3 Reasons Why Men Leave the Women They Love

Relationships can be pretty dramatic. Partners exhibit varying range of emotions throughout the course of the relationship and sometimes, the complications add up to the extent that it becomes impossible to keep up with one another. Under such circumstances, breakups are quite inevitable.

However, during the rest of the times, things end without any prior notice which leaves one feeling devastated. One moment, you’re together and intimate like never before, and then the next, your relationship falls out of place.

If the questions like “Why did he leave me with no explanation?” or “Why does a man abruptly end a relationship?”, “Why did he leave me if he loved me?” have been shooting you like pins and needles, then let me assure you that it’s not your fault at all.

Some men are afraid to commit and that makes them run away from even the most perfect woman and the perfect relationship they could ever have. And quite often, it happens for the most baseless reasons of all times.

As humans, we are all prone to making mistakes, some more than the others. Mistakes happen by default. They can’t really be avoided unless precaution is taken. But what is a life lived if the joy of the entire journey goes away in taking risk-free, careful steps rather than going with the flow and accepting what life has to offer? Well, the pro of this perception is that you enjoy the kind of life you live. Talking about the con, well, yet again, you are subjected to the risk of making countless mistakes and then hurting someone who falls prey to the circumstance. Similar is the case of men leaving. They realize that they aren’t in love and they leave. Mistake detected! Now, who gets hurt? The partner they left behind!

Are you pondering over the thoughts of why men abandon relationships or why they walk away from a good woman? Let your brain cells take a chill pill. I am here to wash away your woes by revealing the reasons and also, to advise you on what could be possibly be done to set their foot back on track.

These are the 3 reasons why men leave the women they love.

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1. He Is Overwhelmed with Emotions

Men are often inexpressive. They generally don’t speak their heart out and it gets tricky at times to discover what’s actually cooking in the inside of their senses.

Different men handle emotions differently, most of which can be correlated with the level of emotional intelligence and emotional maturity within them.

If you’re an overly emotional person and when any emotion- be it love, anger, resentment or anything else for that matter hits you, it’s natural for you to want to let it all out on him. But you should also take into consideration the fact that the person at the other end might perceive the emotions differently, and in some cases, might even not want to deal with them at all.

So, if you want to save the relationship, you should let it out only to the extent which the other person might be able to absorb. That will not only keep him from stepping out but will also make him want to listen to you.

2. He Feels as If You’re Trying to Fix Him

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I have been around the most obstinate men all my life and I can tell you with absolute certainty that if you are trying to change him, you’re fighting an endless battle. Some men resent change especially when someone else demands it, and it will only make them pull back from you.

I’d want to suggest you to stop fighting the battle which you’re destined to lose. Besides, didn’t you fall in love with the person they were when you first met them? So, why has the sudden demand of bringing about the change in them hit you?

If there’s anything you could do, then you could make them want to be a better version of themselves. That’s the least you could expect and the best you could do to keep the spark in the relationship alive.

3. He Fears to Lose His Freedom

Has there currently been a gaping hole in your relationship? Have you discovered a negative pattern in the conversations you have with each other as of lately? If the answers to both of the questions are in the affirmative, then no wonders he might want to walk out from you and the relationship.

There’s enough of the negativity in this world and there’s only so much that one can deal with, without losing his calm. Researchers have revealed that the more the love and positivity in the relationship, the more will the partners contribute to the love and devotion.

If your relationship is more of a fun-filled companionship blended with deep compassion for one another, then he’ll want to commit to you without having to lose his sanctity of freedom. Believe it or not, that’s the ultimate secret.


A gesture as simple as that of appreciation and kindness will keep the fire ignited in both of your hearts. Love without the fear of losing the other person.

How often do men come back after leaving a relationship? Well, don’t keep your hopes high.

However, with that being said, love is not a hopeless feeling. If love is done right, it never tears you down or makes you cripple with fear.

Have faith in your partner and the bond between the two of you, and I believe blend in perfectly well to contribute towards your togetherness.

This, however, doesn’t apply to the teenagers because they are affected by the teenage hormones. This reminds me of Hozier’s song called “Someone New” where the lyrics go like: “I fall in love just a little ‘ol little bit every day with someone new!” Haha! Damn you, Hozier! Well put into words.

Thank you for sharing your time with me. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

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