How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

I want you!!

I want you so bad!!

It’s driving me mad!!

If you are a music fanatic, you might know that this is the lyrics of the Beatles song “I want you-She’s so heavy”. Even if you’re not, the lyrics might have rekindled within you the thoughts of someone who you are head-over-heels for.

But are you confused about whether he even LIKES you, let alone wants you bad?

Count me in as your cupid. I’ll tell you all the secret signs that will help you in determining whether he sees the sparks fly when he sees you or thinks of you.

You are excited, aren’t you? Well, so am I!

Here’s my list of the things a guy would do if he likes you, in no particular order of preference. Every sign counts!

Gear up! Let’s hit the road!

1. He Doesn’t Yawn While Talking to You

Unless he is super-tired from doing some extremely exhausting chore, there’s no way a guy would yawn while having a conversation with you if he likes you.

Science suggests that the adrenalin rush doesn’t slow its pace regardless of whatever you’ve been up to, when you’re in a one-on-one conversation with someone you fancy.

Imagine Zac Effron sitting next to you and talking to you. Would you yawn? Of course, not! Why? Because you probably fantasize about him and dream of spending some time with him. More because you’re so flipping interested in him that yawning would seem out of the picture.

Not relatable? How about a shirtless Zac Effron? Better?

Falling in love with someone or liking someone has the same effect in the human brain as the Zac Effron effect.

Yawning clearly shows a lack of interest. Well, yawning once or twice can be ignored. But how much is too much is for you to decide.

Well, if he yawns, it’s a big NO NO!

2. Calls Others “my Friend”

Wild Experiences

Let me take you into a “not-so-delightful” scene where two people are talking and the other person keeps talking about a third person all the time.

How would you, as an outsider, interpret it if they didn’t bother to tell the person at the other end about the kind of relationship they share with that third person?

I wouldn’t give a second thought and think that maybe they fancy that third person. Isn’t it obvious though?

I mean, who in the conscious state of their senses would talk about someone else way too often in front of someone they like? Well, unless they make a clear impression that they’ve friend-zoned the third person.

You ask, how do I do that?  Refer to them as “My friend”. EZ PZ!

Wait! Does he repeatedly address some Melissa or Brooke or whoever girl he’s close to as “My Friend” while having a conversation with you about them?

If the answer is in the affirmative, then yes! The guy likes you!

3. They Pay for Something in Full

The economists have made it quite clear that nothing comes for free in economics.

Economy majorly affects our life. Money Madness prevails!

When it comes to the monetary matters, I neither accept nor do favors for anyone unless they matter to me.

Let me relate it to your case. Have you been to a restaurant with him, for instance?

Does he insist on paying for your meal or does he pay his share and waits for you to get done with yours?

If he makes the full payment and maintains the rule of chivalry, he’s into you. If not, well, I’m sorry, he possibly doesn’t like you!

4. They Check out Your Playlist

Music is a significant part of everyone’s life in the present era. If you beg to differ, you must be an alien!

I shoo everyone who tries to invade my privacy and attempts to take a sneak-peek of my cellphone.

My playlist is my private affair and I would not allow anyone to take a look at it unless, of course, I like them or am in love with the idea of liking them.

So is the case with most of the people. I don’t mind generalizing in this case.

If a guy is interested in you, he’d creepily try to get inside your head.

What’s the best way of knowing what’s on someone’s mind? Taking a look and lending the ears to their playlist would be exponentially helpful. Believe me!

If he is keenly interested in you, he’d try to dig into your head.

So, girls, if he asks you about your favorite band or your favorite song, he is aiming to take a shift from the “friend-zone” and sweep you off your feet.

Come on, shine that smile now!

5. They St-st-stutter


Talk about initiating a conversation with your crush.

There was this time when he approached me and started talking to me. I was so nervous that I couldn’t complete a single sentence without stuttering. Who wouda’ thunk of it?

I later discovered that it was one of the side-effects of having a crush on someone.

I don’t know what gets into people’s heads when they talk to their crush that makes them stutter, but well, as unpleasant as it sounds, it happens for real. And it’s kind of cute.

If that’s how the guy acts when he’s with you, then he’s certainly crushing on you!

6. They Nickname You

Remember calling someone a Sleepyhead? Or a Potato-head? Or Gollum? Or any other nickname that you could think of.

I don’t even remember people’s names often times if I don’t like them. Forget about nicknaming them!

I mean, assigning someone with a nickname involves a lot of thinking, which in turn, involves a lot of mental energy.

Who would drain their nervous energy in thinking of an alternative name for someone if they don’t even like them?

So, what’s your nickname? Has he assigned you with one? If yes, then you’re sailing on the right boat.

If not, you better deboard!

7. They Comfort You

To be at comfort means being in a state of perfect ease.

Making someone feel comfortable requires a lot of investment, both in terms of time and emotions.

Assume you’re grieving or have gone down in the dumps because of numerous reasons.

It could be because your favorite fictional character died or you had a row with your best friend, or even the tiniest of the reasons like you frowning over your broken fingernail.

Is he by your side most of the times trying to cheer you up? If yes, then I like the vibe of it. And he does too. Trust me! And, so will you!

If he seems like he couldn’t care less, then you shouldn’t care about him either.

8. They Go out of Their Way for You

Let me get into it straight away without beating about the bush.

Does he attend the basketball game and sit on the bleachers just to see you cheerleading?

Or does he buy a ticket to the theatre just to watch the enactment that you’re a part of?

These points are only valid if these activities don’t form a part of their normal routine or field of interest.

If he does it all and goes out of his way with the sole purpose of being there for you as a pillar of an emotional support, then you’re lucky to have him.

He’s definitely a gem and he’s so into you!

9. They Use Playful Emoticons

I use emoticons to such an extent that a friend once asked me if I’d tutor them on the usage of the appropriate emotions.

Using playful emoji, like the one with the moon-face or the monkey-face, implies that he is trying to playfully flirt with you.

I, personally, only write sentences without emoticons if I am annoyed, upset or simply plain bored with the person at the other side.

So, are the chats filled with emoji or does he write plain sentences without caring about adding one?

Scroll through the messages and figure it out on your own!

10. They Don’t Mind If You Keep Their Stuff


You know what boys like? Their video-games, their XBOX, headphones, favorite books and their attires, to name a few.

Did he lend you his favorite book or your favorite sweater, maybe?

Or did you hop in at your home after having a sleepover at his den wearing his favorite shirt, and he told you that you can have it?

Well, if that’s the case, then he probably wants you to think of him all the time, whilst you read the book he lent. He wants you to breathe in his smell when you wear that sweater or remember the moment of intimacy you shared while you’re on his shirt.

Under what other circumstance could this possibly happen if he didn’t already fancy you?

Well, keep his stuff and him too, because he certainly likes you!


Do his activities test positive for all the aforementioned signs?

If yes, then I can see someone’s fairytale is about to hit the road.

Well, hit the road, babe, and don’t you say no more!

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