12 Ways to Become Irresistibly Attractive

12 Ways to Become Irresistibly Attractive

We have been fed with the idea of how “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” ever since our minds could grab the sense hidden beneath the meaningful yet mysterious phrases.

Call me rebellious for I believe that my beauty isn’t for you to judge and vice-versa. The underlying principle of attracting someone and being irresistible in their eyes is co-dependent on the opinion you have about yourself.

Close your eyes and think of all the traits you admire about yourself and the things( related to personality) which you used you could dispose of. If you find the right ways to eliminate the not-so-appealing traits and embrace those that could really serve you, you could be a hundred folds more attractive.

The key is working on yourself.

What makes a woman irresistibly attractive? What are some irresistible female qualities? Stick around if you want the answers.

1. Do the Right Thing

I start each day with the conviction to touch people’s lives every day. We are social beings and in order to make this world a place analogous to utopia, the first step would be being kind to people, touching their lives in one way or another and treating everyone equally, without prejudice or bringing about the conflict of interests while making decisions.

But what I prioritize way above that is respecting my own priorities and putting my needs first before everyone else’s. Like an unlit candle cannot spread the light in a room full of darkness, so is the case with a heart that is inflicted upon by making decisions with the sole purpose of pleasing others.

So, it’s immensely important to do what feels right. And remember, there is no universal code for what’s right or wrong. It’s a matter of decisions based on circumstances.

2. Stay Away from Gossips and Judgments


As quoted by Eleanor Roosevelt, “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” I echo her. What’s worth the unnecessary talk that lacks substance anyway?

I’ve recently realized the importance of being a good listener. I know that I am not the smartest person, so all I try to do each and every day is educate myself. And from my findings, I’ve discovered that I can strive towards betterment and change myself for good ( should the need be felt!) but I can’t indoctrinate my learned behavior upon someone else.

We are all different people with differences of opinions and ideologies. If you listen to a group of people who have different things to say, you might as well pick the points you admire from each individual and translate them into your own vision.

With that being said, it’s highly inappropriate to judge someone because you cannot fill their shoes. So, listen but don’t judge for you don’t have the power. Only God( or the higher power) can judge.

3. Lift Others Up

I watched a motivational speech of Denzel Washington where he said, “Each one, teach one.” The statement gave me goosebumps.

Each one of us is here to serve our own purpose. But whilst striving towards our goals and destinations, we should never try to enfeeble someone else’s position.

True liberation lies in freeing other people from the chains of hopelessness when you lift yourself up from the same ground. Happiness lies in serving the mankind.

4. Give Words of Encouragement to Those in Need

God has had mercy on me by blessing me with wonderful friends. I am some who prefers quality over quantity and I’m oh-so-overjoyed with what I have.

I always lean on to my friends and vent when I encounter some trouble in personal or academic life and they have been kind enough to lend an ear to my sorrows. And the converse holds true too.

We all face hardships. No being on earth is immune to it. Instead of pitying or mocking someone else, it’s always helpful to offer them a word or two of kindness, motivation, and encouragement. It’s good for your personal growth as well as for someone who is in a dire need of the words of encouragement.

5. Be Positive

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I start my day with positive affirmations, the kind like- I am positive. I am amazing. I am made of the dust of stars. I am healing. I am peace at heart. I am magnetic. I am.

I always knew about optimistic people who had a proper morning routine which they followed religiously but I ignored it for quite long time. But soon after I started the practice myself, I noticed significant changes in my level of confidence and esteem.

I am of the opinion that it’s absolutely essential to living a life full of positive attitude. If you think that your day is going to be amazing, work on it. Even if you face an obstacle, try to view it from a wider angle and come up with a long-term solution for it.

Live a life full of positivity, honesty and integrity and with those attributes, you’ll be ready to face the world.

6. Embrace Your Uniqueness

You don’t know how attractive someone finds your features when they see you for the first time. You don’t know how attractive you are because you are so used to seeing the same face in the mirror that you have lost touch with your own features.

Whatever you don’t like about your looks or personality might exactly be what draws someone towards you. It’s important for you to re-establish connections with your inner self and explore the hidden traits.

Embrace your uniqueness for it’s amazing enough to fascinate the whole damn world.

7. Do Things for Fun and Passion

I always used to wonder about why people emphasized on finding fun in whatever you do. And I guess that I have now found my calling.

I have had a lot of inconsistencies in my life, chiefly because I was unaware of how to manage my energy. I used to be hard on myself and never considered my needs.

But that changed somehow. I think I have finally torn down the walls of monotony and integrated work and fun together to form a perfect blend. I enjoy learning, writing, dancing, exercising, praying and meditating all on the same day.

Life has never felt so good. *Touchwood*

8. Be Gentle

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Focus on the process. Do not get obsessed with the destination.

The process and the effort it entails is what will drive you towards your destination. So, count the steps and focus on them. Do not rush over things. Practice patience, faith, discipline, consistency, and persistence. Things will sail along perfectly and the rest shall follow.

9. Drop the Need to Be Always Right

Most people always struggle between the black and white zone but they never bother to think about the grey area.

Things are not simply plain right or wrong. And also, for you to be right, someone else doesn’t have to be wrong. You can be your own version of right and they can be theirs. Fighting over your ideologies would be pointless as it is unlikely to take you anywhere. If you have faith in something good, then great! Carry on with your belief without expressing your disbelief towards someone else’s belief. Trade respect with respect.

10. Be Loyal, Be Honest

Loyalty and honesty will take you to places. Mark my words!

There have been instances where I’ve been less than loyal and a little short of honest and it didn’t pay me off well.

I don’t live a life of regrets for I have tried to rectify my mistakes or have taken reasonable steps to mitigate them in the provided circumstance.

But I surely have learned a handful of lessons. Being loyal and honest is not only important to be surrounded with a group of people who are trustworthy and have your back but it is also important for you to be able to face the reflection you see in the mirror every day.

11. Be Flexible and Keep an Open Mind

Don’t be afraid when you face problems that seem larger than life for God often places blissful things right on the other side of it.

All you need to do is dig into it and let yourself out of it, as reasonably as practically possible.

Don’t be confined to the chains of fear and hopelessness. Negativity is not something you’d want to live with. No matter how harsh the situation be, always have this thought in your mind- “This shall pass too.”

12. Believe in Yourself and All That You Are

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I have been keeping myself updated with the XFactor UK 2017 and I’m so delighted to have Raksu as the winners.

Myles, Ashley, Jamal, and Mustafa are all from a humble background but they are so happy and down to earth that it feels like taking happy pills when I watch their performances and lose myself in the vibes somewhere in the palm trees. Had they not believed in themselves, they wouldn’t have had such a grand opportunity in their lives. But they did. And so should we.

Lesson learned. Quite worthy of the crown. Rak what? Raksu!!


I hope that my insight will give you a better outlook of the essence of being intellectually and emotionally attractive rather than focusing on superficial beauty.

We are humans and we are so much more than the color of our skin, or the ratio of our face.

You are beautiful and already too irresistible to handle. Flaunt it while you got it!

With these thoughts, I would like to drop my end and bring today’s blog session to a halt. I hope and pray and believe may tomorrow greet you with more opportunities and happiness. Blessed be!

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