Men Confess the Biggest Lies They’ve Told Their Wives and Girlfriends

White lies form the building block of each and every relationship.

We shall preach about honesty and loyalty for the entirety of our being, but let’s face it- we have to tell a few lies of minimal magnitudes once a while so that the bond and the trust factors in all throughout the journey of our togetherness.

However, there’s a fine line between telling a lie to make your significant other happy and telling one to conceal some of your abhorrent misconducts with the sole purpose of saving your relationship.

I watched this Netflix flick the other day. The plot was such that a man was married to his high-school sweetheart. Remember, he was a 30 something man who got married in his 20s. And since the age of 18, he had a “friends-with-benefits” thing going on with his other high-school friend. It just never stopped even after constant trials. The wife, on the other hand, was so naive. She didn’t have a clue of what was going on behind her back. I couldn’t watch it any further and then I went for a walk instead to clear my mind. Now, imagine someone going through the same thing in their real life. What a horrendous day shall it be when the truth comes out!

I did my research and my findings will leave you stunned. I’ve compiled a list of lies which some men have told their wives or their girlfriends, the revelation of which would make them want to hide behind the veils forever.

Ranging from mildly douchebag-ish to absolutely horrendous lies, here are some lies told by 10 men. Quote Unquote- the respective liars!

1. “I cheated on my then GF some years ago and there were multiple witnesses, including close friends of her, and they told her what I had done. She was so into me and trusted me so much that she would believe anything I said, so I denied it and said her friends were all lying or had misinterpreted stuff. Hell, there could have been video evidence and I would just have denied it and she would have believed me. Anyway she confronted one of her close friends about why she was making stuff up about me, and they had a fight and fell apart because of that. I felt really bad about it because she really cared about me and would have forgiven me if I had confessed. I was an asshole back then.”

2.  “Of course we’ll try again in a year or two, we just aren’t financially ready for a kid right now. She got the abortion and it was the biggest favor I could have done for that kid, that lady was psycho. Left her about six months later.”

3. “That I forgave her after she had a threesome with our best friends/roommates. I thought I could at the time but looking back I knew it wasn’t true and should have cut it right there instead of dragging out another year afterward. I never truly believed another word that came out of her mouth after.”

4. “Whenever my ex would ask me “do you think she’s pretty?” I would always say no. Even if she asked me about celebrities/models. I think it got to a point where it was really obvious I was lying too.”

5. “My wife sincerely believes that I like her family — her parents in particular. I’ve never hated a group of toxic, selfish, manipulative assh*les so much in my life.”

6. “That I didn’t sleep with anyone during my bachelor party weekend even though one groomsman had pictures of me getting cozy with the girl I slept with before I met up with her later that night. It was a terrible, horrible mistake I did under a ton of substances and it has legitimately never happened again, but I saw no need to crush her with that information. Carrying that secret is my punishment enough.”

7. “Technically, my wife’s cat did run away, but it was because I left our screen door open on purpose. F*cking hated that bastard.”

8. “She doesn’t know that I supported my ex’s decision to have two separate abortions when we were still together. My wife is mega anti-abortion and when the topic comes up I just keep my mouth shut.”

9. “The biggest lie I’ve ever told my wife was that I was too sick to go to her sister’s wedding. I stayed at home and played video games for two days straight and I don’t regret it at all.”

10. “I still sleep with my ex-wife every year or couple years… sometimes more than that. My wife knows that my ex and I are cool since we have kids together and I never want to get back together with her, which [she and I] both agree on, but sometimes it happens.”


You reap what you sow. Act with caution and question yourself if performing some act would send you on a guilt-trip for the rest of your life. Doing so will not only keep you on track but will also save your relationship without having to hide behind the tales of falsehood for much longer than you could ever imagine.

I am an honest person. Throughout the years of my existence, I have made a fair share of errors too. But I learned from each mistake and never repeated them ever again. I can’t tell a minor white lie let alone live with the guilt of having cheated on anyone. Telling the truth is far better than being a yellow-bellied person and hiding behind the mask of white lies.

Dear men, man up and tell the truth. Learn to take responsibility for your deeds and be brave enough to bear the consequences of your misconducts. “What shall I gain by putting my relationship into stake?”, you might ask. Inner peace, that’s what it is called. Nothing feels better than living a life without the endless loop negative mind-chatter. And in the end of it, you’ll be a guilt-free man.

Want to thank me for this lifesaving advice? Oh dear, you’re welcome!

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