12 Signs You Should Marry Your Boyfriend

Is he the one to marry?

Marriages require a high level of commitment. Things are pretty casual and easy going when it comes to being in a relationship with someone.

Of course, there is some level of commitment and obligations that you are supposed to carry in your heart for one another but it’s nothing compared to the dedication required to have a successful marital life.

We are often victimised by abusive partners or by the failures from past relationships that we completely shut the doors for love. But not all relationships fail.

All one needs to do is put a little trust and have a little faith in the power of love. Although it is not advisable to jump straight into a wedding after a couple of months in a relationship, it’s also unfair to not give a chance to someone who is perfect in all ways and who cares about nothing but your happiness.

In the modern day world that we reside in, people are obsessed with materialism and the allurement which it creates, that they neglect the values and essence of true love and relationship. Not all of us are lucky enough to find true love and have someone who loves us and treasures us more than anything else. And even more, someone who wants to spend the rest of their lifetime by our side.

If you are wondering if your relationship deserves a marital status, I say, wonder no more. I’ve got it all figured out.

All you need to do is take a read of my list of 12 signs that will help you in finding out if he’s the one.

Let’s put the reading glasses on!

1. You’re His Topmost Priority


How to know if he’s the one to marry?

Regardless of having a hectic schedule at work or whatever adversity might arise during the course of his life, he never makes you feel as if you are any less important.

He keeps his hardships aside and comes to you just to spend some time with you. On top of that, he makes time in his schedule for most of the events that you have planned for the two of you.

He does everything to make you happy and to make you realise that you are his number 1.  If he meets these criteria, there’s no doubt that he’s a keeper.

2. He Allows You to Vent

We experience different complications in our way of life and therefore, it’s almost impossible to keep calm at all times. Even the calmest person on this planet would lose their mind every now and then. Our patience is tested and we lose the power of endurance quite often.

Instead of getting annoyed about the rant, he rather allows you to vent it all out as much as you’d want to. He is a good listener and he helps you calm down.

He eases your frustrated mind and the effect of his love has quite a bit of a calming sensation on your nerves.

Should you marry him? Well, if he has this quality, don’t let him walk away from your life.

3. He Is Concerned about Your Friends

Instead of acting overly possessive about you, he allows you to keep your social life intact. He doesn’t mind if you go out with your girlfriends or have a sleepover with your best friends every now and then.

He remembers the tiny little details you tell him about your friends. If one of your friends is pretty down in the dumps, he advises you to spend some time with her.

He is totally unbothered even if you have a male best friend because he is well aware of the importance of friends in one’s life. He is never insecure about any of them because he knows that at the end of the day, you’ll come to him and rest in his arms. And in the end, that’s all that matters to him.

4. He’s Your Go-to Person for Anything to Everything

How to know if God wants you to be with someone?

Whether it be the air of gossip going around in your workplace or an incident that happened to you or any of his friends, you can’t help but share it with him. He doesn’t mind lending his ears to your stories.

He, in fact, seems quite intrigued to learn about your friends and family and admires the innocence reflected in your eyes when you let him know about things.

Amongst a sea of men who don’t ever listen to what their girlfriends have to say and act as if they own them, he’s a hidden treasure. Congratulations for having found him!

5. You Prefer to Live with Him


You might be quite reserved and would generally prefer living on your own, but when it comes to him, you let all your walls down.

You might be the one to call someone as a “space-invader” if they try to crash into your den quite often but you’d be filled with joy if he were the one to do so.

Your happiness knows no bounds to see him at your doorstep. Nothing about him really annoys you and his presence at your place makes you feel invigorated.

You don’t mind sharing your belongings with him and anyone who’d come to your place whilst he is around would take a guess that the wedding has already happened.

6. He Never Tries to Change You

He loves you for who you are. If there’s anything that you find annoying about yourself, he’d only find it cute.

He is perfectly fine with the fact that you create a mess in the kitchen whenever you step in. He doesn’t mind if you love your dog more than him.

He is just as calm as the moon whenever it comes to dealing with you, regardless of whatever the situation might be. If he fits the description, give him all the love he deserves, maybe for a lifetime and even more.

7. He’s Courteous and Generous with You

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How do you know he’s the one?

He proves that chivalry isn’t dead yet. He doesn’t forget to open the car’s door for you or to go hand in hand with you when you’re rocking those high stilettos.

He is rich in mannerisms. He never embarrasses you by showing even the tiny little traces of ill-manners.

He is polite and never raises his voice while dealing with you. He treats you like a delicate flower and handles you with the much-anticipated love, care, and attention.

8. He Makes Sacrifices for You

You might have seen how it goes with other couples when one thinks of moving away in search of better career opportunities. Most of the relationships fade away right at the instant where the idea of a long-distant relationship arises.

Distance often takes its toll on a relationship if the commitment level isn’t high. But that’s not the case with you. He makes sacrifices when it comes to allowing you to grow in terms of your career.

He doesn’t mind moving to a different city if it means you’d get a chance to grow as a person. And if you were in his position, you would readily do the same for him as well.

9. He Brags about You


He’s your biggest fan, hands-down. He is always highly appreciative of you. He always admires you and tells people how amazing of a person you are.

If you get a promotion at the workplace or get a pay-raise, he’ll go around telling everyone about it.

Even if you win a set of headphones on a radio show, everyone will have already heard a word or two about it much longer before you let them know on your own.

10. You Share Mutual Values

Whether it be about having kids or the morals of life, or even about fitness goals, everything is predetermined and pre-set between the two of you.

You have a planned set of life-goals and you are both on the same page when it comes to reaching a meeting place where all the goals have been successfully met.

You are both highly responsible and committed when it comes to making your relationship a success. There is an undying spark between the two of you and nothing in the world has ever and shall never be able to beat it.

11. You Love the Idea of Spending Your Life with Him

You wouldn’t trade the moment of togetherness for anything else in the world. You really really love him and you often get drowned in the imaginative thoughts of spending your life with him.

You’ve had your moments of intimacy with him and have seen all his weird, wacky and adorable and funny sides, too but you seem to crave for even more.

Sometimes, the relationship status doesn’t seem to be enough and all you want is him next to you and his surname next to your name.

If that’s the case, I say, marriage is in the cards.

12. You Miss Him When He Is Not Around

This is not just a sweet cliched thing for you. It’s part of your reality.

You sometimes wish if it was possible to never let him out of your sight. He is the best thing you’ve ever had and you want to treasure him for the rest of your lifetime.

Longing to be with someone 24/7/365 might sound creepy but it’s cute when it comes to the desires and cravings of two people who are truly, madly and deeply in love with each other.

I hear the wedding bells ringing!


Not all relationships turn out to be a success. Not a single human is perfect.

If you’d ask me the secret ingredient of a successful relationship, it would be a tad bit of imperfection and a handful of complications tied up by the thread of love and care for one another.

There are 100 essential questions to ask before you say “I do”.

However, If he loves you and never makes you feel any less than some reigning queen of a popular kingdom in a fairytale, don’t raise a question of a doubt before answering his wedding proposal with a sure-shot “Yes”.

I hope you have a happily-ever-after. Cheers!

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