Men Reveal What They Really Think of Older Women

We’ve all been told about how, in principle, age is just a number but nonetheless, when implementing the same in the real life, people seem to exhibit a sign of compunction.

There are countless movies or TV series where a person has dumped their partner because of how old or young they were and the impact that the age gap had on their relationship.

The mystery prevails.

It’s quite surprising that most of the men are more accepting of the age difference than women. While women are found to be hesitant enough to court an older man, the preference of men towards women is much less age-bound.

Anyways, during my research, I stumbled upon some quotes on love and age difference. I’d like to mention my most favorite bit here.

“In a good relationship, love, respect, and honesty are the most important things. But sometimes we tend to focus on the age differences between people, but we forget that age is just the number. As long as there is true love and the commitment, nothing else matters.”

Does age matter in a relationship biblically? Does age matter in a relationship when the woman is older? Do guys care about the age difference? This article has an answer to all your questions.

Here’s an overview of what 6 men think of older women (in no particular order).

1. Men Tend to Pick Women Who Look Older

It appears that age difference isn’t of much significance when it comes to men. Men prefer older women amongst the younger ones and the reason behind such a preference is the emotional intelligence and maturity that comes with age.

Most of the men are of the view that younger women are constantly seeking for attention and nagging about unnecessary stuff. And no man would want to carry such a kind of a baggage!

2. Age Difference Is Similar to Buying a Piece of Clothing

You know how most of the people have the perception that the higher the digits in the price tag, the more coveted the product is?

Men have near about the same view about older women. Men show an inclination towards older women because they feel a sense of comfort while being around them.

Given the experience of older women in the past relationships, their emotional intellect and their desire for stability, men find older women much of a relationship material than their younger counterparts.

3. Bigger Age Gap Means Better Emotional Understanding

I’ve heard most of the couples say that they indulge in petty arguments more often than not because they belong to a similar age group and are undergoing the similar kind of physical and emotional change.

Relationships can be quite tumultuous when the age gap between both the partners is less to none at all. I think it’s because both of them have similar needs and dealing with their own need as well as someone else’s might be quite challenging.

However, on the other hand, if the age gap is bigger, then the transformation being undergone by one will have already been dealt with by the other. That would make both of them accepting towards one another and therefore, lead towards the creation of a better bond of understanding and love between them.

4. Friends Affect Relationships More Than You Think

I’ve mentioned it a gazillion times before and I’d like to reiterate again the fact that friends form an integral part of my life.

I keep my friends and family in the highest regard and I’d not get into a relationship with someone if my folks didn’t approve of the person.

And let me tell you, men don’t think any differently either.

Most of the men revealed about calling it quits with women who were much younger than them because their friends didn’t quite fancy them, the reason being their neediness and the constant need for attention.

On the other hand, some other men are of the view that their friends don’t welcome their older partners with open arms because they often feel intimidated by them.

But in retrospective, most of the friends showed a greater level of acceptance towards the older women given their maturity and a less dramatic demeanor as compared to the younger women.

5. Age Is Anything but a Number

No matter whether a woman is a decade younger or a decade older than a man, they think that age is just a number.

Men crave for stability and understanding in a relationship, and they happily get into a relationship with a woman, regardless of their age, who makes them feel at home no matter wherever they be.

6. It’s Rude to Ask How Old She Is

The most important rule amongst all, however, is to never ask how old someone is because, well, it’s blatantly rude.

If you are old enough to date, you must be old enough to guess someone’s age without having to ask them about it.

Asking someone’s “sex number”, their age or the digits in their paycheck is downright rude and one should never feel the need to ask it if they feel the connection with someone in the heat of the moment.


Let’s assume a case scenario where you meet a girl in your college or at a bar and establish a bond with her then and there. My question is – would her age matter when you decide on whether you’d bring her home? And would you ever regret bringer her home if you end up discovering sometime later that she was much younger or older than you? I guess not.

If you are with someone who seems wise and mesmerizing, and who gets you and knows where you are coming from then it’s pointless losing what you have just because of the age factor.

Age isn’t the only thing that factors in while computing the compatibility between two individuals. Mutual understanding, a sense of comfort, emotional intelligence and above all, kindness and equality matter the most.

And if you have bagged a woman with one or a combination of these factors, she’s a keeper.

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