12 Signs to Tell If a Guy Likes You

If only people could watch the ongoing game of hearts, all other shows in town would stop selling. Watching two hearts aiming at one another and seeing the cupid fixating its arrow in both the hearts is worth-watching, innit?

We fantasize to live the most coveted love stories known in the history of mankind but we fail to observe the signs that’d depict the fact that a potential lover might be laying their eyes on us.

If you’re in the same dilemma and wondering whether or not he likes you, then I am your personal love-guru and I am more than pleased to help you figure things out.

Are you confused and often find yourself entrapped in a vicious circle of thoughts still unable to figure out if he likes you? Do you want an answer, probably the signs to tell if a guy likes you? Then you are on the right side of the web. This article is for you.

Let’s get started right away, shall we?

1. He Tells His Close Friends about You


The universe revolves around the same old, plain rule that men don’t necessarily discuss their personal life with anyone unless they feel the need to do so. I know that it would be quite a conservative thing to generalise the mindset of a specific gender.

But I talk from experience. The number of my guy pals outnumber my girl pals and 90% of the men I’ve acquainted with fit the description.

How to know if he likes you?

If you like someone and you’ve seen him showing interest in you, not just by locking eyes with you but by actually making efforts to dig deep into you and talk to someone about you, then he definitely likes you.

2. He Talks about Those “awkward Moments”

What are the signs that a man is attracted to you but hiding it?

Being human makes us prone to making mistakes, and more often than not, falling prey to awkward situations and hiding the face somewhere out of embarrassment.

We are all subjected to facing such circumstances quite often. However, regardless of how common it shall be deemed to be victimised by embarrassment, we all choose not to talk about it in the open.

This is where the twist and turn occurs. If a guy likes you, he’ll try to prove to you about how real he is by letting it all out to you without the fear of being judged or mocked about it.

3. His Body Language

Mutual Interests

What would his body language be like if he likes you?

Believe it or not, if a guy is into you, he’ll find ways to get near you.

It might sound creepy but he will try to lean on your shoulders or try to touch you playfully.

He will be at a perfect ease around you and you will find him resting peacefully when he’s sitting next to you.  He will be so comfortable and elated that it might seem as if he is in the seventh heaven.

4. He Extends the Hand of Friendship Towards Your Friends

How to know if a guy likes you?

It’s quite easy to figure it out actually. If he is drooling over you, he’ll leave no stone unturned to discover more about you.

The idea of knowing the people who are in your close proximity will seem appealing to him.

So, that’d be his primary agenda. He’ll befriend your friends and ask countless questions about you.

And at the end of it all, he has high hopes of being near you as well.

5. The Conversation Never Ends

Signs He is Using You for His Benefit

If he likes you, he’ll  never ever let a second pass by without talking to you. He’ll find ways to talk to you and will make endeavor so as to make sure that the conversation never ends.

Silence is a real bummer. So, to ensure that silence never comes between your conversations, he’ll talk incessantly about anything to everything. It’s an undeniable sign that he likes you.

The day ends and the night falls but he’ll always be there, in the form of phone calls, messages or even in person. Look around!

6. Makes Fun of You Without Hurting You

We only tease or make fun of people who we are comfortable with. So, if he pulls off the act with you, it will be indicative of the fact that he is comfortable with you.

Despite the constant teasing, you’ll never feel offended. Do you wonder why?

Well, that’s because he cares about you and he will not utter a word that would make you feel disappointed, hurt or offended even to the slightest degree.

7. He Is Posted about Your Social Media Updates

social network

In this world of social network, it’s quite easy to spot the person who likes you.

Some signs would be that you will find him like your posts, regardless of how silly, nonsensical or dumb they might appear to be.

This only shows that he is intrigued by your way of life and wants to be a part of it.

Take a hint and give him a chance. He might be worthy of it.

8. He Tries to Relate to You

What are the tell-tale signs that a guy likes you?

Well, one of them is that he’ll try to prove to you that your range in the compatibility metre is quite high with him in the equation.

He will attempt to show you how related you are, in terms of interests, hobbies and even the pet-peeves.

And the more you dig in, the more you’ll find how right he is and you are actually quite compatible as a couple.

9. Are You a Happy Soul?


This might seem a bit out of the blue and far out of the picture. I’m just concerned and that’s why I asked.

If you are happy and bubbly, you’ll emit a magical aura and people will automatically find you attractive.

As important this topic of discussion about whether you are likable in the eyes of someone else is, so is your level of happiness.

If you find yourself down in the dumps quite often, then maybe it’s time to change yourself.

The mantra for enlightenment is allowing your heart and soul to gravitate towards optimism and happiness.

So, try to implement the same mantra in your life and he will start liking you if he doesn’t already.

10. He Gives You “ the Look”

What are the signs that he likes you romantically?

Trust me, the look will quench the thirst of your queries.

He’ll simply not be able to resist the urge to take a glance at you. His eyes will follow you around.

He’ll try to lock eyes with you when you’re having a conversation. Also, he’ll keep staring at you when you’re not looking.

So, if he tries to make an eye contact with you, that’ll a self-sufficient reasoning to explain the fact that he likes you.

11. He’ll Keep Smiling


One of the funny characteristics that people who are in love display is the act of smiling whenever wherever. They’ll be smiling wide open for hours and hours if someone they have a crush on are somewhere around.

So, if he smiles at you keeping his shy attribute aside, then consider that he is into you.

The act of smiling is a simple gesture but it often answers most unanswerable questions. It shows a sign of approval from his end. Now all that is required is your approval.

What are you waiting for? Smile back!

12. The Content of the Conversation

May the holy power save every girl from having an unpleasant encounter with the men whose only motive is to “hook up”.

However, there are some men who are total keepers.

For instance, if he seems to be interested in your life and talks about intellectual stuff, then it would prove that he is not looking for a random hook-up session. The more the depth in the conversation. The more the tendency of likability.

I don’t intend to imply that he will talk about something Shakespearean or the dig into a piece as deep as a piece extracted from Socrates. I mean the general discussion about life and events, and anything else that would fit in.

That’s the theory I abide by and I think the rest of the world does too.


I hope you could relate to the aforementioned points.

The sight of a budding love is quite pleasant to watch. The magic stored beneath it is simply wondrous and the sensation in the heart is far beyond the extent at which the words would describe with a perfect approximation.

Stay happy and in love, that’s the only thing I’d ask for. Ciao!

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