How to Flirt with a Guy and Make Him Fall for You

Relationships can be thrilling and exciting. You see a guy, start fancying him and then, before you know, he becomes your imaginary fling.

You start fantasizing about the royal universe of love which you could co-create with him by your side. You take the roleplay of Princess Kate Middleton and imagine him portraying Prince William’s character. Oh, are  Prince George and Princess Charlotte already in the picture, too? Wow! Hold on!

I’m sorry to drag you from your royal dream. I’m only serving the purpose of saving you from the imaginary royal blues. Makes sense?

The deal is, in order to make him YOUR man, you first need to make him fall for you. So, you’re just in Step 1 as of now. That’s why it was important to shake you and wake you up from your fairytale fiction in the first place.

Now, since emotions are involuntary actions that our heart partakes in and only a minimal portion of control lies within our mind, we have no option other than making a significant use of what we can do, for it to generate the most favorable outcome.

As a self-acclaimed relationship and dating expert on the grounds of innumerable experiences, I would like to have the pleasure of extending my guiding hand, once again, and help you get the man who you desire for.

You’ll be enthralled upon reading what I have to share next.

Ladies, I’m now presenting a list of 10 points that will abso-effing-lutely make him fall for you.

Excited, much? Hold your breath! But not for so long. Haha!

Let’s take a read of what’s in store next.

1. Dress and Look the Part


The phrase “ Dress to impress” is too old-school. We belong to the newer generation and the updated version of that phrase insists upon Dress to kill. Fair enough!

Looking good and dressing well is of vital importance in the era we belong to. There’s always a particular theme for a particular occasion. We flaunt a formal style while attending an interview or going to our workplace, and dress up in some other way to make a statement whilst going to a party or a club.

But dressing well occasionally won’t highlight your personality. You’ll feel confident in our own skin if you jump in some good clothes. You’ll emit an aura when you’re enjoying the vibe of your confident self, and maybe he’ll take a notice of it too?

No one likes to be around, let alone date some miserable looking person, dressed as if they’re absolutely out of the clue of the worldly affairs.

So, in order to get noticed, kill him with dressing sense and of course, you’re natural killer good looks.

2. Be Polite and Ladylike


Before you start enacting your favorite character from your favorite teenage drama, let me draw your attention towards something important.

This, my love, is real life and as much as you’d enjoy being a ruthless mean queen to do justice to your favorite character, instead of standing out in the crowd, you’ll find yourself standing out of the crowd.

Everyone loves a polite, generous and decent person. Those traits make a person look civil. If you try to be rude and put on your mean self all the time, you’ll lose everyone and turn yourself into Lonely Girl, the female version of Dan Humphrey- the Lonely Boy, in Gossip Girl. It’s different that he gets married to Serena Van Der Woodsen in the end, but again, that’s a drama. Last time i checked, yours was a real life. So, grow up or else, see your prince run away in his horse.

Also, in order to find a way into a man’s heart, you need to act like a lady. If you start acting like a man instead, he’ll treat you as one of his guy friends. You don’t want to be one of them, or would you? Sweat a little and do some thinking.

Act up accordingly!

3. Flirt and Be Cute


They say, a little flirting is perfectly healthy. I couldn’t agree more.

Flirting acts as a catalyst in igniting up the fire of desire between two souls, and builds up an amazing chemistry amongst the duo. It also indicates that you are interested in the person you’re flirted it. Let’s keep a certain degree of approximation for our own safety though!

Anyways, if you kinda like someone, you’ll flirt a little but the proportion varies in case you’re totally into someone and he’s all you want. In that case, flirt hardcore  without making it look desperate. Be cute whilst you flirt. Look into his eyes, play with your hair, shine the smile and put some appealing gestures into display.

Try it out and witness the magic!

4. Show Him Your Deeper Intellect

Reasons That Prove he is Lying

Do you know that a term called bimbo exist? It refers to all the beautiful, yet brainless girls. Quite ironic, isn’t it?

If you still are in an illusion thinking you could win him over just because of your angelic looks, then it’s time to get out of the bubble of illusion, NOW!

He could ask a modern day Picasso to make your portrait and hang it up in the wall of his living room, but as writings on the wall fades away, so is your beauty destined to be.

You’ll only be perceived as a relationship material if you have a certain level of intellectuality. Try talking about your dreams, your ambitions and career  goals. Talk about your passions, the masterpiece of your favorite author, some speech made by a veteran that you find motivational and inspiring. This will highlight the intellectual aspect of you.

As a bonus, if you could talk about things in such depth that he could find them life altering in a positive way, he’ll automatically get driven towards you.

5. Be Your Own Woman


We are humans and we are entitled to having our own opinions on varying matters. That makes us who we are.

Do you know Neyo’s song titled Miss Independent? If not, do it now!

The song depicts how men appreciate women are carry their own opinions and lead an independent life, in all terms.

If you start nodding your head and answering with a Yes, and agreeing on whatever he says. You might as well become him. Just the way the likes repel, he’ll eventually distance himself from you. You’ll only have dead ashes in remain. Wow! I can be brutal sometimes!

But hey, I was just telling the truth. Expressing contradictory opinion doesn’t imply that you’re being disrespectful. It rather emphasises on your originality.

Trust me, girls! It’s a major turn-on.

6. Be Slightly Illusive


Like I mentioned earlier, if you start answering all the phone-calls or making yourself available whenever he wants you around, you’ll either find yourself somewhere deep in the friendzone or you’ll end up being “one of his guys”.

Also, there’s a thing I recently read about the friendzone : You can only get out of the friendzone if you’re 13 or below. Sounds scary, right?  Oh, my word! How scary would it be if you found yourself in the same zone at some point in the near future?

Prevention is better than cure. So, avoid getting into it in first place.

For that, act mysterious. Get out of the picture once a while and keep him guessing. It always spices things up. If you’re unavailable, he’ll start wondering about your whereabouts and will get drawn towards you in no time. A perfect way out for building up an amazing chemistry, isn’t it?

7. Show Your Concern Towards Him


Caring for another human being is one of the greatest virtues of humanity. Showing that you care for someone makes them feel special. It shows that they add value to your life. That’s why you pour in all the care.

So, in order to have him, you’ll need to show that you do so and mean it with all your heart. Ask him how he’s doing, console if he’s having a bad day, help him deal with the emotional issues. Life is full of emotional roller-coasters. Be his partner on his ride and hear him out.

And watch him be yours soon after!

8. Listen to Him


Everyone loves to be heard. And so does a man. Sometimes, we girls keep blabbering all throughout the conversation and doesn’t let a man talk.

Even robots aren’t silent. So, why should he be?

If you let him talk, I’m sure he’ll have plenty to share. He won’t accept it at first but if you give him the chance, he’ll slowly open himself up to you.

That way, you’ll not the be the only one talking. Apart from the joy you’ll get by seeing him open up his heart in front of you, you’ll also get to have him.

Who knew listening to someone would pay off so well?

9. Raise Your Standard for Love

spending time together

Love isn’t a child’s play. It isn’t a game. Don’t make it look like one.

Open up your heart but don’t cut your heart open and place it in front of him. Share your secrets but not all of them. Be available but not all the time. Trust him but don’t give him the benefit of the doubt. Give him the love but not all of it.

We all want what we don’t have. If you give him everything that he could get from you, without you being his girlfriend, why would he get into a relationship with you in first place?

So, don’t give him the boyfriend benefits unless he is absolutely committed.

There’s this another thing that I find ridiculous. Some girls chase men for their money, for the lucrative career they have instead of judging them according to the standards relative to them.

All the money and his career are utterly irrelevant if he puts no effort in winning your heart.

I’m talking with nothing but honesty. Please do as I say and you won’t regret a thing.

10. Build an Exciting Life That He’d Want to Be a Part Of

Life is dull and boring without adventures, career and life-goals. As shown in the movies, we always need something new to keep the spark ongoing forever and always.

Workout. Meditate. Dance a little. Sing in the shower. Eat healthy but enjoy the guilty pleasure of having a cheat day. Study and get innovative. Work hard and earn a decent living. All in all, be happy.

In your present static situation,ask yourself a question and give an honest answer: If you were him, would you date you?

Make your life better if you didn’t answer with a Yes to the question I asked earlier. Only then shall he make an effort and show an interest in being a part of your life.


Impressing someone is nothing short of a fun-game. But only get into the role of the player if you mean to be the first lady standing at the end of the race. Love, although, is the game of hearts. So, make sure you’re playing to win his heart and not only in the spirit of winning a mere meaningless game.

I can be an advisor but I wouldn’t want my readers to get fiddled by or fiddle someone just in the heat of the moment.

Be careful, love. Love is what I preach but I can’t precisely say if you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all the best, regardless!


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