Signs You’re Totally a Power Couple

Hey, you! You managed to land on the best side of the internet, huh? Good for you.

Am I about to give an explanation of what makes a power couple? You bet, yeah! But before that, let me begin with a little interrogation.

What, in your honest opinion, does it really mean to be a power couple?

I am guessing that you’ve pictured the George Clooney-Amal Alamuddin duo or the Ryan Reynolds-Blake Lively pair but hey, the term “power-couple” doesn’t only hold true for celebrity couples. Take a look around you or even within your own relationship and you might be taken aback to see plenty of power couples in your close proximity, including yourself ( just maybe!).

Have you heard the concept of “fire & ice” from a relationship point of view? It refers to a relationship where one partner is short-tempered whilst the other is calm as the moon. And the prolonged pattern so goes that one partner compensates for the attribute which the other partner is devoid of, hence, together, they form a power-packed combo – the ultimate “power couple.”

Does your relationship have the qualities that would make you a power-couple? Do you have it in you to be a power-couple?

What’s worth the wait anyway? Let me take you through all the points that will help you in knowing if or not you and your partner make a power-couple.

1. You Help Each Other Reach Your Goals

Being a power couple is all about working in unison. You admire each other’s passion for career and give a pat on the back or a romantic peck on the admiration of your significant other’s creativity.

The togetherness and constant motivation will aid the both of you in paving a pathway towards your respective goals and strengthening your relationship even further.

2. You Prioritise Each Other

Despite the hectic work schedule and the tiring meetings that last through the day to the nights, you never fail to have brief meet-ups with your partners whether in person or online.

Thanks to the technological advancements, you can now FaceTime your partner during lunch breaks or at the immediate instant of having a short break from work.

That way, regardless of the ridiculous schedules, you can still spend time with one another. I don’t need to tell you to set your priorities straight, do I?

3. You Feel Grateful to Have Your Partner

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, I say you should practice the gratitude. Don’t you feel grateful for having a life to live, getting to see and admire the beauty of nature, meet people from different walks of life and grow in terms of knowledge and experience? I sure do.

To top it all, if you have a partner who is considerably caring, generous and is a building block of your relationship, then you have a lot of things to express your gratitude towards. Oh boy! You’re one lucky woman!

4. You Workout Together


Hey, gymrat! If you and your partner go to the gym together, good on you, woman. As the saying goes, “ The couple who sweats together stays together.” Yes, indeed!

Exercise releases dopamine which increases your energy levels and gives a boost to your level of happiness.

Besides staying merry, you can also challenge each other and compete with each other about who will complete the sets of workout and who would lag behind. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

5. You Share a Drama Free Relationship

Life is dull and ironically, pretty lifeless without a slight element of drama.

However, try to spare yourself from all the unnecessary yelling, screaming and shouting because you wouldn’t want that, especially if you are in a relationship. Imagine trading places with one of the Kardashians and having to live with Kylie. Apart from the riches and the fame, it would be like living your terrible nightmare.

A power couple shares a high level of trust and understanding. Their relationship is based on the higher grounds of morality and hence, they wouldn’t invite unnecessary drama into the relationship.

6. You’re Best Friends

This reminds me of an episode of “Friends” where Rachel and Monica suggest Joey to stop hooking up with random girls and instead find an interesting one with whom he could build the foundation of trust and be friends with first. Impressive advice, I reckon!

Never make the mistake of falling for someone without knowing them beforehand because it might not be as appealing as it sounds in the earlier phases of the relationship.

You need to know and understand each other, be on the same page, gel up together and eventually, see if the relationship pans out. That’s what the power couples do, really! They understand each other perfectly well and love each other, both as a friend and partner.

7. You’ve Got Each Other’s Back

surprise relation

You are lifelong bros. You know the bro code, right? The bros always have each other’s back.

Whether it be in an awkward situation at a party organised by your colleagues or an embarrassment you face because of a minor mistake you made, your partner will always be right beside you, citing a word of support and encouragement, and picks you up whenever you stumble and fall.

8. You Can Talk about Anything

You can literally talk about anything with your partner if you are a power-couple. What topics would “anything” confine?

From the tinsel town gossips to literature, your celebrity crushes or who you would “smash or pass”, you enjoy the freedom of getting to talk about anything to everything under the sun.


Do the points listed above apply to the relationship with your partner? If yes, read below and if not, then you always have the rooms for improvement. Work on your relationship and strive towards being a power couple.

And if it’s a Yes, then with the power vested in me by the cupid, I now pronounce you a power-couple!

I hope the bond remains intact and you see several years of togetherness and more that follow in the years to come.

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