10 Ways to Make Him Jealous

Are you searching for the ways to make him jealous? If yes, then you are on the right page. This article has especially been jotted down for you.

“Jealousy is the cancer of the heart”. This isn’t a never-before-heard statement, is it? I reckon someone who had all the experiences in the bittersweet battlefield of love must have jotted it down.

Does it ever randomly occur to your mind about why Nick Jonas put in some deep thought to write the song “Jealous?”

No? Well, I have an answer. Maybe his now former girlfriend used all the tactics right then to make him go insane with the penetrating feelings of jealousy?

If Nick Jonas couldn’t escape the bait of jealousy, neither will your boo. Jealousy isn’t always a good option to get the attention of your partner or the person you’re “casual” with. But on a side note, you must be familiar with the saying that goes, “By hook or crook”.

Making someone feel jealous is a mildly crooked act to pull off, but again, if it works, then it works. Who would care about the crookery at the end of it anyways?

If you’ve been craving for attention but your fling or the supposed “boyfriend” seems lost in some other world and doesn’t take notice of how sexy you are, then it’s time to make him jealous. You might be wondering how.

Don’t let your mind wander anywhere anymore. Let him get into the wandering business instead and make his heart burn a little with the feelings of jealousy, because why not?

I’m at your assistance just at the right instant and I shall be your guide to enlighten you with the tips and tricks on how to make him jealous.

I’m not amongst the ones to beat around the bush. Let’s get started. Here’s my list of 10 points.

1. Compliment Other Men


Try saying a word or two in appreciation of some other guy while you are with your boyfriend and see his face go red with jealousy and envy, combined.

Doing so could make him feel a little under-appreciated and it may make him question his worth in your life. However, on the other hand, it could make him realise how much he’s been ignoring you and how you deserve to be treated way too better.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to give the men the taste of their own medicine. Chances of him eventually getting hit by the waves of realisation are pretty high if it is done with caution.

But this technique comes with a warning. Just somewhere in the process of making him jealous, you might come off as being a little too desperate and he might get a hint of what you are trying to do. So, be careful and make sure you do it the right way.

2. Flirt Subtly with Others

The doctors say that there is no harm in a little dose of flirting. They, in fact, termed it as a “healthy” act. We’ve got to do what’s good for our health, right?

This technique comes as the litmus test of the relationships. Bring out the desirable oomph factor in you and attract the bees from the beehive. Talk to some good looking, single men and then start flirting with them.

If your boyfriend grows red with envy when he catches you in the act, then congratulations! The technique proved to be successful. However, if you throw yourself into a guy, your boyfriend might be thrown off-guard and you might leave the impression of “that-desperate-chick” on him.

3. Have a Girls Night Out

There isn’t anything that would feel as great as hanging out with your girlfriends. They come to your rescue whenever you’re in trouble or eat some ice-cream without caring about the calories whatsoever when you insist upon having it. God save such friends!

So, schedule some time, probably on the weekend and hang out with them. I’m not talking about having a sleepover. I’m talking about clubbing and going crazy like a party animal. Make sure you dress to impress and send him a snap before you let loose.

Once he sees it, he’ll be restless all night wondering about the men who might be swarming all over you. He’ll text you often or maybe drop a few calls but please-o-please, refrain from answering them. He might even pop up at the place just to check on you.

And that’s how you get what you want- in this case, his undivided attention!

4. Make Him Wait

Waiting on someone is the hardest thing to do, especially when you used to spend a whole lot of time together, but due to some apparent reasons, the conversations have cut short.

To wait requires a mindfulness, patience, and calmness, which most of us, in this instantly reacting world of today lack.

But whatever! Pull this off!

If you used to reply to his texts without a time lag of even a second, then you might want to wait for a couple of hours or even an entire day before writing back to him.

He’ll keep guessing all throughout the night about your whereabouts. The thoughts of you being with somebody else will haunt his senses and that will make him jealous like hell.

I call it a tit for a tat and you’ve got to show him how you ace it.

5. Cut the Calls Short

The hour-long session of a phone call and the lovey-dovey conversational exchange might make you feel more intimate but I say, it’s high time you cut it short.

If you continue giving him what he wants, he’ll keep taking you for granted. That isn’t your objective, is it?

Shorten the duration of your calls. If it used to last for an hour earlier, drop a hint that you need to ring someone else up to discuss  something important and hang up on him.

He’ll try to call you later but ignore his calls. Remember the times he ignored you? Yeah, it’s time for a payback.

He’ll keep thinking in repetitive loops about who you might have been talking to and the feeling of envy will drive him crazy.

6. Stay Busy

Whilst getting indulged in the hocus-pocus brought to you by the complications in your relationship, you might have been neglecting everything regarding the advancement of your career.

There’s much more to life than seeking the attention of a man. Grow as a person and seek for growth in your career. Learn new things. Explore the possibilities. Form a network. Participate in workshops and seminars.

You’ll not even notice it but he’ll come swooning in for you.

Because nothing in the world is as attractive as an independent, career-oriented lady standing tall and victorious on her own two feet.

7. Dress to Kill


Dressing well is important but this time around, aim for a sexy look. However, remember that there is a thin-line between what would look to be sexy and appealing, and what would come off as being slutty. You don’t want to be slut-shamed. SO, be careful.

Raid your friends’ wardrobe or find an attractive attire in your own closet every time you step out of your home. Try to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Look into the mirror. If you like what you see, he will too. And he’ll keep hovering around you all the time.

8. Use Social Media

With the increasing inclination of people towards the social networks, there wouldn’t be a problem finding a hot guy or two. It’s time to go for the hunt- what of? Well, hot men!

Add a couple of hot men on Facebook, comment on their pictures and do a little bit of subtle flirting.

Post a sexy picture of yourself now and then, and see how the comment section gets flooded with the ” You look hot AF” comments.

The general theory is that if every other man starts eyeing on you, your boyfriend will grow insecure and then he will start giving you all the attention. Haven’t you heard a thing called “stealing a girl”?

Yeah, so, as an outcome of the same fear, he’ll be cautious and not let you out of his sight for long.

Your desirability quotient will increase and so will that of your relationship.

9. Talk about Other Men


Talk the talk. Talk about other men. Tell him that you find the guy on your class very cute and how you catch him taking a glimpse of you in the middle of an ongoing lecture.

Tell him about the guy next door who has a list of appealing features. Praise and praise a little more- not him, but others.

He might act attentive for a time being but eventually, he’ll get worried sick and jealous. His mind will signal towards him having the chances of losing you over some other guy.

He’ll grow possessive and give you all you want-his attention being one!

10. Have a Male Best Friend

Ask any girl who has a male best friend about how jealous her boyfriend is of him without any reason whatsoever.

If you want to make him jealous, start spending more time with your best friend. Ditch the plans that your boyfriend makes saying that “something important” has come up and your best friend needs some help.

Keep doing this for a while and then soon after, he’ll start wondering what’s been cooking between the two of you.

He won’t inquire about it directly but he’ll talk about joining in and also, show an unusual interest in wanting to help him out.

If such case arises, consider yourself a winner. It will simply mean that the game of jealousy has worked and has spread its charm all over him. I hear the celebration is in order! Am I invited?


There is always a degree of risk associated with almost everything that we do and every step that we take in our life. So is the case with making him jealous.

If you are a subtle player and play the game without hurting him much, you’ll win him over.

However, as I mentioned earlier, if you ring the false alarm and leave an impression of being too desperate, then he might call it quits.

So, I recommend you to play it cool and also, I hope you get into a win-win situation. I wish you the best of the luck.

That’s all for now. Later!

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