Tips to Start a Good Conversation with Your Crush

Have you been dying to initiate a conversation with someone you like? If so, I guess it’s now high time you womaned-up and talked to him.

It’s genuine and perfectly natural to fidget even at the thought of approaching them. But there’s one ideal approach which aids to it- a perfect plan.

How to start a conversation with your crush for the first time?

Planning on how to initiate a conversation with your crush is analogous to making a To-Do list every morning. The entire day turns out to be quite smooth if one spends even a tad bit of their time in its planning. So is the case with starting a conversation with your crush. If you plan about the way which you shall follow to approach them, and then prepare an outline of the content of the conversation, then you there, are good to go!

If you are stressed, however, then here are some tips at your ease on how to start a good conversation with your crush.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Find out What He Likes


How to talk to your crush for the first time if you are shy?

Whilst it’s perfectly okay to stay on the safe side by starting a conversation by talking about anything in general, it’s better to approach them by conducting a little research as to what they like.

Once the conversation starts flowing smooth, you can add in some other factors of your interest too.

2. Keep It Simple

Pomposity is a big turn-off. So, talk simply. Remember, it’s your crush that you are talking to, not an Oxford University Professor who you need to talk to in a pompous manner.

From the words to the context, everything needs to be comprehensible. In that way, the conversation can be enjoyed by the people at both the ends.

3. Be Confident

Confidence is the key for just about anything to everything. Be confident while talking to him. Everyone loves an irresistible aura that a confident person exudes.

However, there is a thin line between being confident and overconfident. Make sure not to cross that line.

4. Don’t Be Desperate

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No one likes to talk to someone whose words scream of desperation. In order to save yourself from appearing to be desperate, keep from shooting them with a lot of unnecessary questions. Deciding between what’s necessary and unnecessary is purely a matter of judgment.

Remember not to boast about your skills or qualifications or whatsoever. As I said earlier, keep it simple and por favor, don’t be desperate.

5. Consider the Place and Time

If you rush into having a conversation with them in the most inappropriate time and place, you might as well trip and fall.

It’s always important to analyse how appropriate the place and time are for having an uninterrupted conversation which could last for a long time.

The most cliched saying I can think of is Hurry makes bad curry. LOL! So, think and think twice before making a move.

6. Be Natural

Being fake will make him turn his face away from you and it’s likely that he’ll never want to see the sight of you ever again.

So, be honest and natural. Don’t imitate anyone who is supposedly cool. I’m suggesting this because the fake attribute will fade away eventually and when it does, you might owe him an explanation i.e if he is willingly to listen to you.

There’s no harm in being you because hey, You Rock!!

7. Let Them Talk

Being a good listener is a virtue and many people, who are active speakers, admire it. So, apart from having your say about something of a mutual concern or interest, let them do the talking too. Don’t, however, interject because it’s downright rude.

Talk and let them do the talking. This is how the communication and the relationship between you shall foster.

8. Add a Little Humor

A sense of humor from your end always factors in during the process of trying to establish a bond with your crush.

Cheekiness and humor are always appreciated. Howsoever, remember again not to cross the line because some jokes might hurt someone if they are sensitive or they might get offended if the jokes go a little overboard and hits the insecure corner of their heart.

9. Send Some Subtle Flirtatious Texts

How to start a conversation with your crush through text?

When you can’t really face the person who you have a crush on, you might want to send some texts with a slight tint of flirtation. There are thousands of ways to flirt with someone without coming off as being too desperate. I have done a little research and  compiled some messages so as to help you start a conversation with your crush.

  • “Ugh, Stop making me think about you. I’m busy.”
  • “So, none of my friends want to see *insert the latest trending move* but I feel like you’d be into it?’
  • While giving a compliment – “Sooo.. green is definitely your color. #justsaying”
  • “You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop when I’ve watched too much Netflix.”
  • “All these books but I’m checking you out.”
  • “All these ghosts but I want you to be my boo.”
  • “So I only put emojis on my favorite people’s contact info. If you had to define yourself in 3 emojis..?”
  • “Hey, Hotness!UGH, sorry, I meant *insert name*. Autocorrect is the worst, amiright?”
  • “Sooo autocorrect changes your name to “bae”. Thoughts?”
  • “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Gopher. Gopher who? Gopher me, obvi. *wink*”
  • “Here’s the list of people who don’t think you’re hot. 1) *Blank Space* .”
  • “Are you made of Copper and Tellurium? Because you’re CuTe.”

These are some pretty amazing texts and they won’t make you look desperate either. In case you’ve been wondering about what to send in a text to your crush, try these. They might work.


I am quite hopeful about receiving a pool of  Thank You letters from my readers who go through this article and benefit to the fullest. I am sure you’ll make the best out of your first conversation with your crush.

Lady luck is right by your side. Wave at her and luck shall be in your favor.

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