Ways to Connect with God Without Going to Church

“We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon, and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls.”

-Mother Teresa

God is the creator, the savior, the motivator, the Knight in shining armor. He is there with us and for us at times of joys and darkness, when we smirk or frown, at times of dusk and dawn, death and despair.

The Holy Almighty is paradoxical. You can look into the sky laying in a deserted meadow and make an attempt or two to escape the entire world but there’s this certain something or someone who gazes at you- the gaze which you can never bypass. He casts his shadow on your soul that is crumbling with loneliness and watches over you wherever, whenever. That certain someone or something, the omnipresent and omnipotent, the grandest and the most supreme, is who we call God.

I worship the supreme power and cherish His presence in my life in every fraction of a second that passes by. He instills within me a sense of home when I find myself confined in a vacant room, being stared at by the empty walls painted with the haunting memories of the strangers in whom I can’t confide.

I can’t express enough of my gratitude towards Him for blessing me with a life to fill the shoes I am in. Holding an eternal gratitude in the core of my tiny little beating heart, I worship Him. God is my faith, my religion. He creates a burning desire within me to keep humanity alive, to have mercy on the stranger wishing upon a star for fool’s gold. He fills me in with the rays of sunshine, cleanses my soul with each and every raindrop. He is glorious. He is eternal and right about justifiably irreplaceable.

Upon looking back at old times, I still recall feeling overwhelmed when I felt safe and protected even when there was nobody around. People tell you about devils and ghosts, of fear and anger, life and death but they fail to mention to you the name of God, the only name, and power that matters; the power that shall always remain tall and victorious despite the countless confrontations with fear and trauma, negativity or an impending doom. I was unaware, uninformed about God. I was nothing short of a bundle of nerves because I feared the evil but didn’t cherish God. How could I? I didn’t know He existed because for a child in me, for something to exist, I had to see it. I never saw God and therefore, never had a faith in His existence.

Discovering about God and Godliness was an eye-opener for me. As someone somewhere said, “Better late than never.” Hear, hear! Ever since then, I’ve always bowed down and enchanted prayers in His name, thanking him for mercy, grace, humility, and freedom from the state of chaos.

Reading about my intense inclination towards God might have made you think of me as someone who is regular to a church or a temple, a monastery or a mosque. Be prepared to be dumbfounded because I pay my visits quite seldom.

As of now, I haven’t been anywhere near a religious place in a couple of months. “Why though?”, you might say. I have an answer. When I think of God, I don’t think of Him as a tangible being. The God in churches and temples is an outcome of someone’s artistry. I have my own sense of imagination. I believe that God is a power who is to be felt, not objectified. I love visiting the religious sites but my connection with Him from the comfort of my home, workplace or outdoors is just the same. I feel the same serenity anywhere I bow down that I would feel somewhere near an art of God.

I reckon you could too.

What to do instead of going to church? Do you have to go to church to believe in God?

Stick with my listicle to know better.

1. Slow Down

We almost always leave home in a hurry. We gobble up and gob down our food to get back to work or to get somewhere where our presence is anticipated. But we fail to sit back and relax to feel the presence of God in our lives. And somewhere in the hustle-bustle, we lose connection with God because we don’t appreciate Him.

It is a universal truth that we are bound to lose connection with someone or something, anything that is unappreciated and unrequited. Somewhere in the hurry, we lose our grip on God. We don’t remember what we are missing because we don’t live a life laid-back enough to realize who we are missing. Amidst the journey between hurry and denial, we get to know what we are missing and we want it back.

God is known for His forgiveness. He will take you back when you ask for help. And trust me when I say that you aren’t required to be in a church or a temple or a mosque or monastery to beg for forgiveness for having forgotten to appreciate Him. All you need to do is slow down and feel the power that’s governing the universe. Explore the nature. Sit back, relax, focus and pray with a heart full of devotion. He will instantly answer your prayers and you will feel connected to Him yet again.

2. Meditate or Pray

It won’t be incorrect at all if I said that I am obsessed with meditation and prayer because I really am!

Meditation and prayer are a part of my morning routine. I follow it religiously. I believe that to get anywhere in life, you need to stay in touch with the spirit within you and the spirit that governs you. I connect with the inner spirit of my soul via meditation. I take a couple of minutes or more to close my eyes and feel the sensation of my body. I feel my heartbeat, feel my nerves and get to know what my body is trying to tell me. Listening to my mind and body makes me feel in control.

The power of prayer runs a cleansing aura throughout your body. You feel connected to God, the higher power. It feels amazing to leave the room each day with a power of prayer and with the alignment of the spirit and soul. I feel invincible and just about ready to hit the day. God is an epitome of peace. He transmits the same vibes to his devotees whenever they worship him regardless of where from.

3. Stay Open to Experience God

Have you ever had such moments where you felt as if someone was a messenger that God sent to help you out? I remember several instances but I would like to mention one.

I met an accident whilst I was studying in a foreign land. I vividly remember lying in the middle of two running buses. I remember the fear, the fear of letting loose and feeling as if it was the end of it all.

But somebody came to my rescue, grabbed me by the hands and took me to the other side of the road. By the time I came back to my senses, the person vanished in thin air- more like God! He helps you but you don’t see Him. You feel his presence. You just know that He passed by you, passed through you. And whoever the stranger was, I will eternally be thankful towards him for being a savior and bringing me back to life when I was close to death.

What you experience doesn’t have to be as terrifying as my experience but you never know what you shall be exposed to. Trust God and let him know that your heart is open for his blessings. Enchant a prayer to Him and tell him that you are ready to unbox the experiences that He has planned for you, the experiences which will bring you one step closer towards Him. And Voila! You might experience one!

4. Honor Your Body

You are your harshest critic. You are aggressive towards yourself. You never appreciate what you have within you.

Do these statements hold true in the context of your life? If yes, then you might want to reconsider everything starting from now.

How to worship God without going to church?

What if I told you that God is around you and within you? You don’t believe me, do you? But your disbelief doesn’t change anything because God is within you. Every act of brutality you’ve ever shown towards yourself debilitated the spirit within you. However, the good thing, as I mentioned earlier, is that it isn’t too late. You can honor your body starting from NOW!

Take care of your body and soul. Pay attention to what your mind is telling you. Cleanse the negativity out of your system. God is for you. He isn’t against you. Trust your soul. Give your soul the validation that it’s been hovering around to receive. Honor your body. Honor God and see how the universe honors you back. After all, you get what you give- whether to others or to your own soul.


With that being said, don’t rush through things. Practice patience for patience is a virtue. Keep marching towards the Holy power forgiving and forgetting the mistakes you’ve made and maybe, just maybe, He will meet you halfway.

I shall enchant a prayer for you. Everything will be fine. Things will work out eventually.

Trust God. Stay blessed!

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