10 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

Have you been spending all night stuck on a puzzle?

Are the suffocating and thought-provoking mixed signals coming from your crush driving you crazy? Are you wondering about the indicative signs that would tell you if your crush likes you back? Well, I’m glad to inform you that you are in a perfectly accurate page on the web for this article is just what you need.

They say a crush is called so because they leave you feeling crushed if they don’t feel the same way about you in return. But if the stars are shining in your way, then your case might be different from the one that I just mentioned.

If you’re lucky and you’ve done it all right, chances of your crush listening to David Archuleta’s CRUSH and thinking about you at the same hour when you’re busy doing the same deed, are exponentially high.

If you’re plucking off the petals of the red rose and enchanting “He loves me/loves me not” repeatedly, then save it for later, pretty please?

I’m here for you and using my expertise, I’ll show you the way towards finding out if you are your crush’ crush.

Here are the Top 10 signs (in no particular order) that will help you analyze if your crush likes you back.

Let’s get started now! Shall we?

1. He’ll Stare at You When You Aren’t Looking


We all know how the game of crush goes, don’t we? I’m talking about “CRUSH” crush, not Candy Crush, silly!

We are often subjected to the silly games played on us by our brain. Call it the adrenalin rush or whatsoever, but our bodily functions adjust themselves accordingly when we’re crushing on someone.

To name one amongst the many in the pool, let’s talk about the “Stare Game.”

We don’t intend to act like creepy stalkers. It just so happens that our eyes move swiftly in their direction when they are busy doing something, looking naturally and effortlessly gorgeous.

Is this the case with your crush too? Does he secretly take a glimpse of you when you are pretending to be busy or are actually busy doing something else?

If the answer is a yes, then it’s a sign that he is crushing hard on you too.

You can dance with joy now!

2. He Looks You Straight in the Eyes When He’s Talking to You


Speaking of the stare game, can you imagine the blood that rushes into our face and makes our cheeks glow with a reddish sparkle whilst we’re conversing with our crush? It’s called blushing, my friend! Oh well, been there, done that!

I have a better situation. “Do I wanna know?” Yes, you do! This is one of the most vital signs.

Without further ado, let me get straight to the point.

How often does he attempt to lock eyes when talking to you? Pulling off such kind of a stunt with someone you’re crushing on has a long-lasting, soothing effect in the brain.

Has your crush pulled off a similar stunt? Do his pupils dilate whilst doing so?

If you’ve answered both the questions with a YES, then the crush game is going strong. Smile all you want!

3. His Friends Will Tease Him When They Know You Are Around

There’s this principle that holds true in all places, everywhere. It’s basically the sign of secret attraction.

When you have a crush on someone, the entire world knows about it except the one you’re crushing on. Hilarious, isn’t it? And a bit strange too, of course!

Anyways, moving on, have you noticed this strange vibe that comes along whilst you enter into an area where your crush is seated along with his mates?

Things seem strangely awkward when his friends randomly start saying his name out loud. That’s called Teasing and if you’re in the land of naivety, and still can’t figure out what’s going on, then allow me to enlighten you!

The sickness is called Crush and it has affected both of you. Don’t worry about it anymore!

Sail along!

4. He’ll Send Flirtatious Text Messages

Does your crush like you back? How to tell if your crush likes you through text?

Before that, since we’re in the fourth point, let me tell you about this message I received at 4 am whilst I was in high-school.

The sender kept the anonymity alive by not revealing his name but kept flirting all throughout the conversation. The Incoming Flirt Quotient was high, I must say.

I was pretty intrigued. So, I went to school and searched the number in the Class Directory. The anonymous sender turned out to be my crush. My happiness knew no bounds right after. Quite natural, yes?

Do you have a similar story to share? Forget the anonymity part. Flirting while texting is my main concern.

If he’s done so and you’ve been there, then hold your head high. You’re winning in the game of Crush!

5. He’ll Try to Impress You

The impression that a person casts on you lasts for a lifetime. It’s true. You’ve got to believe me!

Remember the flamboyant front-man of your favorite band with a slicked back hair, in a leather jacket? What impression do you have of him? Well, including the word “flamboyant” in the description is self-sufficient.

Your crush will try to do the same thing to win you over. Well, realistically, not so artistically but in a manner somewhat similar to that.

Does he dress to impress or start talking like an intellectual? Does he go out of his way to win your heart? Then luck is in the stars and crush is in your destiny. Impressive? Very much so!

6. He Bumps into You and Acts as If Nothing Has Happened

Have you heard the Chainsmoker’s single titled Closer?

It’s been getting much airplay ever since it was released and people have been killing the LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT button on YouTube for that particular song.

With such vibe transmitting throughout the globe, chances exist that a guy having a crush on you would do something to draw you closer. Bumping into you out of nowhere and naming it an “accident” counts as one.

I’ve watched oodles of movies where a guy bumps into a girl and she spends the rest of the day thinking about it. Maybe he’s trying to enact the same scene?

You ask Why? Well, quite evidently, because he is crushing on you.

7. He May Fidget When You Guys Are Talking

Think of a case scenario where you are in a one-on-one conversational session with your crush and they start acting like a cat on a hot tin roof.

In what situation, would a person act so restlessly? Have you ever thought of it?

When a bundle of nerves swerves in the direction of nervousness, a person is bound to exhibit such kind of a behavior.

Have you noticed such kind of a behavioral pattern in your crush whilst having a conversation with him? Does he fidget way too often and leaves you feeling startled as to why he pulls it off when he’s with you?

Let me be the doctor. The results are in and he tests positive for CRUShhh.. And the pathogen is called You! Congratulations!

8. He’s Interested in Your Interests

Mutual Interests

If someone other than the person you have a crush on goes on for hours and hours talking about their interests, you might doze off before you know. Sorry for the unfriendly demeanor, friend!

But things are totally differently if that person is your crush.

When you have a crush on someone, you want to explore the horizon of their interests and try to know more about them. There’s no limit to your curiosity when it comes to knowing their interests.

If you’re the outgoing type, you might propose to watch Gossip Girl together, for instance.

On the other hand, if you’re the shy type, you tell her about your favorite celebrity or your favorite channel on YouTube. Joe Sugg? Anyone?

Talk about dying to know their favorite color or their cravings for a cup of Latte with extra foam, you want to know it all. Name of their kith and kin? You name it! The sky is the limit!

That’s exactly what your crush will do if he, in turn, has a crush on you!

9. He Brags a Little

Have you noticed something different lately about the way your crush portrays himself?

Does he show off his six packs more often, talk about his horse-riding skills or the penthouse in LA that he owns, or even the straight A’s that he’s managed to score in every single examination he’s sat for?

Holy Mother of God!! Have you been wondering why he’s turned into such a boastful person as of recently?

As ridiculous as it might sound, it’s just that your crush is crying and begging, and doing whatever he can to draw your attention.

Why? Because you’re his crush and he wants you bad.

Call it the side-effects of having a crush!

10. You’re Always Talking to One Another

Does a constant wave of communication keep streaming between you and your crush?

Does your day begin with his Good Morning text and end with a Goodnight from him?

Have there been times when he’s wanted to talk to you for a series of hours despite having an important examination on the following day? Aww! I hope he didn’t flunk!

Even if he fails to nail the text, it shows that he’s passed the difficult Crush Test!

If the person who is all “A’s before baes” talks to you incessantly just the night before their examination, then the only conclusion that could be derived from that scenario is that they have the hots for you!


You’re one hell of an awesome person. Anyone would fall for the beauty that shines through your soul. I hope and pray, and believe that he does too.

May all go well!

*whispers an adieu*

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