650+ Never Have I Ever Questions to Bring On Juice Stories

Never Have I Ever Questions game is a great conversation starter game for strangers and a better way to know a person whom you already know.

It is a simple fun game with series of questions to ask where you can learn things you would have never imagined. Playing this game leads to some crazy stories and end with plenty of laughs.

If you want to know your friends in a better way, then “Never Have I Ever Question” game is an amazing way to do it. Despite being a close friend you may not know their true stories and this game will help to reveal them.

It is a fun game- from playing with best friends to perfect strangers.

This fun icebreaker game reveals hidden secrets, makes people laugh and sometimes make embarrassed, surprised and more!

While playing this game, the main goal is to make people reveal their crazy secrets. But it’s important to ask a few questions to warm up players and break the ice.

Also, while playing “Never Have I Ever …” make sure you don’t get too personal and make the other player feel embarrassed as they might lose interest in game.

How to Play “Never Have I Ever”?

To play this game is simple, you need at least two people. However, it is more fun in group.

All players sit around and everything is set up like shot glasses and alcohol or any other soft drinks. Make sure that everyone gets equal amount of alcohol in glasses.

One person makes a statement beginning with“Never Have I Ever” and then chooses something they’ve never done, which they believe others may have done.

Remaining people in the group who have done this will take one sip of a drink. At the end, the person who drinks the last sip of drink will be the winner of the game.

If anyone else has done that thing, they must admit and take a sip. In the process, many funny stories are revealed.

If none of the players have done before, the person who made the statement loses the round and must have a drink.

Never Have I Ever Rules

Jamie Kennedy Rules GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

There are certain rules and regulations in a game which makes it different from other fun games. To maintain the flow of the game, each player must follow the rules.

If anyone breaks these rules, they’re disqualified or have to pay some penalty.

Rules for Never Have I Ever Game are:

  • All the players must tell the truth, otherwise, there will be no fun in playing the game.
  • On behalf of any player, no one can speak. Though this game is played in a group, everyone should play as an individual. It means while playing you can’t take the charge of players sitting on either side.
  • Before the game starts, you can omit the topics everyone has an objection on. So that at the end of the game there’ll not be any misunderstanding or dispute.
  • If anyone crosses the limit, he/she can be eliminated from the game.

Game Variations

There are different interesting ways to play this “Never Have I Ever” game. According to your wish, you can change or blend the rules of the game.

Drinking Game

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game
Never Have I Ever Drinking Game

The first way to play “Never Have I Ever…” is a drinking game. Players sit in a circle and take turns making a statement of fact, starting with the phrase “Never Have I Ever…” followed by something they have not done.

For example, if you’ve never smuggled food into a movie theater, then you can say, “never have I ever smuggled food into a movie theater.”

After the statement is made, any players who have already done that particular action must take a drink.

If you’re not comfortable with the drinks then you can take coffee shots or game points.

Suppose, if no one has ever done a particular act, then the penalty is simple: the person who made the statement must drink the shot.

Isn’t it interesting and funny?

What are you waiting for? Get started with these Never Have I Ever Questions!

If you’re not comfortable with the drinks, then it can be played with soda as well. You can try with family at the birthday party.

Card Game

Never Have I Ever Card game is a new version to get to know each other on another level. This card game uncovers stories of your friend which they wouldn’t reveal otherwise.

It is the traditional party game that recalls life’s funny, embarrassing, and happy moments. In addition, this game also helps uncover the hidden stories.

The main purpose of “Never Have I Ever” is the exposition of the deepest and darkest secrets you may have been hiding from your friends closest to you.

How to play Never Have I Ever Card Game

The group of four to 12 players age of 17+ can play this game. The game rule is simple. Each player is given 10 Play Cards and a pile of Rule Cards sits on the table.

The person starting the game picks a Rule Card from the pile, reads the direction aloud and all the players follow what the Rule Card says.

Then, all the players do what the card says. If you’re not guilty of the Play Card, you have to discard it. If you’re guilty of the Play Card, you get to keep it. The first person collecting 10 Play Cards wins. The only rule is there will be “no judgment”.

Sample Questions

Never Have I Ever tried to have a sex with an impotent person.

Never Have I Ever taken alcohol without the consent of my parents.

Never Have I Ever entered someone’s house through their bathroom.

Never Have I Ever peed in a bottle.

Never Have I Ever prank called someone about a death.

Never Have I Ever Game Online: How to play Never Have I Ever Over Text

Never Have I Ever can be easily played online with two people via text. At first, set a specific number of lives or any other additional rules you’d like to include.

Set rules as to how you and your texting partner will identify if the other has been in a situation or not. Normally, it is communicated by sending a “finger pointing up” emoji.

Once the rules are set, you can take turns making a statement of things that you’ve never done before. In case, if your opponent player has already done the task you offered then s /he will lose a point.

For example: If you have never been to Mexico then you can say “Never Have I Ever been to Mexico”.

According to the rule, the person who loses a point must provide a detailed why she or he had done the particular act. In this process, different interesting things are revealed and help to build strong relationship with friends.

Point Game (Kid-Friendly)

Another way to play “Never Have I Ever…” is a point game. It is an easy, fun, and safe way to play using the point system.

You can play this game without using alcohol and it can still be fun!

This kid-friendly game begins with each person possessing 10 points. Similar with drinking game, a person makes a statement of fact with the phrase “Never Have I Ever…” followed by something they have never done.

For example, if you never cried in public then you can say “Never Have I Ever cried in public”.

After the statement is made, who has done this particular act loses a point. And the one who possesses high points till the end is the winner.

You can play a specific number of rounds. At the end, the player with most points left wins the game.

Besides, you can use candies instead of points and play with your kids. After mentioning the statement if they have done the particular action mentioned, they must eat one piece of candy. The player with the most candy left at the end of the game wins!

Trust me, candies are kids best friend, they will definitely enjoy the game and candies both!

Now, after I’ve explained the Never Have I Ever Questions game, you must be anxious to get started.

But the problem is to choose the type of questions that keep the game exciting.

Now, let’s have a look some Never Have I Ever Questions.

Best Never Have I Ever Questions

There are different types of questions, some are suitable for close friends while some for strangers. You can even make your own- there is no any hard and fast rules.

Here, I have split the questions into different categories ranging from clean, funny, work, school, teenagers, adults, icebreakers, and freaky. Choose the category that is right for you and let the game begin!

Random Never Have I Ever Questions

You can pick any of these random questions and dig into the secrets of your friends and near ones.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Gotten something I didn’t want for a birthday but pretended to be happy.
  2. Pretended not to be at home when someone rang my doorbell.
  3. Gotten my license taken away by the police.
  4. Gotten so mad that I threw my phone in the wall.
  5. Bought a gift from sale and sold it in high price.
  6. Interacted with non-living things.
  7. Done something I regret.
  8. Been on an Airplane.
  9. Been out in the rain, walking, running, and enjoying it.
  10. Bungee jumped.
  11. Cheated on an examination.
  12. Broken a promise.
  13. Been in a crazy diet.
  14. Won a lottery.
  15. Been drunk.
  16. Had a physical fight with my best friend.
  17. Seen a topless on the beach.
  18. Been trapped in an elevator.
  19. Had a paranormal experience.
  20. Rode a sports bike or motorbike.
  21. Experienced an earthquake.
  22. Been on a train.
  23. Slept all day.
  24. Screamed while watching a horror movie.
  25. Done rock climbing.
  26. Watched television in late hours.
  27. Teased an elder person.
  28. Saw a horror movie in a theater.
  29. Sent a message to the wrong person.
  30. Discriminated someone on the basis of their religion.
  31. Tried to exploit closed ones for personal interests.
  32. Gotten electric shock.
  33. Cursed someone in a non-native language.
  34. Spied on my neighbors.
  35. Fought in the street with my friends.
  36. Used someone else’s toothbrush.
  37. Eaten something already expired.
  38. Fought with my brother or sister.
  39. Hidden money under a mattress.
  40. Found birthday presents before a birthday.
  41. Gone to bed without brushing my teeth.
  42. Ruined a surprise party.
  43. Bought something I didn’t need just because it was on sale.
  44. Had a picnic on the roof.
  45. Fallen out of a window.
  46. Been pushed out from a window.
  47. Pushed someone out a window.
  48. Had an argument about the best type of beer.
  49. Lost a special person.
  50. Celebrated Christmas.

Funny Never Have I Ever Questions

Funny Never Have I Ever QuestionsSometimes these questions can be a bit awkward but at the end, it turns joyful. Pick up the questions and try to find some strange and funny facts about your friends.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Lied after farting.
  2. Taken a funny picture of my friend while sleeping.
  3. Made a prank phone call.
  4. Locked my keys in the scooter or car.
  5. Worn sports shoes with traditional wear.
  6. Locked somebody in a room.
  7. Slipped in a puddle.
  8. Locked my pet in my car and forgot.
  9. Made fun of someone right in front of them.
  10. Fall asleep on the bus and missed my stop.
  11. Pulled a push door.
  12. Ruined my friend’s hair.
  13. Broken the neighbor’s window.
  14. Got lost on a vacation.
  15. Sang in the shower.
  16. Picked my nose.
  17. Peed or pooped after watching horror movies.
  18. Used opposite sex loo in an emergency.
  19. Ate during my classes.
  20. Locked somebody in a room.
  21. Scared someone from the back.
  22. Used bathroom in complete darkness.
  23. Accidentally sent a funny message to the wrong person.
  24. Been on a roller coaster.
  25. Made an embarrassing video.
  26. Slipped on a banana peel.
  27. Made a blank call.
  28. Gotten a whole body wax.
  29. Dressed as a woman.
  30. Slept during a movie in a cinema.
  31. Lied about my age.
  32. Lied about my birthday for a free lunch.
  33. Been attracted to a fictional character.
  34. Taken advantages of a friend’s unlogged social media.
  35. Blamed internet connection just to get away with someone I didn’t want to stay connected.
  36. Stolen a piece of candy from a kid.
  37. Put a gum under the table.
  38. Had a dog food and enjoyed it.
  39. Tried guessing friends’ mobile password.
  40. Swam in ice cold water.
  41. Re-gifted something that I received.
  42. Picked my nose in public.
  43. Climbed a tree and couldn’t get down.
  44. Pretended to speak a foreign language that I don’t know.
  45. Been kicked or bitten by an animal.
  46. Danced on a table at a party.
  47. Dropped my phone in the toilet.
  48. Made silly faces in a mirror.
  49. Watched porn in the bathroom.
  50. Made a fake story to get out of a traffic ticket.

Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

This category Never Have I Ever Questions can be played along with your friends, family members, colleagues, and teenagers. They are perfect questions, people of all age group enjoys.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Used an emoji when texting.
  2. Lost weight from stress.
  3. Been to a local park.
  4. Tried bathing in a fountain.
  5. Helped someone cross the road.
  6. Talked on the phone for longer hours.
  7. Stayed awake for a whole night.
  8. Been out in the rain and enjoyed it.
  9. Seen child-delivery process.
  10. Paid for a stranger’s meal or drink without their knowledge.
  11. Found a wallet or money in a public place.
  12. Dyed my hair
  13. Cut my hair myself.
  14. Been fishing.
  15. Lost my wallet.
  16. Laughed at a joke even though I didn’t think it was funny.
  17. Said I had to go bathroom as an excuse to get out of a conversation.
  18. Bit my tongue.
  19. Been robbed.
  20. Shaved my head bald.
  21. Fallen asleep in someone’s marriage ceremony.
  22. Written a book.
  23. Stood in line for hours to buy movie tickets.
  24. Stood in line for hours to buy something at a sale.
  25. Cooked something in the microwave and forgot it was in there.
  26. Worked out at a gym.
  27. Gotten my ears pierced.
  28. Made a pizza at home.
  29. Been to a haunted house.
  30. Donated blood.
  31. Been in an accident.
  32. Been sick on my birthday.
  33. Been in the hospital.
  34. Been to a foreign country.
  35. Got a terrible sunburn.
  36. Had a shower with my clothes on.
  37. Had a nosebleed.
  38. Tried on Mom’s jewelry.
  39. Set the kitchen on fire.
  40. Forgot my best friends birthday.
  41. Voted in the election.
  42. Danced in the rain.
  43. Lost my keys.
  44. Accepted a drop from strangers.
  45. Slept with my pet.
  46. Hosted a party at home.
  47. Broken a phone.
  48. Been live on TV.
  49. Met a celebrity and took an autograph.
  50. Quit my job.

Work Related Never Have I Ever Questions

The Never Have I Ever game can be played in different situations. It can also be played in the workplace. But you should keep in mind that the statement used in this game is milder than those used in the party version.

The main purpose of this game at work is just to break the tension and have some refreshment. Therefore, no drinking version at work! You can play point game and have fun!

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Flirted with a colleague just to get my work done.
  2. Fooled around in the restroom while on the job.
  3. Locked someone in the stockroom of my office.
  4. Stole someone’s food from the refrigerator at work.
  5. Stole office supplies from work.
  6. Used the last coffee in the pot and not refill it.
  7. Faked being sick so I could stay home or come from work.
  8. Had a serious fight with a coworker.
  9. Spent hours watching videos on Youtube during the work time.
  10. Been drunk at a workplace.
  11. Drank alcohol in front of my boss.
  12. Had my phone rang in front of my boss.
  13. Met current boss during new job interview.
  14. Got fired on the first day of the job.
  15. Hidden in the bathroom at work to kill time.
  16. Forgotten to flush a toilet after using it.
  17. Fantasized about my colleague in the same room.
  18. Fallen asleep in a team meeting.
  19. Farted in a workstation and quickly left the aisle.
  20. Got sexually harassed at work.
  21. Played a prank on colleagues.
  22. Sent an inappropriate message to my boss by mistake.
  23. Lied about a family member being sick to get out of work.
  24. Had a crush on my coworker.
  25. Accidentally said a bad word in front of my boss.
  26. Stayed up all night doing a project at the last minute.
  27. Copied work of others.
  28. Got a job for my good looks.
  29. Been fired from a job.
  30. Been called to the boss’ office.
  31. Taken something from work without consent of boss.
  32. Told a lie about something I didn’t do.
  33. Borrowed something from a colleague and ended up keeping.
  34. Been a team leader.
  35. Taken advance from my boss to hang out.
  36. Cheated on work.
  37. Prank a coworker.
  38. Added boss on friends list in social media.
  39. Spied on my colleague.
  40. Celebrated birthday with my colleagues in the office.
  41. Quit a job because of a horrible boss.
  42. Slept on the job.
  43. Lied to get a job.
  44. Sang in front of my boss and colleague.
  45. Been called arrogant.
  46. Gone on a road trip with my coworker.
  47. Arrived late to work.
  48. Dated a coworker.
  49. Gone to work with a bad hangover.
  50. Laughed in front of the boss.

Embarrassing Never Have I Ever Questions

Well, we all experience embarrassing moments often in different situations. It’s obvious, to experience these moments isn’t fun at all, but hearing other’s incidents is laughable. Try these questions and find some embarrassing and funny facts of your friends.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Left my house without underwear.
  2. Fallen down in public because I was drunk.
  3. Peed in public.
  4. Tried to pass a silent fart but it came out loud instead.
  5. Been told I had a bad smell.
  6. Screamed loudly in public because of bug.
  7. Went to the wrong house when I was drunk.
  8. Walked around with my zipper down.
  9. Been caught picking my nose.
  10. Thrown out of a club or restaurant.
  11. Had a bad fall because I was texting while walking.
  12. Pretended a fake call and phone rang accidentally.
  13. Called the wrong person, but pretended to call them.
  14. Accidentally put clothes on backward and walked unnoticed.
  15. Accidentally worn shoes on the wrong feet without noticing.
  16. Farted in an elevator.
  17. Sneezed on someone.
  18. Ran and fell with groceries.
  19. Accidentally sent an inappropriate message to my mom that was intended for my partner.
  20. Dated someone but ended up with their siblings.
  21. Got into a movie theater without paying for a ticket.
  22. Laughed so hard and peed on pant.
  23. Farted in someone’s face.
  24. Puked on someone’s face.
  25. Fallen down long stairs.
  26. Been so drunk I couldn’t remember where I lived.
  27. Farted and blamed someone else.
  28. Sang loudly and messed the lyrics.
  29. Had someone walk in on me in the bathroom.
  30. Rolled down a hill.
  31. Accidentally popped my pants.
  32. Gone into the wrong restroom.
  33. Recorded a funny video of myself singing and dancing.
  34. Broken a chair by sitting on it.
  35. Tried to use a credit card and the transaction was declined.
  36. Failed a driver’s license exam.
  37. Had an unexpected guest see your unclean house.
  38. Forgotten someone’s name.
  39. Cried in a movie theater.
  40. Lost part of my bathing suit.
  41. Pretended to speak a foreign language I didn’t know.
  42. Had food or drink spilled on me at a restaurant.
  43. Had gum stuck in my hair.
  44. Indulged in a fight during a party.
  45. Been slapped in the face.
  46. Been bullied.
  47. Laughed so hard I cried.
  48. Been arrested.
  49. Wet the bed.
  50. Had food stuck in my teeth all day.

Foodie Never Have I Ever Questions

These set of questions are perfect for those who are big-time foodies. Try these questions and find out some interesting facts and have fun!

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Eaten more than 3 chicken burgers at once.
  2. Dared street food challenge.
  3. Eaten a full frozen pizza by myself.
  4. Begged for extra cheese on a pizza.
  5. Had Sushi.
  6. Eaten raw cookie dough.
  7. Eaten so much candy I was sick to my stomach.
  8. Eaten Nutella from a direct can.
  9. Ate food fallen on the floor.
  10. Burnt my mouth willingly because I was too hungry to wait.
  11. Drank more than 5 cans of beer in a day.
  12. Eaten Pork.
  13. Eaten whole Chicken Barbecue.
  14. Eaten a liter of ice cream myself.
  15. Drank pickle juice.
  16. Tried to be a vegan.
  17. Tried waffles.
  18. Tried baby food.
  19. Tried fried ice cream.
  20. Eaten apple pie.
  21. Eaten a salad.
  22. Eaten a large pizza by myself.
  23. Made a smoothie.
  24. Counted calories.
  25. Drank milk from the jug.
  26. Fought with my brother or sister for a piece of the pie.
  27. Ordered food online
  28. Thought of not eating meat again.
  29. Cooked a four-course meal.
  30. Ate whole chocolates.
  31. Suffered a food poisoning.
  32. Bought organic foods.
  33. Ate peanuts with a burger.
  34. Ate an Avocado.
  35. Made Pastas.
  36. Eaten a frozen banana.
  37. Eaten a raw egg.
  38. Eaten Octopus alive.
  39. Ate raw seafood.
  40. Ate popcorn on breakfast.
  41. Tried authentic Mexican food.
  42. Tried the strangest dish.
  43. Watched a food-related TV programs.
  44. Tried chocolate with cherry and nuts.
  45. Made granola for myself.
  46. Ate a bug by mistake.
  47. Read cook books.
  48. Prepared jam at home.
  49. Eaten food while standing with the fridge door open.
  50. Used a baby spoon to eat ice cream so it would last longer.
  51. Chewed with my mouth open.

Never Have I Ever Questions for 18+ ( Adult)

Well, these statements are perfect to know some weird things of your friends. These statements can be popular among your peers.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Been to more than 2 nightclubs in one night.
  2. Slept with someone at my workplace.
  3. Flirted with a stranger just to win a bet.
  4. Swam naked in a pool/ beach.
  5. Seen a topless on the beach.
  6. Asked a guy out.
  7. Flirted with a guy at a bar to get a free drink.
  8. Burped while kissing.
  9. Cheated on a long distance relationship.
  10. Lost my virginity.
  11. Kissed someone of same sex.
  12. Kissed a stranger at a bar or club.
  13. Dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl.
  14. Recorded myself and partner making out.
  15. Regretted sleeping with someone.
  16. Thought of making out in public.
  17. Slept with someone I wasn’t attracted to.
  18. Been to an adult store.
  19. Looked at naughty pictures.
  20. Been to a cocktail party.
  21. Been to a heavy metal concert.
  22. Been sad because my crush got married.
  23. Wanted to become a stripper or exotic dancer.
  24. Watched adult movies.
  25. Tried sensual roleplay with my date.
  26. Said “I love you” by mistake to the wrong person.
  27. Been in multiple relationships.
  28. Cheated on my partner.
  29. Drank alcohol.
  30. Gambled in a casino.
  31. Been to strip club.
  32. Dated someone 10 years older than me.
  33. Spent the night with my partner.
  34. Tried any type of drugs.
  35. Checked my partner’s phone.
  36. Had a friend with benefits.
  37. Given a guy a fake number.
  38. Been a clingy boyfriend/ girlfriend.
  39. Had a one night stand.
  40. Flirted with someone even after spotting their wedding ring.
  41. Stupidly labeled a girl’s anger as her PMS.
  42. Done something extremely silly/ dangerous to impress a girl/ boy.
  43. Been a victim of molestation.
  44. Seen a dirty magazine.
  45. Looked at porn photos online.
  46. Seen someone naked.
  47. Asked someone out.
  48. Had a dream about someone I liked.
  49. Been nicknamed a sleepy or foodie.
  50. Pierced someone else’s ears.

Never Have I Ever Question for Couples

These set of statements are a perfect way to know some secret of your partner. It’s a couple thing and works perfectly well to get to know the freaky side of your partner.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Said “I love you” without meaning it.
  2. Had a one night stand.
  3. Bought lingerie for my partner.
  4. French-kissed.
  5. Kissed on the first date.
  6. Kissed in the rain.
  7. Surfed a dating website.
  8. Got cozy on the first date.
  9. Dated more than one person at once.
  10. Dated someone for more than a year.
  11. Dated someone just to make my partner jealous.
  12. Dated someone I met online.
  13. Lied about being single because I was interested in another person.
  14. Hooked up with someone I met online.
  15. Hooked up with someone I just met within the first 24 hours.
  16. Stalked my ex-partner online.
  17. Been rejected by someone I like.
  18. Kissed someone I found unattractive.
  19. Slept with an ex after we broke up.
  20. Had a crush on a married man/woman.
  21. Participated in role play in the bedroom.
  22. Been in a long distance relationship.
  23. Got caught cheating on my partner.
  24. Been embarrassed in front of my partner.
  25. Refused a kiss.
  26. Fell asleep while talking on the phone.
  27. Taken a sexy selfie.
  28. Checked out another girl in presence of my girlfriend.
  29. Kissed two different people on the same day.
  30. Kissed another guy.
  31. Made out with someone in public.
  32. Taken a shower with my partner.
  33. Had a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  34. Chatted and flirted with a stranger online.
  35. Replied to a text pretending to be someone else.
  36. Gotten a proposal.
  37. Cheated on my partner.
  38. Ruined someone else’s vacation.
  39. Had a crush on best friend’s boyfriend.
  40. Brought my partner home to meet the parents.
  41. Slept with someone double my age.
  42. Gone speed dating.
  43. Smelled bad on my date.
  44. Gone out of my way to win my partner’s attention.
  45. Woken up next to a complete stranger.
  46. Been asked out for a date.
  47. Been in a serious relationship.
  48. Missed my anniversary.
  49. Received a lap dance.
  50. Given a lap dance.
  51. Broken someone’s heart.
  52. Been told that I’m pretty.

Kids Never Have I Ever Questions

This Never Have I Ever question game is also perfect for children of all ages. The following questions range from everyday life to school to habits almost anything a kid is interested in.

Below I’ve listed some statement of facts use any of these and play with your kids and have fun!

Never Have I Ever ….

  1. Been chased by a dog.
  2. Been called to the Principal’s office.
  3. Copied from friend’s paper.
  4. Taken something from my siblings without their knowledge.
  5. Picked flowers or fruits from my neighbor’s garden.
  6. Made up a silly excuse to the teacher for not having my homework done.
  7. Taken something from my parent without their consent and losing it.
  8. Been to a Movie theater without parents permission.
  9. Fallen asleep in school.
  10. Stolen food from a friend’s launch box.
  11. Faked going to the bathroom escape a boring class.
  12. Gotten into a fight on the computer class.
  13. Touched a cockroach.
  14. Found a hair in my food and continued eating.
  15. Played video games for a whole day.
  16. Painted on the wall of my school or home and got punished.
  17. Written Santa a letter.
  18. Lost my favorite toy.
  19. Cheated in a game.
  20. Stolen money from my parent’s wallet.
  21. Had a pillow fight.
  22. Been jealous of my friends/ siblings.
  23. Pretended to be sick to skip school.
  24. Slept in my parent’s bed.
  25. Read a book at once.
  26. Copied a homework.
  27. Ran after a bus.
  28. Stolen neighbors’ plant.
  29. Said a bad word.
  30. Bit my tongue.
  31. Not sharing my lunch with someone who asked.
  32. Lied to my parents about where I was going.
  33. Been in a friend’s house without permission.
  34. Watched Harry Potter.
  35. Slept during class.
  36. Ran out of school.
  37. Been late for school.
  38. Lied to my parents.
  39. Fought with my parents.
  40. Lost my lunchbox at School.
  41. Scored 100% on a test.
  42. Forged my parent’s signature.
  43. Been caught wrong by my parents.
  44. Played in the mud.
  45. Chewed my pencil.
  46. Cheated while playing hide and seek.
  47. Tried to change a grade on a report card.
  48. Fallen off on a playground.
  49. Missed the school bus.
  50. Swapped lunches with a stranger..
  51. Became a class captain.
  52. Won on a sports day at school.

College Never Have I Ever Questions

Well, Never Have I Ever Questions is a fun game. While playing this game, some interesting facts are revealed. It is a perfect drinking game for college students, while hanging out with friends.

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Been attracted to someone older or younger than me.
  2. Fallen in love with someone at first sight.
  3. Given a wrong number to anyone.
  4. Insulted my best friend.
  5. Bitten someone.
  6. Been blackmailed on social media.
  7. Lied to a teacher.
  8. Broken someone’s promise.
  9. Read someone’s personal diary.
  10. Gone to movies alone.
  11. Got into a physical fight with close friends.
  12. Made a scene in a public place because I was angry.
  13. Stolen something from a departmental store.
  14. Rolled up a skirt to make it shorter.
  15. Peeked into the girl’s locker room.
  16. Been on a date.
  17. Dated someone in college.
  18. Gone for a blind date.
  19. Dated online.
  20. Been in true love.
  21. Taken a test drunk.
  22. Pierced an unmentionable area. 
  23. Been stalked by someone.
  24. Stalked someone I liked on Facebook.
  25. Had a crush on a teacher.
  26. Lied to protect the best friend.
  27. Had a particular fear of something.
  28. Felt embarrassed in front of my crush.
  29. Tried to sit next to my crush in class.
  30. Asked a friend to let my crush know I liked them.
  31. Flirted with a professor.
  32. Missed an exam.
  33. Been to college sports game.
  34. Made a wish after seeing a falling star.
  35. Been in handcuffs, for any reason.
  36. Used a fake I.D.
  37. Done online shopping on Amazon.
  38. Smoked a cigarette.
  39. Scared someone in the dark.
  40. Tried to flirt with the professor to get good marks.
  41. Checked someone’s text.
  42. Gone to a college party.
  43. Traveled by myself.
  44. Applied fresh makeup over yesterday’s makeup.
  45. Got emotional and cried in front of the mirror.
  46. Read a romantic novel.
  47. Shopped a lingerie for my girlfriend.
  48. Participated in role play.
  49. Performed on stage.
  50. Got in a bike accident.

Even More (Icebreaker) Never Have I Ever Question For Adults and Kids

Never Have I Ever is an icebreaker game that helps people get to know each other better. It can be humorous. Try this game with any of these statements and have fun!

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Cried because I didn’t get the gift I wanted.
  2. Forged my parent’s signature.
  3. Shaven only parts of my legs that will be exposed, instead of shaving completely.
  4. Been pushed into a pool with my clothes on.
  5. Missed my ex.
  6. Watched Game of Thrones.
  7. Had talk in Skype with someone for more than 6 hours straight.
  8. Deactivated my Facebook account.
  9. Cried myself to sleep.
  10. Been afraid of cats.
  11. Been on a fun vacation with my friends.
  12. Sang and danced all night.
  13. Cried for no reason.
  14. Been to the Great Wall of China.
  15. Been to Machu Picchu.
  16. Read the Hobbit.
  17. Boarded an Airplane.
  18. Gotten a tattoo.
  19. Gotten a piercing.
  20. Done yoga with my pet.
  21. Skipped school without being sick.
  22. Peed in the shower.
  23. Eaten rabbit.
  24. Farted and blamed it on a pet.
  25. Been shocked by the electricity.
  26. Played in the snow.
  27. Over-Plucked my eyebrows.
  28. Deleted a post on social media because I had a low percentage of “likes”.
  29. Played poker.
  30. Stalked someone on social media.
  31. Had a crush on a teacher.
  32. Manipulated someone.
  33. Undergone any major surgery.
  34. Driven through red lights.
  35. Created Facebook or Instagram just to stalk people.
  36. Paid late fees and overdue bill.
  37. Tried to look like a celebrity.
  38. Slept in a tent.
  39. Climbed a cliff.
  40. Played trump cards.
  41. Helped a wrong person.
  42. Avoided a needy person.
  43. Said no to some serious responsibilities.
  44. Been dishonest to anyone.
  45. Been drunk.
  46. Fallen asleep on a hammock.
  47. Performed on stage.
  48. Been on TV or the radio.
  49. Been to the Circus.
  50. Held a baby.

Freaky Never Have I Ever Questions

We’re all weird in our own ways. In fact, we have to embrace our weirdness and be yourself no matter who’s watching.

Alright, it’s time for some freaky questions to ask someone and definitely make a memorable party!

Never Have I Ever …..

  1. Threw a book at someone’s face and said “You’ve been Facebooked”.
  2. Punched someone in the face.
  3. Apologized to doors or furniture when I accidentally kick or bump into them.
  4. Had my music on shuffle mode and then still skipped to get to the one I wanted anyway.
  5. Shouted for no reason when no one is around me.
  6. Tried to close the refrigerator slowly enough to catch what it looks like with the lights off.
  7. Called someone to tell them I can’t talk right now.
  8. Went to a Chinese restaurant and asked for Mexican food.
  9. Sang a song in a Public bathroom.
  10. Went to a random house and walked in and said honey I’m home.
  11. Been afraid of robots.
  12. Pretended to fall down.
  13. Asked for directions and went the opposite way.
  14. Read a magazine or book upside down.
  15. Forgotten someone’s name intentionally.
  16. Pretended to recognize someone you don’t know.
  17. Wore shoes on the wrong feet.
  18. Pretended to be deaf.
  19. Ran away from the random people as if they were following me.
  20. Had to brush my arm hair.
  21. Forgotten my own age.
  22. Threw foaming soap at people.
  23. Licked my arm in  public to see their reactions.
  24. Made faces at people through the windows of a car and highway.
  25. Burped loud and walked away as if nothing happened.
  26. Gazed at people while they’re talking.
  27. Went to the dentist and told them my toe hurts.
  28. Greeted everyone on the elevator with a warm handshake.
  29. Given religious tracts to each passenger.
  30. Pulled my gum out of the mouth in long strings.
  31. Taken a shower selfie.
  32. Saw the seven wonders in a week.
  33. Tried to set a Guinness World record.
  34. Tried the polar bear club challenge.
  35. Snuck into multiple movies.
  36. Had an imaginary friend.
  37. Snuck into a concert.
  38. Given a stranger a fake phone number.
  39. Hated a birthday gift.
  40. Got caught doing something you shouldn’t.
  41. Done skinny dipping.
  42. Had to hang out in pajamas.
  43. Called a random phone number and yelled: “where is my fried chicken dude?”
  44. Asked pizza hut to deliver water.
  45. Gone to the library and asked how to read a book.
  46. Taken rubber bands and shoot them at random objects.
  47. Drawn a horrible drawing of someone and then gift it to them.
  48. Had a staring contest with a mirror.
  49. Danced in public.
  50. Danced in elevators.

Virgin Never Have I Ever Questions

Feeling naughty? Here are some amazing dirty Never Have I Ever Questions, you can ask your partner.

It’ll sure increase the comfort level and you two would have a great time playing it.

Never Have I Ever….

  1. Remove porn videos from my laptop fearing others will see it.
  2. Lied about sexual preferences to avoid a date.
  3. Had sex in the sleeping bag.
  4. Had sex in the back seat of the car.
  5. Puked on my partner while kissing.
  6. Burped on my partner while kissing.
  7. Puked in someone else’s mouth.
  8. Had phone sex.
  9. Had sex on the beach.
  10. Dated a guy and his sibling at the same time.
  11. Had sex on a rollercoaster.
  12. Tried out new sex positions with the help of Kamasutra.
  13. Slept with someone after getting attracted to their physique.
  14. Made an attempt of oral kissing on a random person.
  15. Got fucked up just to satisfy my mood.
  16. Entered a red light area for sex.
  17. Received a sensual massage.
  18. Done a nude pole dance.
  19. Risked my virginity for hot stranger.
  20. Tried to have sex with an impotent person.
  21. Been to a gay bar.
  22. Gone to a scary movie as an excuse to get close to someone.
  23. Flirted with my cousins.
  24. Stay home so that I can masturbate the whole evening.
  25. Fucked someone in this room.
  26. Had sex with dog.
  27. Googled for sex positions.
  28. Lost my virginity with someone I didn’t know.
  29. Had sex without using protection.
  30. Written a song for someone important to me.
  31. Been in a relationship with a girl/ guy just because they are rich.
  32. Watched porn with crush.
  33. Broken someone’s virginity.
  34. Had Skype sex.
  35. Cried during sex.
  36. Called my partner’s wrong name during sex.
  37. Thought about someone else during sex.
  38. Kissed someone’s feet.
  39. Dated two people because I couldn’t decide who I liked the most.
  40. Farted during sex.
  41. Masturbated on an airplane.
  42. Been to a sex party.
  43. Watched porn with a partner.
  44. Lied about the number of people I’ve slept with.
  45. Lied about being in love just to get laid.
  46. Had a sex dream about a celebrity.
  47. Had a crush on friend’s mom/dad.
  48. Said “I Love You” just to have sex.
  49. Being caught looking at the cleavage.
  50. Watched porn in High school.

Important Things to Remember

“Never Have I Ever” is a fun and exciting game. But at the same time, I’ve seen it get unpleasant when someone targets the other with embarrassing questions.

For example- “Never Have I Ever peed in a swimming pool”. This type of questions might upset some people easily.

The most important thing to remember while playing this game is everyone should go lighthearted.

Never target your friends or anyone with embarrassing questions which they may not want to reveal in front of other group members.

Also, if you’re playing the drinking version, always drink responsibly and help your friends too.

The good thing about the Never Have I Ever game is you’ll get an opportunity to learn new things about your close ones and get intimate.

If you’ve not tried this game yet, what are you waiting for? Just try it! I assure you’ll have a great time!

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