10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You

Cheating has been considered to be a heinous moral crime ever since ages and ages back. People don’t often admit to cheating, even during the tests in schools, high-schools or colleges, because of its stigmatic nature.

Is your mind being flooded with the worrisome thoughts of whether your boyfriend is cheating on you? Well, if that’s the case, you are in a perfectly relatable page. This article is for you!

It shall not be an exaggeration if I called the act of cheating as a derogatory move. It makes you introspect with your inner spirit about your moral standards or your intelligence, in case you are a continual cheater.

The word I’m looking for after penning down those serious sounding statements is “Anyways”. Yes, that was a “Friends” reference. Season 1 Episode 1.

So yeah, anyways, I am not limiting my discussion to the cheating techniques used by the pupils during the exams. The pinpointing area of today’s discussion shall be the act of cheating portrayed by some people ( some boyfriends of some unfortunate girlfriends), somewhere in the pathway of their relationship.

The human mind is insane. Numerous thoughts pass by our tiny little head just in a matter of a second. We are left feeling astounded upon whether or not the thoughts are rational or it’s just a figment of our imagination. Amidst the process of figuring out the rationality or irrationality hidden beneath the loop of thoughts, men end up showing the mixed signals before, during or after cheating.

If you are witty enough to interpret their psychology, you might save yourself from their act of deception and make a decision that’s right for you, your heart and the relationship that might be on the verge of sinking down to the ocean-bed.

If you seem to be lost and can’t seem to know how to catch him “red-handed” or are unable to analyse the stenchy smell that’s being emitted from his stinky behavior, worry no more. I’m here to help you out.

Today, I shall be talking about the 10 ultimate signals that will help you discover if your man is cheating on you.

1. He Freaks out When You Pick up His Phone

How to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you?

The phone is where a man’s darkest and wackiest secret rests.

Have there been times when you’ve tried to go through his playlist or make a phone call using his phone because yours ran out of balance, but he appeared in front of you out of nowhere and took it off from your hand before you even knew?

Phew!! You might not be able to smell what the Rock is cookin’ but you can jump to conclusions right away that he is cheating on you with some other woman(or even a man?) if he totally freaks out when you touch his phone.

2. He Lies about Random Things


Has he turned into a liar lately? I’m talking about plain white lies-the cases where lying isn’t even important. For instance, has he lied to you about being in the kitchen while he was in the restroom for the past 30 minutes or so?

Or has he lied about doing some important “office assignment” while all he was doing was playing on his computer? Damn, you, little liar! That’s not cool at all.

It’s either that he has an obsessive lying syndrome or alternatively, he’s seeing someone else and he’s lying about one thing followed by the other just to cover up his previous lies.

3. He Can’t Commit

If he’s eyeing on another woman, he won’t commit to you regardless of whatever you do or whatever sweet gesture you try to pull off to make him say those 3 magical words, “I love you”.

If there’s anything he’d say, it’s only the spells of witchcraft that’d sound like ” I won’t commit”, or ” I’m totally confused”.

And then just behind your back, he might be secretly checking out other women.

To cut the long story short, if commitment seems to be a major issue for him and he’d flinch away with the most invalid excuse, then it might be an indication of the fact that he is cheating on you.

4. You Never Know Where He Is

If you are in a live-in relationship, he might disappear and then reappear out of the blue at the blink of an eye.

There might be days when you’d wait for him to return and he’d say “1 more hour” but then he’d either stop replying to your texts afterward or stop answering your calls. And then some hours letter a message might pop up from his end saying, “Sorry! Got caught up in an emergency. Don’t wait up!”.

So yeah, that’s about it.

Is your boyfriend cheating on you? Well, if he’s started going MIA more often than not without any genuine explanation, then it’s a tell-tale sign that he has his eyes laid on some other woman/women. Who knows?

5. He Takes His Phone with Him Wherever He Goes

The restroom or the bed or to the workout session- he’d forget his body part but not his phone. Guess what would make his phone every-freaking-where? Duh!

Taking the phone in the restroom and taking forever to come out would simply imply that he is either sexting in the shower(eew! Gross!), or getting mushy with this “other” woman. It might even be that he is clearing out the evidence so that you would never get a hint about his external affair.

Maybe you should spy on your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing it and find out what the truth of the matter really is.

6. He Follows a Lot of Sexy Women on Social Media

A lot of relationships fail because of an increasing interest in some other hot chick and a decreasing trend in the attraction factor for one’s own partner.

Reality check! You can’t make them love you. They do it on their own volition. You can neither shove your opinion nor the love for you down someone’s throat.

How to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook/Twitter/ Instagram? Have you had a look at the list of the people he follows on Instagram or Twitter? If it’s a lot of unknown women who post provocative pictures on their account, chances are likely that he is seeing one or a few or a dozen of them, all at once.

Anything is possible. Get your FBI glasses on!

7. He Needs His “Privacy”


Have you been hearing the term “Privacy” for a lot more than usual? Has it been the current buzz-word in your household in the recent times?

Why do you think he’d want some more space all of a sudden now when he was completely okay with not having much privacy in the former days?

The equation for privacy in a layperson’s term in the context of a relationship would be: You+ Him= Privacy.

Howsoever, if he wants more privacy, then it would mean that you are out of the equation now. It simply implies that someone else has made their way in.

8. He Goes out More Often than Earlier

Has he been spending a lot of time outdoors since the past few days or months?

Does he keep sneaking out and then sneaking back hoping that you wouldn’t notice his suspicious entrance and exit timings?

Doesn’t his behavior appear to be rather fishy to you? It would appear so to me if my boyfriend would try to look away and then move out, only to rest in the arms of someone else.

It could be that he is hanging out with his friends. Try asking him if he’s been spending time with his friends and then confirm using your own resources.

If his friends appear to be clueless and you catch a lie, then it could be that he is cheating on you with someone else. Oops!

9. He Has a Rapid Change in Weight or Appearance

Whenever the men are in the mood of sending a vibe of attraction and making other women hover around the field of their attraction, then they often send out the signals. They appear to be more hygienic, coif their hair more often, pay attention to their physique and maybe join the gym as well to enhance their appearance.

Why do you think such an overnight change would occur in somebody? Has he made such an effort to impress you? If not, then he might be looking for a more prospective mate to “mate” with, if you know what I meant.

The cards might be telling you that your relationship is in trouble and in some time, it won’t exist at all. Beware!

10. He Hides His Financial History from You

Mostly, when men cheat, they try to “window-dress” their account. They usually have a reloadable credit card or a PayPal account which would enable them to make the payments without you ever finding out about it.

If you ever get the tiniest of the hint about him trying to manipulate his finances, it might be that he is using some other means to make the payments while he goes out with this other woman that he is dating behind your back.

Hire an accountant or maybe, ask him straightaway. It’s not an ardent task to catch a liar and his white lies.



Relationships are sacred. Trust forms the major portion of the relationship. Remember the affection and respect you shared with your girlfriend whilst you initially got involved in a relationship with her?

If you are a boyfriend who is cheating on your girlfriend, then maybe for the sake of the same respect, you should man-up and tell her that you no longer feel the same way about her and it’d be better if you ended things up.

It is a thousand folds better than sneaking behind her back and lying to her every now and then. What would you possibly get by taking an unfair advantage of her love, care, and affection?

Cheating, in my opinion, is an act of cowardice.

If you are a girlfriend whose boyfriend has cheated on you, then it’s completely in your discretion to make any move that you’d want to. Dropping out of it would be a better way but if you think he’s worthy of getting a second chance, then give your relationship another shot.

Hopefully, it shall last longer! God bless!

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