How to Decode His Mixed Signals

How to Decode His Mixed Signals

Flirtation is all rainbows and butterflies until you start to actually consider whether or not things can sail on a serious boat between you and the one who you are flirting with.

It gets more complicated when the potential lover who you are flirting with gives off the vibes of mixed signals. He might burn with jealousy at the sight of seeing you with some other guy and then the other moment, he might pull off the act of playing it cool.

Trying to know what the other party actually expects out of the thing that’s going on between the two of you can mess up with your head. It can get hard to configure the intention of the person at the other end when he acts serious one moment and then fiddles around in the next.

Why do guys give mixed signals? What are mixed signals? What are the examples of mixed signals from guys? You are required to stay hooked to this article to quench the thirst of your queries.

Here’s my list of 6 examples of mixed signals from men with the advice on how to tackle them. Read ahead!

1. He Plays the Game

This appears to be the most common mixed signal that most guys seem to emit.

Are you wondering how it works? I’ll tell you about it.

A guy makes it appear as if he is drooling for you and then when you finally start giving him some attention, he starts flinching away. It makes him feel like a winner and all it does to you is, well, complicate your emotional state.

In order to ace the game, you need to play along. Take the game to the next level such that he can’t resist the urge to approach you. Victory is all yours!


2. The Dilemma of Flirting

Why do we flirt with someone? Obviously, because we find them appealing.

If we intend to get into a relationship with them or court them, we do whatever we can to win them over. But what’s bothersome is that some men leave us hanging by and we feel totally clueless about the direction where the whole thing is heading towards.

Instead of whining about your misery, just let him be. Let him leave you hanging by. Don’t act at all. Play it cool like he does. And then when he flirts with you again, flirt better than him.

He can only feel as if he has won the game if you start feeling something for him whilst he doesn’t. But if you act as if you aren’t interested in him, he’ll desperately come to you in need of some attention.

3. The Hot and Cold Air

This signal screams of the fear of commitment.

It works pretty interestingly. He acts as if he is an undercover agent. He sizzles you with the amazing chemistry between the two of you and then you don’t find a single trace of his existence the other day.

It could either mean that he wants to take some time off to figure if he wants to be in a relationship or that he knows he wants you but is afraid of making commitments.

All you can really do here is wait and see how it all goes. All the best!

4. Afraid of Getting out of the Single Zone

This is another common game that men think they ace.

If this is the case, then he would take things really slow- by slow, I mean super-slow, like Turtle slow (No offense to the turtles!).

It happens when a guy has a bunch of single male friends and he gets the feeling that if he gets into a relationship with someone, then he will lose the touch of the freedom that he swears by.

Also, his friends form an integral part of his life and he, in no way, would want to cut off the connection with them.

In order to let his feelings pass you, you should allow him a reasonable time to clear his mind and to comprehend things wisely. Only then shall the future of your relationship get revealed in front of your sparkly little eyes.

Signs a Guy Is Flirting with You

5. Blurred Lines of Boundaries

In this case scenario, a guy would do everything that would make you feel as if things are getting serious between the two of you like he would make his family and friends meet you and he would talk about his life with you. The only thing that would be missing from the equation is that he won’t ask you out.

As vague as it sounds, it’s likely to keep you feeling perplexed and in a lost state of mind. You can’t even ask him what’s going on because you neither are you in a relationship with them nor have they asked you out yet.

All you can do is wait until he is finally ready to make the move. If not, then you might as well move on!

6. Behind the Sex Scenes

The FWB as in the friends-with-benefits is a pretty fad thing right now and it’s been so since ages.

Are you wondering how it rolls? I’ll let you know. Sit back.

So a guy comes to you and expects from you everything that can possibly be expected out a relationship but the emotional involvement.

He will take things slow to see how comfortable you are with the FWD concept. And then as time passes by, he’ll start making out with you, yet again without any sign of emotional commitment. If you seem to be okay with it, he’ll fire his bullet all the more afterward.

If you want to know what’s really cooking in his mind? I’d suggest you stop the game of pleasure and only then you can see him for how he really is.


Things can get really tensed if he keeps stringing you along and you come off as an easy target.

Don’t agree with whatever he says or do whatever he wants out of you if he can’t commit to you.

Know when to take a stand.

I really hope you get a clear signal pretty darn soon.

Take care!

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