your smile is the brightest sunshine that the world could ever witness.

55. Every moment without you seems like I’m time-traveling and am 100 million years away from you.

56. I’ve got to tell you something. I miss you!

57. My legs feel worn out of chasing you. Could you please let me catch you now?

58. If I knew the secret formula that’d make you smile forever, I’d whisper it into your ears straight away.

59. I can’t help stuttering because I feel intimidated by your beauty. All I want to be is somebody to you.

60. You’re like the camera lens to me. When I see you, I can’t help but smile.

I hope these quotes work out as the perfect ice-breaker for you. Or even better, I hope they keep your boat sailing all the way to the utopian land of love.

Make the most out of the conversations you have with your crush. Don’t force the quotes into random conversations. Try to be smooth. Talk like your usual self. The rest would go fine. I wish you the best of the luck.

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