How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

“He grabbed her in his arms and that’s all she ever needed.” This is one of the most romantic statements that I’ve ever come across till date. I admire simplicity and nothing could have been simply plain wondrous as the beauty reflected by these words.

I love the idea of being in a relationship, being with someone who would make me happier and would not ask me to alter my life choices. Well, if he ever did, I’d kickbox him right away!

However, sometimes, life places challenging circumstances right in front of us somewhere amidst the journey of the relationship and we are bound to make some rectifications to our plans and choices.

One of such challenges is the distance between the spaces of our souls if we get into a long distance relationship, often referred to as “LDR”, or if either of us has to move away at some later point for a career or educational purposes.

If your relationship has faced a setback because of the distance between the places you live in and you want to spice things up, then worry no more. You are in a perfectly relevant section of my blog and this article is 100% for you.

I am well aware that you would give away anything in the world to maintain the relationship and keep it alive forever but you wouldn’t require giving the entirety of your possessions.

All that is required is a little effort and a quick check on my list of 15 points on the ways to maintaining the long distance relationship.

Make sure you follow my advice and see how seamlessly your relationship flows regardless of the distance between the places you live in.

You are just a reading away from having a perfect long distance relationship. Don’t put it off for later. Begin right away!

1. Don’t Over-communicate

You are a human. You have desires and cravings. You love the idea of being loved and your love-seeking heart makes you want more of it. You are completely unaware of how much is too much.

The love-bug in your heart sometimes makes you over-do things- for instance, by making you want for more and more ways to communicate. I hate to break it to you but the fun and admiration for each other will fade away if you keep the communications going for all day, every day.

Like eating the same food over and over again will make you want to get rid of it and want it no more, same is the case with the relationships. If you communicate for 18 hours on a daily basis, you’ll get sick of it.

Are you wondering if you are ready for a long distance relationship? Well, sweat no more!

Remember, absence makes the hearts grow fonder. Feel the absence and let his heart grow fonder of yours, and vice-versa.

2. Lower Your Expectations

Have you been questioning to yourself saying, “ Is my long distance relationship worth it?”

There are several factors that must be taken into consideration prior to and after your partner or your fling flies far away. Exclusivity, the level of commitment, and giving one another some space to keep the social life alive are some amongst the rest.

It would be unfair to raise your expectations on someone if they are trying to keep it casual and you aren’t officially together yet. Under such circumstances, they might want to see other people and go on a couple more dates as well. They are well righteous of doing so, really. New place invites new people. They might catch an eye of someone and maybe fall for them. That’s how it would really go.

However, if you are already exclusive, then you might as well want to give them some space. If they keep on hanging on to you all round the clock, then they will end up being a loner. Your conversations will be limited to phone or Skype and they might lose the taste of reality.

Allow them the chance to move out and breathe. The rest shall flow perfectly fine.

3. View It as an Opportunity for the Growth of Your Relationship

The concept of never-going-apart and going hands on hands with each other might seem alluring but it isn’t always possible for you to be physically present with him every time. You both are different individuals with different mindsets.

Besides, there are certainly other things that are worth more than your physical togetherness. Maybe he wants his career to get advanced and would prefer to move to a place with better opportunities. It could be that he has found a better university in some other part of the globe and wants to move there.

But none of it would imply that you won’t be together anymore. Let that desperation of physical presence move away from you, farther the better. Nobody said that it will all be over once he moves out. If your relationship is real and you are headstrong about it, nothing on earth shall separate you.

It shall just be another set of adventure in the journey of your relationship. As I mentioned, there are several cute things to do in a long distance relationship. It will bestow upon you the opportunity to explore and would assist in strengthening the bond.

4. Beware of Danger

By danger, I am referring to the danger stored in the lucrative attractions at the workplace or the acts of flirtations with someone from your past.

This is one of the factors that could take a toll on your relationship. It could shatter the trust, and eventually your relationship if you aren’t careful enough about it.

Living in a distant place places forth the challenges of you having a chance of letting loose whilst casually hanging out with some other person that you might be subtly attracted towards. It raises the sense of insecurity in your partner as he will feel as if he has lost control over the situation.

Seeing your partner hanging out all night someone else would drive them worried sick. So, refrain from doing so. Or at least, have the courtesy to inform them beforehand and give them no reasons to feel insecure whatsoever.

5. Figure out Creative Ways to Communicate

Is the question “What to do when I miss my long distance boyfriend” hovering around your mind and senses

This shall not be an arduous task in the modern day world where technology has made it possible to carry out creative communications. All thanks to the application developers and the innovators who have come up with some amazing ways for making the process easy peasy.

Try out the new filters on SnapChat. Abuse the record button on Viber and WhatsApp, and record some funny and/or interesting videos and audios. It will not only make the receiver happy, but he will also feel loved and attended.

You could schedule for Skype sessions as well and laugh and joke around. You can even pull off some mischief during the video chats. All you need to do is think and think a little more.

It isn’t as hard as it might come off as being at the very first instant. Make your mind upon doing it and so shall you.

Put some creative pants on.

6. Keep the Steamy Chat Sessions Alive


Another factor that might prove to be problematic when you are in a long distance relationship is the sexual tension that finds its way as an outcome of the distance.This is the part where your desires grow stronger and their absence makes you feel miserable.

Well, have you been thinking about how to make your boyfriend miss you in a long distance relationship? If that’s the case, I’ve sorted it all out for you.

You don’t need to compromise on your emotional needs just because you are separated by distance. Welcome to the world where sexting and steamy phone sessions have made it possible for people to feel closer regardless of wherever in the world they might be.

So, don’t feel coy to put the steamy conversations on display. In fact, initiate it often. It will make him want you even more. And then, things shall start happening and take a lead one after another.

As an alternative, you could even dive into the pool of sexy puns and send it to them in between the conversations. But of course, remember where he might be where you send them. You wouldn’t want to get him into trouble by sending him some NSFW stuff whilst he is in the middle of an important meeting.

7. Visit Each Other

Physical separation might only last for a while but it doesn’t last a lifetime.

If you are somewhere near the top in the list of his priorities and so is he, you’ll find some time to sneak out and fly only to rest in the arms of your beloved.

We live in a world where the schedule is nastily hectic. We don’t even find a bit of a spare time to breathe and take a sigh of relief. Facing the relationship tensions brought about by the distance between your souls amidst other ongoing affairs must be difficult to deal with.

So, do what is within your power to convince your boss and plan a visit. Even the meeting of a day or two would seem like a year spent in Utopia. It will ease your tension away and calm your anxious nerves.

Most important of all, your relationship will get a chance to be revived. The love will feel like it just happened and the spark between the two of you will blossom and, shine its light on your love-deprived souls.

8. Do Things Together

Well, this is the part where we extend our thankfulness towards the creators of technology. Life on earth would be plain and dull without it, really.

So, don’t let distance fade the beauty of your relationship. In fact, seek for better ways to get into a better place relationship-wise.

Even if you live in the opposite corners of the globe, there are ways you could feel closer and together. Of course, where there is a will, there’s a way. Whoever said that couldn’t have said it better.

You could have time for a movie session where you could watch a movie together online. It will be much more fun than you could ever imagine. Do you know what could be more fun? Well, you could go on a shopping spree together.

You will also be provided with several options to buy online gifts for one another or book a dinner at a special place. You could Skype whilst having dinner and then, it could turn out to be a virtual dinner date. Sounds pretty darn interesting to me, doesn’t it?

9. Plan on Doing Similar Things


Living in a different place would mean having all entirely different things in and around you. The conversations of the past and that of your mutual friends might keep things going for a while but then, eventually, you’ll start running short of things to talk about.

In order to prevent that from happening, I’d recommend you to plan on doing similar things. The timing wouldn’t make much of a difference.

You could read a couple of same books or watch a documentary. Having a bucket list of movies to watch would present you with ample opportunity to talk about common topics. Carrying out conversations would thus be easier and also, it will get more interesting than ever before.

Sometimes, a little experimentation is all that’s required. So, experiment and see how it goes.

10. Have a Pre-set Goal

Life doesn’t come with a guarantee and so does relationship. But like we don’t stop living just because of the fear of dying, we don’t plan for the failures to occur at the start of any relationship.

Things will work out if they are destined to, at least that’s what I believe. Sometimes, things don’t work because of the challenges put forth by life and its events. But one should always find a way to win over the challenges and win the game of the relationship.

Having fun whilst being in a relationship is good, but you ought to be serious as well if you aim for a common future. Things might prove to be challenging, especially when you are in the different parts of the globe. You, thereby, need to have a goal in mind.

Make schedules for a couple of years where you would meet a common goal or move some steps ahead in your career. You don’t plan on being in a long distance relationship, do you? You should plan to a point of convergence and work towards meeting it.

Even the thought of settling with your partner at some point in life would work as a pacifier.

11. Spend Some Quality Time All by Yourself


Life is a journey that you start and end alone. You meet some people who become close to your heart somewhere during the voyage, but you can’t really depend on anyone to make you feel happy.

Sometimes, all you need is a little time on your own where you can explore your emotions and let your feelings out. So, utilise a part of the time while you are away in giving some air to your thoughts because they are the most important amongst everything else. You are important.

The relationship isn’t the only thing that matters. You have a life to live as a friend, as a son. and as a brother, maybe. You shouldn’t forget the rest of the relationships just to make your partner feel fully content. Friends and family come first. Get your priorities straight!

Besides that, you can use this time to grow as a person. Seek for better career options. Join a gym. Work out and work on your physique. Look good and surprise yourself. You can always do better!

12. Keep a Track of Each Other’s Schedule


Have you ever wondered how awfully awkward would it be if you sent an NSFW video right when your partner is in the middle of an important meeting or amidst an important lecture hour?

A buzzing phone call or a ping in the form of a text message would be equally important and your partner might get “that look” from his employer or the lecturer.

Instead of getting the love, you’ll only end up annoying your partner. He might even give you a piece of his mind. Ouch!

To avoid getting into that situation, you would want to know about each other’s schedules so that you don’t land onto any inappropriate situation.

Let him know about all the tasks that you have scheduled for the day and the respective timings. You can have all the conversations that you’d want whenever both of you are free, or a better plan would be the plan the time for having conversations. That’s one easy way to keep your boyfriend happy in a long distance relationship.

13. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Nothing in the world of relationship is as important as being honest with one another is. We are all humans. It’s natural to have varying emotions. It’s perfectly genuine to sometimes have a negative streak whilst you are far apart from your partner.

They say it’s all easier said than done. I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy for the outsiders to say that it shall not be difficult to live miles apart from your partner but the truth is that it is hard.

You might want to hide the fact that you are missing your partner or that you are sad because when you look around, your partner is nowhere near you. Or there might be something that might have been pissing you off. It might be something that your partner has done or something else.

Whatever it be, I’d advise you to reveal it to your partner. The general theory is that the more you try to hide it, the greater toll it will take on your relationship. The intensity of being pissed would only get magnified and things might get ruined.

So, try to solve it right where it starts instead of waiting and holding up.

14. Give Him the Memento of Your Love


Even the celeb crush would fade away if you stop keeping a track of them or abort listening to their songs/watching their interviews every now and then.

We are talking about real life and things are even more serious here. Our mind tries to erase the memories of the past. Memories fade away, little by little and we take no notice of it.

When you live apart from your partner for long enough, you might start to feel the connection start to lessen gradually. It’s natural and perfectly valid for a human to feel that way under such circumstance.

Don’t put the blame on yourself. If there’s anything that requires being blamed, it’s the distance between you souls.

In order to prevent it from occurring, give him a memento of your love. It could be a book, or a bottle of perfume, or his favorite game.

It will make him think of you every time he lays an eye on you and the connection will never die. Problem solved!

15. Stay Positive

Positivity is the ultimate solution to every problem. Most of the negativity inbreeding in your soul is the outcome of the affairs in life that doesn’t turn out as planned.

Here’s when the essence of counting your blessing shall be felt. I understand that the wait has proven to be quite difficult. You might be in pain because of the absence of your partner.

However, you should be grateful that you have one. You have someone who loves you at the other end of the world, someone you can lean on at times of trouble or happiness, someone who’ll be with you regardless of whatever comes first, someone who is willing to be with you even when you can’t promise the togetherness.

Read those lines out loud and only then you shall realise how lucky you are and how the distance is only temporary.

What shall be permanent is your love and may it last a lifetime and, even longer.


Being in love shall come off as the easiest thing on earth. But the relationship isn’t just about fooling around. It takes quite an effort to maintain it and keep it going, especially when the level of commitment is high. It shall be harder if you are in a distant place and still in love.

A little care and some effort would be the perfect ingredient for a healthy long distant relationship.

And for additional assistance, you can always count on my advice.

Stay in love. Stay blessed!

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