10 Signs You’re in Love with Someone

When I was a little girl, the only thing that I loved wholeheartedly was the Beatles’ tune that my father used to give much airplay to in our household. I could never figure what the overwhelming emotion was that used to flood my heart

Every time I lent my ears to it, but yes, that was that.

I never knew it was possible for me or anyone else to have such intense emotions for another human being unless of course, one day when I realised that I was in love.

The first time is always special and different. It might send a chill down your spine and you might think that the churning feeling in your stomach and your racing heart could be indicative of a health disorder. Well, thanks to Google that I looked up the symptoms and Alas! I was in love.

Since I’ve followed the love stream a couple or more times already, I am well aware of the signs that could help anyone in figuring out if they are on the same page as I was back then.

Are you looking for the signs that you’re in love with him? Since you are here and reading this article with such curiosity, I believe this article is for you.

I bet you can’t wait to find if you are in love.

I feel glad to announce that your wait is over.

Here’s the list of 10 indicative points that will tell you if you are in love with someone.

I won’t keep you holding for long. Let’s get straight into the business.

1. You’re Happy at All Times


There aren’t just the physical signs of love.

This doesn’t apply to people who keep moving around with their happy heads at everywhere every time of the day, month or year.

I am talking about the sudden stability in the mood if you belong to the category of the people who are known for losing their head more often than not.

If you don’t have the mood swings and have grown resistant to all the annoying factors that would have gotten you enraged under other circumstances, then I can confirm that you have been hit by the cupid.

Why else would you feel inexplicably happy and smile like an idiot all the time?

2. You Stop Thinking about Your Ex

thinking about your ex

How do you know you’re in love with someone?

You might have been lamenting your fate and brooding over the disheartening thoughts of a failed relationship in the past.

The thoughts must have driven you insane more often than not, and you might have been shedding tears endlessly.

And then, one day, you wake up and your heart is so full of immense happiness that you totally forget about the hardships that you faced in the past.

Have you ever wondered what worked as a magic spell to have cast your pain away at the snap of a finger?

I have a question that requires an honest answer. Have you been feeling differently about someone as of lately? Have the thoughts of love been occupying your head for long enough that it seems impossible to get rid of them?

This endless cycle of thoughts and the unusual feeling of happiness points towards one direction- the direction of LOVE.

Believe it or NOT!

3. You Can’t Seem to Concentrate on Anything Else


You seem to be least bothered by the approaching deadlines for work or the pending assignments that are due for submission sometime around next week or so. You appear to be forgetful in the eyes of others and even so in your own eyes.

The waves of realisation of losing the power of concentration hit you when you try to focus and pay attention to a task that requires your undivided attention but suddenly, the thoughts get displaced by the thoughts of the person you’re in love with.

It might get annoying at times, but like some sort of a guilty pleasure, you’ll enjoy fantasizing over the thoughts of that special someone.

4. You’re Less Attracted to Other Men


Even Justin Timberlake or Alexander David Turner seem to have lost their chance on you when you’ve lost your heart over the thoughts of someone else.

You’re so busy obsessing over someone else that you seem to take no notice even if the sexiest man on earth walks past you.

Don’t you think it’s rather unusual for someone to turn the blind eye on several handsome hunks even if the person you’ve been craving for is nowhere within your sight?

Looks like you’re committed to even before being into a relationship. What could it be signaling towards other than the fact that you’re in love?

5. You Lose Your Appetite

 Lose Your Appetite

Hunger seem to be less of an issue when you’re in love.

The butterflies keep ruffling their wings and make their way all throughout your belly. You might hesitate to admit about having the “butterfly-ish” feeling for a little while but those little tickly sensations will be the ones indicating that you’re in love.

Why else wouldn’t a kind of person like you who would eat the ice-cream straight from the tub even feel hungry anymore?

Your heart has taken a lead over your mind and now, nothing on earth seems to be as important as thinking, smiling and being with someone else- that someone else being the one who you are deeply in love with.

6. You Are Curious about Him


Your curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to taking an exploration of his life and the field of his interests.

Call it his weird interest of watching butterflies or an adventurous passion of going to hikes and trying insanely challenging workouts quite often, you don’t seem to lose track of them.

You lend an ear to whatever he says and no matter how stupid or dumb it might sound, you still sit there, silently smiling like a dork. well, obviously because you’re in love with him.

7. You Get Defensive When Someone Is Negative about Him


Are you in love?

When you’re in love, you switch to the warrior mode if someone fixates a negative opinion about them. You turn into a warrior and do whatever is in your power to defend them.

If you wouldn’t have had intense feelings for him, you would be able to brush it off your shoulders and it wouldn’t bother you at all.

But if you lash out at people for either having a negative opinion about him or being under-appreciative of them, then consider yourself far gone in the game of love.

8. You Have Fun Talking with Him


Regardless of whatever the topic might be-the weather or the news or about the World Cup draws, you’ll have fun talking to him on any matter whatsoever.

If it would have been anyone else in his place, you might have yawned for a thousand times already or would have checked your phone for a couple hundred times, but it’s different with him.

The idea of spending some time with him makes you jump with joy like a happy little girl that you would not mind talking about anything to everything with him. I say it’s love and you’d better place your trust in me.

9. You Re-read the Text Messages over and over Again

You keep a log of the entire conversational history that you have with him. You read, and read and read the conversations all day long and keep smiling like a fool.

If you feel low about anything, the perfect remedy to brighten up your day would be to go through those text messages just one more time.

And then, Voila! You will not even remember what had gone wrong previously. The only thing that will remain afterward is the smile on your lips.

10. Everything Reminds You of Him

You can’t seem to let go of his thoughts.

Whether it be whilst passing through a random bridge or a coffee shop on the corner of the town, you’ll imagine your togetherness even in the emptiest of the places.

Everything you see constantly reminds you of him. Your power of imagination in this state are so strong that you might even be the best selling painter or author if you made efforts in writing some words or a painting a canvas using those imaginative thoughts.


If you’ve marked all these signs with a long green check, then congratulations! You’re in love.

It’s not something that you should get afraid of or hide from in Denial. You’re in love, it’s true. So, why be hesitant to admit it?

Of course, love comes with a little risk. Your love might or might not be reciprocated, but then a life lived without taking a calculated amount of risk is equivalent to being worthless, dull and boring.

So, admit it. You’re in love. Wow! You must have been feeling amazing. This is your moment. Don’t let anything or anyone take it away from you.

Lastly, keep smiling and be happy. I hope your love is reciprocated.

Good luck! Ta!

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