9 Signs That Your Crush Likes Someone Else

There are some things in life that you don’t have control over. By things, I mean emotions. And by emotions, I mean love.

Falling in love is one of the few uncontrollable actions that the heart partakes in, without asking for the mind’s permission.

Without our sheer knowledge, our heart surrenders itself to someone else. We are totally unaware of the emotions that rush past our veins until, one day when our eyes spot our beloved in the arms of someone else.

“So, I heard, you found somebody else. And at first, I thought it was a lie”, sang the 1975. Why does it have to be so ridiculously accurate? Damn you, Matty!

If you’ve been spending your night analysing the thoughts of how to know if he likes someone else, then you’ve landed in the right place on the web. This article is for you.

Things eventually start turning southwards for us when we think and feel as if our crush is into someone else. But our heart makes every possible endeavor to go uphill, towards the West Coast, with the one it’s been yearning for.

Falling in love, in the dark side, is analogous to playing the game of Russian Roulette. You either come out alive feeling lively, or you go deep into a dark tunnel and feel dead on the inside.

It might be fun to be in love, to spend an ample amount of time fantasizing about someone.

But the difficulty arises once we face rejection, either expressed or implied.

I don’t stand with any intention to break your Love Bubble and tear your soul into numerous pieces.

But it’s quite unhealthy for the well-being of the mind and soul to keep craving for someone who might be in love with someone else.

Your happy heart might have presumed him to be yours. But your happiness shall seem to be short-lived when it doesn’t feel mutual anymore.

Worst case scenario: He might be seeing someone else behind your back. But how would you know?

Well, in order to quench your thirst about whether or not your crush secretly likes someone else, I have compiled a list of 9 signs.

These signs, in no order of preference, shall indicate that your crush is in fact, crushing on someone else.

At least, now you will know when to step back.

Thank me later!

1. You Aren’t Exclusive

Dating can be fun but the fun factor doesn’t last long if your crush refuses to commit himself solely to you. It could be a sign that he is interested in someone else.

“You’re mine. Bagsy!” We’re dying to hear him say so but he refuses to commit and admit, which in turn, leaves us feeling devastated.

We can’t make someone love us. But we can’t control our thoughts either.

Before we know, we start acting like the Special Agents of the FBI. Yes, that was an Alex Parrish reference. Bull’s eye!

Anyways, you don’t need to go all Quantico on him. Let me be your guru and help you have a clear view of things.

My revelation can prove to be hurtful but if he is hesitant to commit to you, odds of him seeing someone else are high.

Provided there exists any other genuine reason behind his reluctance, why on earth would he not want to be exclusive if he was into you?

You are meant to be a Showstopper, not someone’s side-chick. Don’t settle for anything less! Just snap out of it when you can!

2. He Never Hangs out with You on Weekends

accuses you of lying

How often do you guys hang out together? Once a week? Twice a week?

Are the meetings meaningful or does he plan them out just to have some meaningless sex?

Trust me, ladies! You so don’t want to be his Monday night rotational girl. You’re so much more than that!

There’s a quotation ascribed to The Perks of Being a Wallflower that says, “We accept the love think we deserve.”

You are a wonderful person. Love yourself enough to not give away your body and soul to someone who doesn’t value you.

Walk by! Probably past him.

3. He Doesn’t Let You Use His Phone

social media

You’ve got to agree with me when I say that our phones are the pools of our secrecy. Be it the photos or the text messages, or the videos. Secrecy prevails!

Our phone stores all of our private affairs. That’s the reason why we make it password/pin/fingerprint protected, and do everything we can to keep it from the access of the trespassers.

Now, tell me, girls! Does the reason which he uses to explain his absence sound sketchy? The truth is sometimes non-convincing. However, some guys carry the ability to twist and turn the white lies and mold them into the shape of truth.

I’m saying it now and I’ll say it again: Sketchy guys have all their sketchy deeds locked up in their phones.

Does he try to flinch when you inquire of his phone’s password?

Does the panic monster come wailing out of him when you use his phone?

I smell something stenchy.

Well, in that case, chances exists that your boyfriend likes someone else.

The Cupid must have hit you with the wrong arrow! Why, o’ why?

4. He Keeps Saying “maybe”

Orange is the new black as to Maybe is the new NO! Has anyone’s heart gotten smashed yet? It might now. Apologies in advance!

If he’s a MAYBE guy and constantly Maybe’s you on most of the occasions, he could be hooking up with someone else all along in the meanwhile. You might be in love with him but he’s probably in love with someone else.

You might be his go-to girl when the other girl he’s been seeing cancels out on him.

You could be brooding over the rejection whilst he might be actively searching for some other girl to say Yes. You never know!

The fault lies in the era, the humans of which could be up to anything, really! Aww, you! *air-hugs*

5. You’re Constantly Accusing Him of Seeing Someone Else

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. A relationship without trust is like a sinking boat. It’ll hit the seabed and collapse into a thousand pieces, which will probably remain unassembled forever.

Blame the untrustworthy partner or his interrogable loyalty, if you can’t trust him around any girl, then it could be that you’re already suspicious of him seeing someone else.

Have you ever thought of it?

Have you been thinking that your crush possibly likes someone else? Have you heard any rumor about him and the “other- girl”?  What do the rumors suggest?

After all, there’s no smoke without fire.

Open up your heart and see the base of your dubious thoughts. Who do you think he’s interested in? What could he really be up to?

Remember, our heart is never wrong. If it’s been constantly pointing towards the direction of betrayal, then trust it enough to let the crush go.

Oh boy! Your “relationship” is shaking even before it ever started. Reminds me of a Shakespearean tragedy. Sorry!

6. You’re Constantly Persuading Him

Are you the one who’s always planning the night-outs or the sleepovers, or the movie-date, the long-drive, or anything that fits in the idea of a romantic date?

When you have a crush, all you want to do is be with them all day, every day and lose yourself in the depth of their soul.

But have you been bothered by the fact that your crush pays no attention or even worse, doesn’t EVER come out with a plan?

When was the last time he tried to persuade you into doing something romantic?

Yesterday? Last month? No?Or was it much longer than you can remember?

If unfortunately, the answer is a yes, then he’s losing an interest in you and developing an interest in someone else.

Looks like someone else took your fortune cookie away!

7. He Takes Longer than 24 Hours to Respond to Your Texts

If Mr. Turner, my favorite Monkey from the Arctic, texted me, I’d send a reply in no time. You ask why?

Well, because I have a major crush on him and there could be no other thing of vital essence other than replying to his text.

That’s how the mechanism of crush works, yes?

Are things different for you though? Does he take forever to respond? Have you overslept in the couch and got woken up the next morning only to see an empty inbox?

In that scenario, he could be all lies.

He’s either busy brooking himself which is insanely gross and highly unlikely or else, he’s sharing all his time with some other girl.

In that case, come out of your enraged and heartbroken zone and cuss out on him.

Well, eff you, effer! *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

8. He Only Texts You When He’s Looking for a Hook-up


Have you been having second thoughts about him because he’s been treating you like his private escort?

It took your mother 9 whole months to have your heart built. Will you allow some moron to break it just like that? I want your take on this. Man up, girl!

You don’t deserve such a hideous and obscene treatment.

Have you been binge listening to “Why do you only call me when you’re high?” after receiving his calls and texts asking for a hook-up session?

Don’t mistake his lust for love. He might call you “Serena” or “Blair” or whatever his main chick is called while making out with you? Are you strong enough to handle it?

I’m afraid, I don’t think so!

Your crush likes someone else and it hurts.

However, don’t let him mishandle you. Fight back and show him where he stands! Or even better, don’t take a dig or jibe on poo because all you get in return is contamination.

Poo? Eeww!!

9. He’s Just Always Busy

Knowing your priorities and setting them up is fundamentally essential in life.

But once you develop the feelings for someone, rest of the priorities get set aside automatically even without your knowledge.

If they yearn for you, they’ll find a way. If not, they’ll find a way for someone else.

In case he’s ALWAYS complaining about how hectic his schedule is and NEVER EVER EVER in a thousand blue moons manages time for you, then consider him “a gone-case”. His heart is long gone and so shall he be, any minute from now!

No, no! Don’t go after him.

Buy a ticket instead. Get into a plane. Fly to Paris. Vacation hardcore for what it’s worth!

You’re royalty. Don’t settle for somebody else’s yet-to-be leftovers (if you know what I mean).


Having a crush on someone and loving them wholeheartedly is one thing. But sometimes, because of a series of unforeseen and unfortunate events, they might not necessarily feel the same way about you. And it’s perfectly alright!

Oh, baby! No more tears!

I hope and pray, and believe that one day, you’ll find someone who treats you just the way you deserve to be treated.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me.


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