10 Signs He Wants to Get into a Relationship with You

To love and be loved: the two things that we are in a dire need of. Who would mind getting all the extra attention and love, and care from their beloved? I wouldn’t. Would you?

It would be just about justified if I said that love governs the entire universe. We’re born out of love. Love maintains its supremacy amongst its counterparts in the kaleidoscope of the diverse range of emotions.

They say that everything in life happens either as a blessing or to teach you a lesson.

Since I have no lesson to impart, consider yourself blessed to have found me, for I will tell you if your fling wants to get serious with you.

You’re dying to know, aren’t you? The dilated pupils indicate your curiosity.

The wait is over, sweet! If you are looking for the signs that would let you know if he wants to get into a relationship with you, then this article is for you.

Here’s my list of the top 10 signs that’d indicate that the person who you’re currently seeing wants to get into a relationship with you.

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1. He Wants You to Hang out with His Friends

Your friends and his

Friends form an integral part of my life. I guess that’s the same with anyone else’s life as well.

I have a close-knit group of friends who get along well with each other. I make sure all my best friends from different walks of life hang out together so that the bond gets stronger, and they get every chance to know each other even better.

Men, typically, are very secretive about their lives. They don’t tell you the name of their closest friends, let alone invite you to hang out with them unless they’re planning to get into a relationship with you.

I can tell with absolute certainty that if they invite you to hang out with their friend, then it’s a sign that he wants something serious.

So, has he introduced you to his friends or are you still in a phase where he has been postponing the introduction part ever since time allows you to remember?

Well, in either of the cases, take a hint from above.

Hey, I heard you’re a WISE one!

You’ll find your answer.

2. He Loves to Show You off in Public

Mutual Interests

Girls! Don’t you love to show off the dress that you bought from Valentino, or a Givenchy wear, or a Chanel Bag? Let’s not get into the stilettos part.

We do that because we love our price-worthy attires and appreciate them. So, we love the idea of displaying it off to people in public.

Don’t get offended though! I don’t mean to compare love with any other thing of material value.

Love is priceless. I know it pretty well. Sit back and relax. Continue reading!

So, tell me! Does he try to convey the message that you are together whenever you are out and about with him?

We are all proud of our possessions, aren’t we? So, if he goes all We Belong Together in public, then it’s a good sign that he is craving to get into a relationship with you.

3. He Cancels Plans to Be with You

Signs He is Using You for His Benefit

Have you experienced the last-minute cancellation of plans made by your pals? It hits the last nerve, doesn’t it?

I wouldn’t be the party-pooper and ruin the joy in store for everyone else by canceling out the plans unless I have a genuine reason to do so.

Well, with time, priorities change. Friends are nonetheless one of our topmost priorities. But if I were deeply in love and wanted to spend my time with someone else instead, my friends would happily let me bail out of it.

Does he hold a record of changing his plans and coming to your apartment to see you instead?

If the answer is a “YES”, then I’d like to answer with a YES, too.

It’s highly likely that he’s considering to strengthen the equation he shares with you. On top of it all, it’s a sign that he wants a relationship with you.

4. He Introduces You to His Family


Our family is our treasure-trove. With every step we take in life, we consciously or subconsciously, try to instill the feeling of pride within them.

On a personal level, I don’t go around talking about someone “not-so-important” with my family. Introducing them is miles away from the


I mean what significance would it have, really?

Rumor has it that he has introduced you to his family. Is that true?

No, no! There’s no such rumor. I just second guessed.

Anyways, has he though? If yes, you’re a family now. Relationship with him shall happen this season. Well, if not, seasons shall pass by and so shall he.

5. He Buys You a Sentimental Gift


Name a person who doesn’t like gifts and if you find one, I shall change my name.

No, I won’t. I like what I’m called. Thank you very much!

Anyways, I’m not referring to some expensive branded gift that a boy keeps showering a girl with, hoping to impress her. Any guy would do that even without the intent of taking things forward. That’s what keeps the fire ignited these days, they say!

Has he gifted you with an antique piece of jewelry or even the simplest of the gems or anything for that matter, that would imply that he’s sentimentally annexed with you?

If yes, then a relationship is in the cards for you.

If not, he isn’t interested in the idea of who you are. Someone had to say it!

6. He Wants to Spend Time with You Without “doing the Deed”

spending time together

Face it, girls! Some perverted men woo you only to have a chance of a one-night-stand with you. They’re gone the following morning.

Worst case scenario: If you are the one who landed into his apartment, then he’ll show you the way out even without offering the breakfast next morning. Such a jerk, ain’t he?

Let’s not go there though.

There is this next category of men who take you to different places only to get into your pants. Those are the first-class jerks. Insist upon making out in a public place or every other place imaginable? Really? Have some dignity, dude!

Is he serious about you or just playing?One simple way to know that is if he doesn’t care about doing the deed and all he cares about are spending some quality time with you, then lady luck is smiling upon you.

A Relationship might happen next!

7. He Shares His Secrets with You


We all have secrets. Admit it! We all do. But are we willing to share it with someone whose loyalty could be questioned? Or someone untrustworthy? Not at all!

When it comes to secrets, we only confide within ourselves or in someone who we think should know about it, before revealing it.

A relationship that starts with a lie doesn’t last long, they say. So, before taking things forward, we tend to come as we are in front of the one we are eyeing on.

That’s when the disclosure of our secrets plays its part.

Has he shared his secrets yet? Not that it matters, but do you know where he comes from and all the important details associated with his past?

If yes, it looks like he trusts you. Even more, a relationship is in store for you!

8. He Wants to Meet Your Family and Friends

How about a little Meet & Greet session with your family and friends, girls?

Am I in? Wait! I’ve not even received my invitation yet. Maybe a little birdy is flying to me with my invitation.

How about him? Have you invited him to the gathering? How did he react to it?

Too many questions in a row there. Apologies! Anyways, answer me.

Has he agreed to go and meet them? Good for you if he agrees to do so. It’s a sure-shot sign of him wanting to be in a relationship with you. That’s why he wants to get acquainted with everyone in your vicinity.

But if he comes up with an excuse every time you talk about taking him in a little meet-up session, then he’s not a relationship material. Also, he doesn’t intend to have one with you, at least not any sooner!

9. He Holds Your Hand in Public

holding hand

I just got reminded of this movie where the guy holds the hand of this girl when there’s nobody around, and leaves it at the flicker of a second when someone comes in the field of his vision. What an absolute bummer!

The reaction in her face was disheartening. Poor girl!

How to know if a guy wants a relationship or just a fling?

If you hold hands, it means you’re a thing. You’re official to the people who sneak out on you.

If a guy has no intention of making people believe that he is planning to take things to the next level with you, then he won’t EVER hold your hand in public.

Howsoever, if he does, congratulations and celebrations!

10. You’re on “all” His Social Networks

social media

“Spotted together a countless number of times, hugging, kissing and Cuddling in Facebook and Instagram posts: X & Y. Are they officially a thing? Do you ship them?”

You’ll be the talk of the town. All his family, extended family, and friends will get to know you. And does he not seem to bother about it at all? In fact, is he happy to have you all over his social network?

Although it might seem slightly creepy, it’s cute.

It means he is fascinated by the idea of picturing the both of you in a single frame and maybe getting hooked up onto one another forever?

Forever doesn’t seem to be a distant thing for you anymore. He might be the one rooting for a relationship. You must have done something right. Well done!


I hope all these signs turn out to be positive in your love life.

May the stars align together to make him want to get into a relationship with you.

All the best. Ciao!

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