8 Things You Do to Make Yourself Totally Unapproachable

You are blessed with good looks, elegance, and sophistication. But it doesn’t just seem to be enough to make you a guy-magnet.

What could you have been doing wrong to make yourself unapproachable? Are you in a state of utter perplexity and are highly intrigued just to know the answer to “Why”?

You might be thinking to yourself, “There must be something wrong with me.” Well, listen to me. There’s nothing wrong with the way you look but it has something to do, either wholly or partly, with the things that I am about to list in this listicle.

Here are 5 things you do to make yourself totally unapproachable.

1. You Are Emitting Negative Vibes

Spirituality has enshrined upon a concept about the human psychology that we often gravitate towards positivity.

With that being the case, if you enter a room exuding negativity, it can be a real deal breaker and no guy would be attracted towards you or would think of initiating a conversation with you.

On the other hand, if you put on a perky face the moment you enter a room, a 1 out of 3 men would be attracted towards you.

So, spread positivity in the universe and don’t let even a bit of negativity make a way to your soul.

2. You Have a Provocative Dressing Sense and Your Face Is Caked with a Pound of Makeup

Makeup is a girl’s first love. Nothing is sexier than a girl who dresses up elegantly and wears the right amount of makeup.

However, there’s a thin line between what’s right and what’s provocative.

If you cover in pounds of makeup, it will scream of insecurity. And if you wear provocative dresses, you’ll jump into the fence of indecency.

Leave certain things to their imagination. Don’t put an exhibition of your assets.

3. You Always Hang out with Boys

Your friends and his

Do you hang out with a group of boys and are seen laughing around about jocular stuff or pranking one another?

It’s okay to hang out with whoever you’d want to hang out with but if you have a bunch of men surrounding you, it might often leave an impression on the rest of the men that you are off-limits and well guarded. It might make them pull back from making a move.

4. You Are High Maintenance

If you put up a display of high maintenance traits, men will run away from you and admit failure even before approaching you.

You can exercise your volition of being elegant, sophisticated and what-not. It’s a hundred percent alright. But the problem lies in men’s psychology, not you.

Being high maintenance often makes men believe that you are way above their league and I reiterate, they are likely to give up even without trying.

5. Your Eyes Are Constantly Hooked to Your Phone

Whilst your eyes are laid on your phone, you are likely to miss the opportunities of making an eye-contact with someone who has hots for you.

An eye-to-eye contact leads to uncovering the fact if you are highly interested or least interested in some guy.

Your phone acts as an obstacle in his way of approaching you and he will not make an effort at all to initiate a conversation with you.

6. You’re Too Flirtatious

Listen, ladies. Forget about the art of seduction that you learned from some random movie. In case you didn’t notice, this is real life and things work differently here.

Talking about flirtation, has anyone watched 90210? If you haven’t then you’re missing out on a great deal of entertainment. Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) is my most favorite character from the series. She is absolutely stunning and sultry. Her sense of fashion is to die for but what I wouldn’t copy is her style of seduction. Remember the scene where Naomi tries to seduce PJ? I found that hilarious. Don’t do that ladies. Just don’t!

Subtlety is highly admirable and adorable. Keep it one man at a time, just not everyone who you strike anywhere to everywhere.

7. You’re Busy with Your Friends

It’s a busy world and so are we. So, hey! It’s not a crime. It’s okay to be busy with your own social circle who you absolutely adore and consider a part of your family. Friends form an integral part of our lives, don’t they?

Whilst it’s alright to be surrounded by your folks, it acts like a firewall to a guy who might be trying to approach you.

Finding someone alone is much more convenient to start a conversation with rather than invading a group of your friends just to have a word or two with you.

8. You’re the Center of Attraction

If you have your eyes set on the prize, then you might as well subtly chase after it instead of acting rowdy and dragging the attention of the people around it.

Pulling off such an act will leave an impression on people, of course, but often an undesirable one.

I remember a scene from a movie where a guy approaches a girl in the discotheque and she asks him why he didn’t go after her pretty friend instead. The guy replied, “ She is pretty but she was dancing for the crowd but you were dancing to yourself without caring about the crowd. That’s why I like you instead.”

I hope the dialogue taught you a lesson about the Dos and Don’ts because it surely did to me.


Do these signs seem to be enough of a reason for making you unapproachable?

How to be approachable to guys? I hope you have all your answers by now. Work it, twerk it and work on it ( if you know what I mean).

Feel free to consult me for further advice but don’t forget to work on the aforementioned points, too. I’ll come straight away to your rescue.

Thank you for strolling around here. May you shine bright!

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