Texts That You Should Never Send to Your Man

There are different kind of texts that are designed to be sent to different classes of people and by class, I mean the position that they hold in your life- whether it be of a family member, a friend or a partner.

I’m sure that you have heard a Mom Joke where a mother, being totally unaware of what the abbreviation stands for, ends up texting her son saying “ John, your uncle died. Poor family. LOL”. Oh, dear! “Lots of love” was what she thought LOL stood for. I’d have rung up my mother at the immediate instant if, God forbid, I’d have received that text.

So yes, you can’t text just about anything to anyone. Also, there’s an appropriate time for texting people no matter how closely associated you might be with them.

My best friend Abby and I joke around all the time, and if someone else were to take a sneak-peek at our conversation, they would probably label us to be lunatics. But both of us would refrain from sending such texts to our significant others because some texts aren’t just meant to be sent to you man/ woman.

To save you from the embarrassment of texting your man with an appropriate content, I have compiled a list of some texts which you should never ever send to your man.

Let’s start!

1. “k” or “ I Guess”

Try sending this text to me and I’ll dagger you. These messages are so annoying and pointless that  I’d stop talking to the sender starting from the very moment. I wouldn’t blame a guy if he stops talking to you after you send a message of similar nature. Duh!

2. Anything When You’re High

Well, first, you are high and completely out of your mind and second, you text your man. What a disastrous combination! Unless you are dialing up Uber or Lyft, don’t use your phone whatsoever. Or else, you will end up sending an annoying text and leave an impression of an imbecile in his mind.

3. Breakup Text


This is an act of cowardice. It’s downright rude. Don’t ever announce the breakup via text unless you think that your partner will not react calmly and there stand the chances of him abusing you.

4. Texts That Make You Look like a Stalker

Unless you want to appear to be a borderline stalker or intend to creep him out by letting him know that you can see him, don’t text him.

5. Asking Him about His Whereabouts

He has a life outside of the relationship and other responsibilities to fulfill. Asking him about his whereabouts will give the vibe that you don’t trust him. And your man wouldn’t be pleased to hear that.

6. Adding Lots of Emojis


Men prefer to read the actual words rather than having to use their mind to decipher the hidden meaning behind the emojis. Unless you’ve agreed on having a playful conversation, refrain from adding dozens of emojis in the texts.

7. Skip Adding Extra Letters

Look at these two text : 1) Buenos dias 2) Buuuueeenooooosss diiiiaaassss . Which of these seem to have been sent by a mature person?

Well, until and unless you want to portray the image of an immature person, write elegantly and add in a little sophistication to your texts.

8. Repetitive Texts

You send one text followed by another and another dozen of similar unnecessary texts. It’s like setting someone in a rapid-fire environment. It’s annoying to the core.

9. “We Need to Talk”

Well, talking is nowhere equivalent to chatting. If you need to talk, ring him up or even better, talk to him in person. Saying that you need to talk via text makes the person at the other end question about their importance in your life.

10. Nudes

This is the ultimate deal-breaker. Have you heard of NSFW? What if he gets your message displaying your assets whilst he is attending a meeting with his colleagues? Would you want your man to get embarrassed at his workplace?

There’s more to this. You shouldn’t text someone with nudes before you know that you can put your trust in them. Many girls have fallen prey to revenge porn and leaked nudes because they once trusted someone who they shouldn’t have. Beware!


Now that I’ve told you about the Do’s and Don’ts of texting, I hope you are aware of all the rules of texting.

Think twice before you hit “Send”.

As Liza Koshy says, Biiiieeeeee!

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