10 Kinds of Empaths – Which One Are You?

The most coveted dictionary of our time, the time of the millennials, the Urban Dictionary describes an empath as “a person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they are themselves not going through the same situation”. I’ve come across this terms on several occasions, the recent being whilst watching You’re the Worst where Chris Greece ( a.ka. Jimmy Shive-Overly) describes himself as an empath.

If you aren’t aware of the term yet, don’t fret about it at all for I find pleasure in informing you about what the term actually entails.

Several types of research suggest that if you are an empath, you are likely to experience the following symptoms, either jointly or severally:

i) You are susceptible to absorbing emotions experienced by other people like a sponge. They might be the ultimate sufferer but you, for some reason, become the carrier.

ii) When someone in your vicinity is ill, you feel weird physical pain too.

iii) You often get carried away with emotions and are prone to physical and/or mental fatigue.

iv) Solitude is your ultimate respite from the world and you require it to recharge your inner self.

v) You are prone to experiencing fluctuations in the mood all throughout the day.

vi) You are intolerant towards any form of violence or cruelty.

vii) You make a good listener.

viii) People often lean on you to vent their problems.

viii) Animals and children are drawn towards you.

ix) You are caring, generous and nurturing. These attributes come to you naturally.

x) Interpersonal conflicts bother you.

xi) You are borderline claustrophobic and get overwhelmed when exposed to a crowded environment.

xii) You are hyper-aware about the sensations related to taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing, etc.

The first step towards finding a solution is knowing what the problem really is. Being unaware of the mechanism that’s going on within us can lead to confusion and stress at often times. So, I want to help you get identified with a certain type of empath that you could be to clarify the doubts and confusions residing in your mindset.

Now that you are aware of the traits that are inbuilt in an empath, I would take you one step further towards discovering what kind of empath you actually are.

There are 10 kinds of empaths. Which one could you be? Let’s go ahead and find out.

1. Claircognizant Empath

Technically, claircognizance is the ability to “know” something without being told.

This kind of empath is highly intuitive. The ability is not guided by logic or reasoning whatsoever. However, quite enigmatically, they will simply know when something is wrong or appears to be vague or if someone is concealing something.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

Have you ever been in a situation(s) where you could feel what someone was going through on a physical, emotional or mental level without even knowing at all about them?

Are your friends often left dumbfounded when you express your doubts about whether or not they were facing a certain situation without them even revealing a streak about it?

Well, if you can identify yourself with what I just wrote, you might be an emotionally receptive empath. These kinds of empaths are able to feel things physically and emotionally without anyone even expressing anything to them about it.

3. Physically Receptive Empath

The working mechanism of the human body can be quite weird, innit?

This holds true especially in case of the physically receptive empaths.

It so appears that many empaths are physically responsive towards the illnesses and body aches experienced by others.

The illness is believed to manifest itself in the body of the empath and thus creates a special healing power in their body.

As weird as it sounds, if you are able to associate with it, you might as well be a physically receptive empath.

4. Fauna Empath

Fauna Empath

We all have to keep coming across such people, every fortnightly or so, who are able to interact with animals and by interaction, I mean actually interpreting what they say when they chirp, bark, moo or more.

Such kinds could be fauna empaths. Even untamed animals would behave as if they were domesticated when they are near such empaths.

So, if you are a fauna empath, you can hear, feel and interact with animals.

5. Flora Empath

Now, let’s talk about the people who bear within them the ability to have conversations with plants.

I’ve met several people who love talking to flowers, plants, trees and well, flora in general. Whilst some may do it out of hobby or as a venting process to avoid coming off as a whiner to their human counterparts, the others may actually be flora empaths.

6. Geomantic Empaths

This is something I might be able to identify with but I haven’t dug down to the roots yet.

There was this time a couple of years back when there was a mishap in the form of a series of disastrous earthquakes in the country I live. As we were resting in a tent, I kept predicting the time of the aftershocks and after a few predictions fell right into place, our tenant started blaming me for the occurrence of the aftershocks. It was quite funny, or so I thought, but never did I know that it could actually imply that I could be a geomantic empath.

Coming to the definition, geomantic empaths are believed to read the energy and signals emitted by the earth. And many are able to feel or predict the natural disasters before their occurrence. Yikes!

7. Medium Empath

These kinds of empaths are known to have the psychic powers, especially that of connecting to the deceased souls and spirits.

I can’t help but associate it with a series or two or even a couple hundred of them, where there’s this girl or guy who is known to be awkward in their school but no one but their best friend is aware of their superpower to contact the deceased spirits.

I can’t comment on whether it could be a boon or a curse to have such a power but hey, you have a superpower that almost 98% of the human population is deprived of. Quite interesting!

8. Psychometric Empath


Have you ever met someone who claims to feel the vibes being exuded from photographs, clothing or any other physical objects?

I think this is the end of my “ I have met several people who claim to do this or that” series for I have never met anyone who told me that they could feel a certain something from the physical objects.

But again, I haven’t met enough of the people who live on the planet. So, you never know what power someone might have.

Well, psychometric empaths have the ability to receive impressions, energy and/or information from physical objects.

9. Precognitive Empath

Have you ever had a dream or felt a rush of emotions indicating that something might be due to happen in the near future?

If yes, you could be a precognitive empath. Now when I think about it, I think I can associate myself as being one because I’ve had such dreams and I would not want to disclose them. I hope you don’t mind!

Anyways, if you are wondering if you could be a precognitive empath too, then here’s the actual definition. Precognitive empaths can feel the occurrence of an event or situation before it actually happens. It is believed to be manifested through the physical or emotional sensations.

10. Telepathic Empath

These are the mind readers, having the psychic power to read someone’s unexpressed thoughts. That is considered to be a definitive attribute of this kind of empaths. Do you think you could be one?


As shown in the movies, discoveries of one’s “superpowers” or psychic powers can be quite dreadful right at its discovery but upon further contemplation, you should be able to appreciate the fact that you could, in fact, use it to your own aid.

You could use those powers or intuitions as a guidance and help in healing or giving constructive advice to someone.

It won’t be any form of an exaggeration to say that you could actually be a lifesaver, keeping into consideration the intensity of the situation and the harm that someone close to you might be subject to.

All in all, you could be a modern-day “Batfleck” or a “Superman(woman)” or a “Wonder Woman”. Or your alter-ego could be your tailored version of a superhero. Wow-mazing!

I hope and pray and believe that this discovery will aid in guiding you towards living a better life and living in the moment right from now.

However, the most important and powerful attribute that each of us have is the ability to gravitate towards positivity. Most of us have been in the autopilot mode for so long that we have come to a conclusion that the human mind is programmed to think negative thoughts and cause distraction when we are in the middle of something that requires our undivided attention. But that’s not the case at all.

In order to unleash the power of positivity, you need to constantly wrestle with negativity and say two positive affirmations for one negative thought. And then positivity becomes your way of life.

Nothing comes easily to us. We need to ask for it, work on it and get it. I expect you to use your power for the greater good of everyone in and around you.

May positivity prevail in our hearts and minds. Cheers!

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