How to Get Over a Crush?

Hello, you! I believe everything is hunky-dory in your life. So, what brings you here today? Allow me to make a guess, will you?

Something tells me it’s because you’re experiencing one of the most beautiful emotions experienced by mankind.

Yes, CRUSH it is.

I’ve gone through the roller-coaster quite a few times but even that doesn’t seem to be much of a bumpy ride as what having a crush on someone tends to be like. Things seem to be great at the very start. We skip sleep at night or often go past our sleeping schedule just to sneak off some moment out of time and lose ourselves in their memories.

But… Yes, there’s always a BUT.

Often times, lady luck doesn’t favor us and the person we’ve been eyeing on doesn’t reciprocate the same feeling regardless of our constant trials. Quite disheartening, innit?

In that case scenario, we don’t have any other option but to move on in life. “Would that be difficult?’’, you might say. Yes, love! It is. But the pathway that starts right from the end of a dark tunnel is illuminated by the light of hope, faith and new beginnings.

Despite the hurdles and rejection,  the show must go on because from every end, starts a brand new beginning.

Is it possible to walk away and leave them behind even if you were never in a full-fledged relationship with them? My answer is in the affirmative.

Using my expertise of the relationship know-hows, I shall lend my helping hand and let you know of the 10 magical ways that will help you move on in life and get over your crush.

I’m all set to go! Are you?

Let’s begin.

1. Stop Obsessing over Them

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Do you know the childhood tale of a fox and the grapes?

A quick brown fox jumped for ‘n’ number of times in front of a grape tree with the hope of picking some of the grapes and devouring them. You go, fox!

But despite the endeavors, it fails to get hold of even a single piece. Poor foxy!

Howsoever, the incident doesn’t render it sad. It whispers to itself, “After all, the grapes are sour” and moves along its way. Quite a sassy and a bad-assy move, don’t you think?

We all ought to learn from the fox and apply the morale in our lives, if our crush doesn’t reciprocate the same feeling.

There’s so much more that the universe has to offer. You just need to buckle up and explore.

Go outdoors, distract yourself with new people and stop obsessing over your crush.

Wait, crush who??

2. Tell Your Friends That You Want to Get over Your Crush


Can I take a moment to thank God for blessing us with a wonderful bunch of people called Friends?

Dear God, Thank you very much!

Friends are the pillars of our strength. True friends are always by our side, in times of joys and sorrows, in times of laziness and at times when we are in search of a partner-in-crime.

Real friends are angelic and they are to be treasured, forever and always.

So, if you want to get over your crush, your friends might be of immense help to you.

Grab a couple of friends and ask them to be your chaperone.

They’ll make sure you never enter the restricted territory which includes all the premises where your crush is likely to be found.

Remember the moment in Gossip Girl when Nate Archibald acts as a chaperone for Serena Van der Woodsen to keep her away from the teacher whom she had a crush on?

Well, your situation is quite similar to that scenario except for the fact that the teacher had a crush on her too but your crush doesn’t get starry-eyed when he sees you. Bummer!

 3. Treat It like a Break-up

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Have you heard of ghosting?

According to the dictionary definition, “Ghosting is the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication.”

Do it!

Sometimes, it’s important to disappear from the face of the earth to cleanse your soul.

Give them the silent treatment. Don’t call them or answer their calls, refrain from texting or answering their texts. Just disappear!

If you stay in their close proximity, then the whole process of getting over them becomes counterproductive and you’ll always remain sailing in the same darn boat.

I know it sounds selfish but you’ll have to do it for yourself.

You ought to love yourself first. Rest shall follow!

4. Focus on Yourself

Is it the end of life if someone doesn’t love you back? Of course, not!

Life is a beautiful gift and we need to make the most out of each fraction of a second that passes by.

Come on, wake up. Open your eyes wide open.

Meditate. Exercise and get in shape. Put on your dancing shoes. Have you heard the song Scared to be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa? Dance to it. Breathe! Feel the joy of being alive. Start writing journals. Challenge yourself everyday. Test your productivity.

Life is interesting, much more interesting than you perceive it to be.

Trust me, try life.

5. Get Back out There

If the shoes don’t fit, don’t wear them. There are ample number of several other fancy pairs available in the stores. Give the other ones a chance!

Is he your crush but do you go unnoticed when he’s around? Nevermind!

Do you realise that you might be someone else’s crush and they might go unnoticed when you are around? Well, you need to start noticing them now.

Like I mentioned earlier,there is always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

Who knows? You and this other person invisible to you until now might be a thing at some point in the future. Go, give it a shot!

6. Make a List of All the Beefs

Let’s cut to the chase. Nobody is perfect. Don’t hit me with the “He is NOBODY” statement.

He is not perfect. Let’s face it. You know it, I know it and even he knows it.

So, take away the “Mr. Perfect” status from him. Stop putting him on a pedestal. That’s not where he belongs. No human is flawless and therefore, it wouldn’t be a wise move to put someone on a pedestal and label them as “a perfect being”.

Grab a pen and a notebook, and make a list of all the annoying things he does or the irritating habits he possesses. He might practice or say, malpractice, one or more of your pet-peeves. Who wouda thunk of it?

I assure you. This, in itself, is a standalone option in getting over him. Ready for a test drive?

7. Flirt More

There’s this one amazing thing about the waterbodies. It’s enviably rich in diversity. There are plenty of fish in the sea. If a male fish crushes the heart of a female fish, I bet she won’t keep shedding tears about it because there’s are plenty of different other fishes in line waiting for their turn.

The “plenty of fish in the sea” concept applies in our lives as well. Good that you aren’t Taken because that allows you to flirt with as many people as you want.

Move out, explore. Not all men are silly-bollocks!

Science suggests that a little flirting is healthy. We all believe in science, don’t we?

Theoretical knowledge isn’t self-sufficient. Seek for some practical help. Have fun!

8. Don’t Transfer Feelings

This is the part where I save you from getting into a rebound relationship with the sole purpose of getting over your crush.

Stop, don’t move. Let me warn you beforehand. It’ll be nothing short of disastrous. Dang it!

Also, it’s not a good choice to immediately displace the feelings for your crush to someone else. It can lead to dreary emotional consequences.

There are also the chances of other potential unrequited love case scenarios.

Thank me later!

9. Accept the Negative Emotions

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You might think that there’s already enough of negativity in the earth and you might not want to pile it up any further.

I say it’s a good intention.

But have you realised how much mental energy you’ve been wasting whilst attempting to stop those negative feelings from flooding your mind?

It’s not worth it. It’ll only increase your anxiety exponentially.

The best way out is to let them pass and observe them in silence without judging or analysing them.

Remember, they are merely thoughts. They are powerless, harmless and yes, meaningless.

So, when a negative thought occurs to you the next time, bear it in your mind that it will pass too. The silence in between the flooded mind and the racing heart is absolutely divine.

10. Stop Stargazing

Have you been shedding tears because of your unrequited love?

No more tears, babe!

Stop and think for a while.

How well do you know him? Do you only take a glance of him from a distant place?

Do you even know his name or the kind of person he is?

Or have you just been fascinated by the idea of having a crush on him that you don’t bother knowing about him at all?

If all your answers are a “Yes”, then you’re simply plain silly.

As the clouds pass by in the sky, he will pass too. He could be a brutal person or a completely dumb-headed, reckless and dishonest person. Think about it!

Stargazing might have been fun until now but it’s high time you realised that it was just a star-gaze and nothing of a vital essence.

Brush your hair, flaunt those curves and get back in the “real” dating game.

What have you missed? Nothing at all. Just plenty of other handsome hunks hovering around you, waiting to get noticed.


The matters of heart are always complicated. Having your heart broken feels like the end of the world for a while, but don’t worry at all for you have me. Count me in as your Savior. I shall rescue you from all the heartbreaks just the way I did today.

Abracadabra!” I just casted the magic spells on you. You are now extra special. Bless me with your special presence next time around too.

Have a good time!

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