14 Tiny Things You Can Do to Feel Better about Yourself

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

We are often kind to everyone in our close-knit group of friends or the associates in our nearest proximity. We believe in the acts of kindness and offer assistance to someone who is in a dire need of a helping hand. We are non-judgmental towards the mistakes made by others. Some might think of us as an epitome of kindness and generosity. Kudos to us, the kind souls!

But when we stumble and fall, and find ourselves lost in the darkest alleys, we tend to belittle ourselves. We undermine our abilities at times of failure. We are our harshest critic. We are so hard on ourselves that sometimes, our senses tend to give up on sanity and all that’s left within us is hallucinating thoughts, a soul wounded by our brutality and whatnot.

Belittling oneself doesn’t alleviate the negativity breeding within our subconscious. It rather worsens the tapestry of negative thoughts. The only way out is to practice the art of kindness with oneself before dissipating it to the mankind. This might sound selfish to some but it isn’t really so. You can’t preach what you don’t practice, you can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t expect to serve the humanity when your soul is crippling in despair. You can’t be kind to someone else if you are not kind to yourself.

Technically, there is no such day as a bad day. It is nothing but a mumble-jumble that our mind feeds us with. If you’re having one of those days when you feel sad and lonely, and want someone to cheer you up and help you feel good about yourself, you can count on me.

Here, I shall mention the tiny things you could do to feel about yourself. Let’s go ahead and find out what they could be.

1. Do One Thing That’s on Your To-do-list

Upon having landed down-the-dumps, you might have been procrastinating even the most doable things since longer than memory serves you. Well, now is the time to get it done and cross it off the list. You’ll be amazed to discover what a refresher an easy act of crossing things off of your bucket list could turn out to be.

2. Dress a Little Nicer

Have you been frowning since forever? Let’s drop the act and do something different today. Pick up the dress that you feel good in. Pay attention to your appearance and do everything that you’d do on a normal day to look presentable. Once you have a closer look at the better version of yourself, you’ll not want to go back to being the person crying in bed all day or walking around the house with a box of pizza and a disheveled mass of hair.

3. Brighten up Your Home

I lose my calm at the sight of shut curtains on a bright and sunny day. Excuse me, but how has the sun wronged you? Please have mercy on the indoor plants or the fishes in your fish pot and open up the curtains. Your room will brighten up instantly and you’ll get the urge to clear the mess. And after ardently cleaning up every bit and corner of the room, you’ll not feel like messing it up or yourself all over again.

4. Spend Time with Your Friends

Friends are an integral part of our lives. If you ask me, I would express my gratitude towards them and thank the higher power for sending them to my life whenever I sat down and prayed. So should you.

Collect your broken pieces and put yourself together. You aren’t broken. You are strong enough to face whatever it is that you’re going through. If not, ask your friends to help you out. And maybe, just maybe, you will forget all your woes after hanging out with them in the sunset and vines. Try it out! It definitely works.

5. Explore Ted Talk

The motivational videos on YouTube are what I lean on to whenever I feel worn out. If you doubt the authenticity of most of the videos uploaded there, then we share a similarity based on the same ground.

In my quest for authentic videos, I discovered Ted Talk. It has changed the way I live my life. I have learned to practice gratitude because there are thousands of people who would trade places with me instantly as they are compelled to live a life full of misery and poverty. It has made me realize the essence of happiness, spirituality, humanity and many such virtues.

It might change your life too!

6. Read a New Book

Read a New Book

There’s a book that has been permanently located in my study desk since a couple of years now. It’s titled “ The Power of Positive Thinking”  by Norman Vincent Peale. It has changed my perspective and inclined me towards positivity.

Every time I flip the pages, I feel positivity running through me. I discovered the book accidentally and not purportedly. Well, might I say it was a sweet accident.

You could start reading a book too, to take your mind off of the worries and learn a thing or two, all at the same time.

7. Get up Earlier than Usual

Forget the rest of it all and set your alarm clock for 5 in the morning. Join the 5am club. Most of the business tycoons and CEOs are amongst the honorable mentions of the 5am club.

When you get up early in the morning and greet the sunrise, breathe the fresh air and stretch out, and thank the universe for everything, you’ll have the perfect mindset to get on with the day.

Also, you’ll get ample amount of time to do anything to everything that you’ve been putting off for a while now.

8. Take a Walk


Go outdoors and explore nature, for it has wondrous things to offer. Admire the heavenly blue sky, rise and shine with the first rays of the sun, feel the freshness in the air, the frost in the meadow, the chirping birds.

You’re missing out on a lot of things by staying outdoors. Get out now and explore- the latter being the operative word!

9. Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes. Try to find peace in silence. Feel your senses. Learn what your mind is trying to tell you. Ask the higher power to bless you with its Holy guidance. Inhale love and healing energy and exhale the negativity and woes.

10. Perform an Act of Kindness

Try to connect with people. Reach out to those who are seeking for help. No matter how little the act be, help them out. Start an initiative to restore the world’s faith in humanity.

I was returning home from my college sometime back when a lady asked me the direction towards a place that was about a kilometer away from my home. I offered to drop her there. She happily agreed. Helping her made me feel good.

After all, God helps those who help themselves and others too, if and when required.

11. Write a Fanmail to a Celebrity Who You Admire

It might have been quite a while since you’ve developed a new found fondness towards this celebrity. Maybe it’s high time you penned down a couple of words in their admiration.

Let them know the impact which their work has had in your life. Thank them for sharing their talent with the entire world. Appreciation is an act of kindness that rekindles the spark of humanity in the universe. Never cease to appreciate what or who you truly admire.

12. Text Someone Who Cared to Ask If You’re Okay

I live in an earthquake-prone country. We had a massive earthquake a couple of years back which changed the outline of the entire country. I am thankful towards God for keeping us safe and warm and I also pray for the eternal peace of the souls of the deceased.

After we had access to the internet again, I received a message from a friend in Ireland who was worried about my whereabouts. I felt thankful for having people in my life who truly cared about me. I thanked them for their act of kindness, for showing love towards me at times of vulnerability and being a loyal friend.

The world needs more of this. Please don’t hesitate to send a simple text that reads “Thank you for ———–”.

13. Talk to Someone

Don’t let your thoughts make you feel suffocated. Let them out. Vent it out to someone who you trust.Tell them about the thing that’s been bothering you. And together, in unison, you might find a solution to your worries.

Be a warrior, not a worrier!

14. Smile at Strangers

This comes with a warning. Don’t flash a creepy smile at strangers or you might come off as a raving lunatic. Smile subtly at strangers. You never know who might be having a “bad day”. Your smile might just do wonders and brighten up their day.


Taking care of yourself should be one of your topmost priorities. You are capable of greatness. You are a masterpiece. You are amazing. You are optimistic. You are all that you’ve ever wanted to be.

Confront your fears. Release yourself from the falsified chains of fear. Rise beyond it. Embrace positivity. Be the best version of yourself. Learn to take care of your soul, your body, and your mind because, just so you know, you’re worth it!

The awesome in me admires the awesome in you. Namaste!

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