10 Things to do When You Can Not Stop Thinking About Him

Is Justin Timberlake’s love anthem “Can’t stop the feeling”  the current state of your mind? Are you thinking and rethinking about all the things that you could do whilst you can’t stop thinking about him? Well, it so happens that in such a case, this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You try and try, and try even harder but you just can’t seem to stop thinking about him. Isn’t that the exact manifestation of the status of your heart and mind? See, I just know it all.

You might say, “How so?”. Well, that’s because I am a human, and it’s likely for me to develop feelings for another super-cute human who crosses my way or who attends the same college as I do.

I am a 20-something-year-old female and by now, I’ve gained a mastery in almost every aspect of the Crush Stage-one of such being the stage which appears to be an ailment of the mind called “obsession” because the thoughts about him never stop flooding your mind and soul.

A little daydreaming does no harm but having a repetitive cycle of thoughts about your crush all throughout the day makes you appear to be a lunatic. Someone might even throw a shady comment like, “Get a life, dudess!”if they catch you red-handed staring at a wall and smiling like an idiot.

So, how do you stop doing that? I have a solution, precisely 10 of them. I traveled back in time, conducted an extended research and dived into the pool of resources with the soul purpose of collecting the best points for you.

Let’s take a read now. Shall we?

1. Find Some Distractions

Your friends and his

Life comes with a diverse range of options to get distracted by. Watching the German Shepherds play in the neighborhood, exploring the world of music, watching movies, meeting new people online or offline, going for shopping or even settling for some wonderful literary works- you name it!

Instead of wondering what it means when you can’t stop thinking about someone, rather chuck it! It’s unhealthy to have your mind wander around thinking about someone else and their life, while you have your own life to lead.

My heart’s a tell tale and it says that if you continue doing so any longer, you might even come off as a creep. Remember, no one enjoys going on a date with or being in a relationship with a creepy person.

Want a solution? I have one. Well, get distracted already.

2. Select a Chaperone Amongst Your Friends

Wild Experiences

True friends are life’s real treasure. They keep us from making mistakes or from being misguided and swerving into a wrong direction. Our love for them never goes unreciprocated and they always have our back, regardless of the degree of the mess we fall into.

Have you got your mind revolving around the “ Why am I thinking about him so much?” question? I say it’s a pure mess.

Obsessing about someone is one of the messes, too, if you hadn’t realised it already. Your friends might have pointed it out to you too but something tells me that you ended up giving them a piece of your mind instead, didn’t you?

Get into your car or board the bus, ring their doorbell, apologise and ask for their help.

Ask them to be your chaperone and to help you in aborting the thoughts related to him and from traveling to the places where he is likely to hang out with his group of friends.

Rock a bye, baby- say No to those obsessive thoughts!

3. Focus on Your Hobbies


Singing and dancing are my favorite hobbies. I don’t reminisce anything else when I’m spending some quality time all by myself, doing either or both of that stuff. Turning to your hobbies to seek refuge is a perfectly accurate way to break the loop of thoughts when you can’t stop thinking about him.

It works, yes, it does. I’ve suggested some of my girlfriends try out the same tactic and nobody complained afterward. So, it might have worked for them as well.

Experiment, discover and invest some time in your hobbies. Dance your heart out, paint a beautiful portrait on the canvas. You might even find a new hobby amidst the process. Who knows?

In any case, it will come out as a win-win situation for you. Lucky, you!

4. Concentrate on Your Life


Instead of sweating about what it probably means when you can’t stop thinking about someone, I’d rather you stopped giving the unnecessary validation to your thoughts.

Can I be the one to diss on you with the, ” Get a life” comment? I shall not because it’s downright rude.

But the world is a nasty place and there’s  a 90% of likeliness of you hearing such comments if you give continuation to the deed of daydreaming for long hours.

There might be some assessment that’s about to come to a deadline and you haven’t even made a scribble on your notebook yet. Starting from meeting your resolutions to living up to the expectations of the people who matter to you, you might have been turning a blind eye to all of your responsibilities only to dwell in the thoughts of your crush.

Fantasizing is normal. We all do it. But overdoing it might lead to consequences.

So, concentrate on your life instead because it’s a bliss and it has things and events of winsome beauty to offer.

5. Stop Hitting the “Replay” And “Rewind” Button


I know what you’ve been thinking of. The moments when he smiled back at you in the class, or the moments when you exchanged looks while you were grabbing lunch from the cafeteria, or the instance when your eyes met whilst you were crossing each other’s path on the hallway.

“Are you a psychic?”, you might be thinking. Well, I’m not! But, NEWSFLASH! It’s so obvious. Anyone else would have second guessed it, too.

You’ve been rolling the same film on your over and over again. Let me rephrase it. You’re abusing the “replay” and “rewind” button.

I heard them scream saying, “STOP killing me!”

6. Have Sleepovers with Your Gal Pals

girls group

Remember those days when you actually had a social life where you used to spend some time with your friends and learn about the events happening in their life. Think and look back. Don’t you think something’s missing now?

If you can’t seem to figure out what’s exactly missing, let me enlighten you. It’s you ATTENTION. Duh!

You have been over-pouring your attention over the thoughts of your crush to such extent that you’ve completely forgotten that there are other people who demand a certain level of attention from you.

Your girls might have gotten disappointed because of your current affairs because you’ve been ditching them and focusing on your fling instead.

The stars in the universe say that it’s time to catch up now.

Invite them for a sleepover. Talk your heart out. Say how you feel. Apologies and get to know every meticulous detail about their life. Make them feel special because they’re worth it.

7. Say “Yes” To a Fantastic Family Time


Shall I ask a question? Nevermind. I will ask it anyway.

When was the last time you asked your sibling about how they’re keeping up with their college or work? Don’t you miss the chit-chat sessions you used to have with them before you fell in love? I bet it used to be so much fun. Talking about childhood stupidities to gossip about the crazy old lady next doors, don’t you miss it?

Your poor sibling might have been wondering about the sudden change in your behavior too. Open your heart out to them and once you’re done with it, get back to having those stereotypical Wrestlemania meant for the siblings.

Same is the case about your parents. They might have started to get worried to the chore seeing your state. Let them know that there’s nothing wrong and give them a convincing talk saying it’s such and such. They’ll take a huge sigh of relief.

I’m sure about it.

8. Occupy a Different Mind Space


I said MINDSPACE. Not MySpace. See, your mind needs a little calming session because it’s making you think of the silliest of the things. An outcome of obsession, I guess. You’ve occupied that cleft of your mind for long enough now. Ready for an exploration? Come with me.

Sometimes, we put so much pressure on our nerves and mind that we tend to forget to take a deep breath and let the mind relax. I find solace in meditation and I’d recommend it to you too. Meditation cleanses your soul and expels the negative energy out of your system. If done carefully, it might even act as a means of enlightenment.

Another way to let your body and mind get freed from the chains of obsessive thoughts is to exercise. Yes, exercising is important. You can suit yourself and try whatever you feel comfortable doing. There are several forms of workouts- CrossFit, Pilates, Burpees, Aerobics, Zumba and much more.

Hit the gym, I say and I won’t take no for an answer.

9. Go out and About


Stupidity is nothing but prolonged period of foolishness. Don’t let yourself fall a victim to it.

When was the last time you got out of your house? Hasn’t it been forever since you went out and about in public? It might seem as if it was once yesterday when you went out for lunch, but it’s already been more than a month. Wake up!

You have been opening doors to all the wrong vibes by doing nothing for so long. It’s time to get a grip on reality and see what’s going on in the outer world.

Go for shopping, swimming or even on an exciting venture such as a hike or bungee jump. Live life to the fullest while you can.

10. Rationalise but Don’t Obsess


Not all thoughts are irrational. Most of the thoughts are genuine but whilst you are busy drooling over someone else and obsessing about them, the rational thoughts get hidden somewhere underneath.  “Are you telling me to stop those thoughts once and for all?”, you might question.

No, I am not saying anything as such because shutting them off completely might worsen the addiction.

All I am recommending is to avoid getting entrapped in the fantasy-land.

A better option would be to reminisce, rationalise and then quickly get a hold of reality, and of course, move on.


The ocean of thoughts is gigantic. Don’t lose yourself on them because it’s not worth spending an enormous amount of time on something that yields no productive outcome.

Get creative instead and think about leading a peaceful, happy and calm life while still having a touch of reality.

Love with the entirety of your heart but don’t get obsessed because I just proved to you that there a handful of things you could do instead.

Have you forgotten the points already? Take a read again. I say, Happy Reading.

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