How to Live and Love the Single Life?

I’ve spent the half of the life I’ve lived till date in contemplating the thought that being single was somehow, synonymous to loneliness. But as the days passed by and time and tide turned their page, my take on relationships changed as well.

I started viewing of a relationship as something that wasn’t obligatory. I discovered it to rather be a diversion in the roadway, whilst meeting other obligations that we are expected to meet as we live this blissful experience termed as “Life”.

Since I was made to believe that if I didn’t land my little two feet into a relationship, I would be categorised as a “loner”, I ended up taking a foot forward anyway- even if it meant placing the wrong one on the wrong road.

Quite evidently, it happened for all the wrong reasons and I got indulged with a couple of blokes who I wouldn’t have dated if I hadn’t felt pressurized by the societal trend of being sympathised for being a “single-unhappy-loner”. What could be more depressing than that?

But surprisingly, I felt more miserable while I was in the “relationships” than at the times when I held the “single” status. With the passage of moments and a series of several other moments afterward, I had a “eureka” moment where I received the much-awaited enlightenment.

The mantra towards a happy life wasn’t seeking for love within someone else. It, in fact, lied about loving oneself and taking care of the body, mind, and soul. As cliched as it might appear to be, you cannot give love to someone else if your soul is devoid of self-love.

In case you are in the similar state as I was earlier and wondering about the ways you could live and love a single life, then you don’t need to linger around anywhere else anymore. This article is for you!

When you start loving yourself and begin to enjoy life as it unfolds itself to you with each passing moment, it’s only then you realise that you don’t need to confide in someone else for feeling loved. Love yourself, it’s all that matters.

I practice what I preach. I’ve been single forever and no, I’m not unhappy/depressed/ lonely. The tables have turned now and the Holy light has managed to shine its light upon my soul. I’m happy and free, and all willing to give back to the universe, the joy which it has enshrined upon me.

Sharing the ideas on how to enjoy and love your life whilst you’re single might incrustrate someone else’s soul with a similar level of joy that I get to experience on a regular basis. It’s my idea of giving back to the universe.

To serve my purpose, I’ve put on some deep thoughts while assembling a list of points that would enable you to lead a single and happy life, without feeling the need of being in a relationship.

Here’s the list of 10 points. Let’s dive head on and jump into the sea of exploration of the happiness stored in leading a single life- at the count of 3!

1. Go out on Dates


Talking about advantages of single life, being single gives you the option of seeing as many people as you like without the need of making commitments. They say exploration is an art that unlocks the doors to the unexplored nooks and corners of your interests.

Maybe going out on dates with people will give you an idea of what you like as a trait in someone and what you don’t. It can help you establish a list of the qualities you’d look for in a partner and those that you would avoid, in case you’d ever want to get into a relationship.

Moreover, it’ll give you a chance of socialising and being a little less socially awkward maybe? Because last time I checked,  the social awkwardness was one of the traits for which our generation was being criticised for.

Anyways, go out on dates. Form networks and most important of all, put your happy shoes on!

2. Fall in Love with Yourself

How to be happy when you are single? I say self-love is the answer.

When was the last time you whispered the sweet “I love you” to yourself? How often do you neglect yourself and march on to take care of someone else? Who do you think will meet your emotional needs if you don’t value them on your own?

Self-love is vital. Your body is the place where you’ll have to spend the rest of your life. Worship it. Listen to your heart and mind. Meditate. Cleanse your soul. Detoxify the bad vibes and clear some space to make way for some self-love.

Because you’re worth it!

3. Spend Time with Your Loved Ones

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Family and friends are life’s treasure-troves. They are essential for our existence. But what is more essential is to be there for one another through the thick and thins.

To be brutally honest, life isn’t all strawberries and marshmallows. It hits you hard more often than not, just to test the level of your patience and endurance.

Sometimes, we aren’t capable of facing things on our own and that’s when we crave for some emotional and moral support. The beloved ones are the people in whose arms we could resort to in case any adverse circumstance arises. So yeah, they are important.

Their existence doesn’t only matter during the times of trouble, NO!

Since we are social beings, we are expected to socialise. So, consider spending some quality time with your friends and families and give them a fair share of your love and affection. Tell them how you feel. Put your trust in them. Hear their story. Learn the lessons of life from them.

Each person is a walking story. You just have to lend an ear and turn an eye.

4. Advance Your Career


We live in a generation that believes in a feisty competition. Everyone is racing against the wave of time. The world still believes in Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest”. You need to be well-equipped to survive the race. If you lag behind even for a nanosecond, you’ll be left far behind.

If there’s anything that’s worth investing in, it’s your career. Learn new things. Get acquainted with people who motivate and inspire to advance further in life and assist you in taking positive courses while making choices while forming your career.

Success isn’t a child’s play. It’ll require the entirety of your attention. The journey is endless and you will be totally unaware of your destination until you reach there. That’s when life gives you a push into cloud nine- the prime of your career. Everything thereafter will be happily ever after.

You’ll never have to look back.

5. Hit the Gym


You get one life. One body. Why not get into shape?

Let me present an example to clear my point. How many shops do you hop into just to find the closest choice of your most desired attire? If a piece of clothing is of such immense worth to you, why do you neglect your body and not make it look beautiful and presentable?

I don’t mean to offend anyone. I am not attempting to “fat-shame” people. All bodies are beautiful- fat/lean. What my intention implies is that fitness is not all about looking great when you’re naked. It’s about feeling overpowered with strength and having an outburst of stamina and vigor.

Try working out. Continue doing so. Enjoy being single. Eventually, you’ll fall in love with the workout sore. Soon after, you’ll feel stronger than ever and just somewhere amidst this whole process, you’ll get in shape.

There are more benefits than you’ll ever know. What are you waiting for? Look for a well-equipped gym and get a membership. Hurry!

6. Explore the Horizons of Your Creativity


Someone somewhere was quoted saying that the richest place in the world is the graveyard because that’s where the most insanely creative ideas are buried. People get tied up in fulfilling their obligations. They take the unnecessary burden on their delicate and that’s when all goes wrong.

They care to look after someone else but never pay attention to their mind. And years and some more years pass by without them acknowledging the horizon of their interest. Unfortunately, they lose their life someday and along with them, their unexplored ideas get buried deep underneath the pile of ashes.

Answer me. Do you want to be such kind of a person? Everyone is blessed with a sheer knowledge about something. One just needs to take some time off and dig what’s hidden beneath the surface of creativity.

That’s where divinity and tranquility lies, they say!

7. Pay Attention to Your Thoughts


Emotions are valid and genuine, and so are your thoughts. I understand you’re busy performing the ritual of life but stopping for a second and listening to what your mind has to offer won’t hurt at all.

Thoughts are valid. Intuitions are usually a guidance from the higher self. All you need to do is LISTEN. Let them take their turn and come to you. Don’t block your thoughts, rather let them invade.

Feel the thoughts. Choose the most inspiring and invigorating thought amongst the pool of thoughts. Spend the rest of your day feeling happy about it.

We look for places to find happiness. But all we need is a little soul-searching to find happiness because that’s where it really lies.

8. Practice the Divine Art of Gratitude

How to feel good about being single?

We, humans, are personalised versions of complaint boxes. We nag and complain about being discontented with life, events and people, and experiences all the time.

We only see shortcomings and downfalls. We neglect the moments of bliss and it never crosses our mind that maybe, just maybe, we should also have an optimistic approach to life and thank life for the countless moments of goodness that we’ve been blessed with.

The law of attraction entails the theory that we attract what we think. So, think of all the blessings you’ve received so far and the universe will bless you even more. Be grateful for the infinitesimal folds of happiness that you’ve been granted with, and maybe, life will grant you with thousands of such moments to be grateful for?

9. Get out of Your Comfort Zone

There is a financial theory that insists upon taking risks as a higher degree of risk will result in a higher amount of return. Yikes!

I abide by that theory. Comfort is boring. While taking sky-high risks out of the blue is a mere act of foolishness, taking calculated risks would bring out the best in you.

Wake up every day seeking for an adventure-whether it is a real adventure like bungee jumping or paragliding, or adventures at your workplace while advancing your career.

Believe it or not, you’ll evolve into the “hulk-ish” version of yourself. And then after, there’s no turning back.

Have you considered walking on fire? Well, maybe you should?

10. You Can Do What You Want


I find solace in freedom. If there’s anything that’d define me, it’s my favoritism towards freedom. I enjoy being in my own bubble. I loathe space-invaders who come in the form of nosey relatives and doltish little kids, or even a boyfriend.

Being single means I don’t have to sacrifice my freedom to satisfy someone else or make compromises just to fulfill someone else’s desires. You aren’t answerable to anyone even if you show up at home past the midnight or at a random hour right before dawn.It gives me the ability to be myself. I wouldn’t trade my freedom for anything else in the world, not even a person in the form of a wannabe “boyfriend”.

Doing what I want is my life’s mantra and I’d encourage everyone else to do the same. So yeah, stay single and enjoy while you still are.


If there’s anything that you need to aim for, it’s your ability to live like a free bird.

Go to clubs. Act like a party animal. Dance while you are still young. Do what you love to do, and discover yourself while you are busy listening to what your heart has to say.

Practice and preach freedom, and yes, stay single for as long as you want to. Cheerio!

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