7 Ways to Treat a Sensitive Guy

Whilst going out with a man of a strong built and an outgoing nature- technically, a livewire, is much of a thriller on its own, dating someone who is sensitive would be like living on the opposite pole.

Sensitive men are, well, as the term suggests, sensitive about their looks and their features in totality.

That is the reason why you have to be extra careful about what you tell them because chances are that they might analyze even the tiniest piece of information quite meticulously.

What are the traits of a sensitive guy? What kind of women do highly sensitive men want? How to deal with a sensitive boyfriend? Who make the ideal partners for highly sensitive people?

In order to give you a better insight, I have compiled a list enlisting the Do’s and Don’ts of dating a sensitive guy.

Here are the 5 most appropriate ways to treat a sensitive guy:

1. Don’t Play Hard to Get

If you are planning to try this out, then hear me, this is the worst possible thing that you could do.

If you play hard to get and flirt with someone else to make them jealous then they’ll comprehend it as if you are interested in the person who you are flirting with. He’ll probably respect your decision and will eventually back off.

If you plan on keeping him off the hook, then go ahead and keep playing your dirty games. If, however, you are serious and keen on dating him then cut the poor boy some slack and make things easier for him.

2. Give Him a Sense of Security


Sensitive men are often vulnerable. They are very insecure about everything under the shades of the sky. They will feel a sense of security if you endear them.

Spend some quality time with them. Let them know how you feel and ask them the same, and Ta-da! Your man will be the happiest being on earth.

On the other hand, if you make him doubt on the exclusivity status of your relationship as a couple or do not clearly state about being exclusive and talk about a couple of men then he might take a hint that you are seeing someone else too. That kind of insecurity isn’t good for the relationship.

3. Exercise Patience

Patience is a virtue which not everyone is blessed with.

But you are in a relationship with a sensitive man, you will need to acquire patience because you’ll be needing a lot of it throughout the course of your relationship.

A sensitive man, by default, will take some time to open up to you. It will take some time for them to come out of their emotional bubble. Respect their needs and remember not to appear too pushy. And in the end, it’s you who is to be rewarded.

4. Make the Move

If you still live in the world which believes that it’s the guys who are supposed to make the first move, then sorry to say, but your ideologies are quite outdated.

If you like someone, you might as well approach them and ask them out. If they agree then it indicates that they like you back. And if they turn out to be sensitive, they’ll be secure regarding the relationship just because of the fact that you approached them.

Sensitive men are fond of straightforward people because they don’t make them sweat on a single thought of whether or not to ask someone out, as they are already aware of what to expect from a certain someone.

5. Speak Your Heart Out


This rule implies that you need to speak your heart out whenever you feel the need to, or make your motives clear to him instead of indulging in the cheap games of making him jealous.

Don’t be too demanding. Doing so might help him come up with an appropriate response without having to sweat about it.

If your intentions are foggy then he might end up making a wrong decision and that might lead your relationship towards south-hills because of an utter mess of miscommunication.

6. Simplicity Matters

If you intend to get into a relationship with someone who is overly sensitive then you’d better not try to play hard to get. Playing games will only contribute in complicating things further.

Make sure your motives are clear and maybe, initiate things on your own without relying on your partner to make the first move.

Chances are that if you make your motives clear then your partner will have a clear mindset about the actions that he should take in order to take further steps into the relationship. Or else, he will have a low self-opinion and that is not good for a budding relationship.

7. Don’t Leave a Route for Escape

You may try to leave an escape route for the potential boyfriend so that your esteem won’t get hurt if he doesn’t show up or cancels the date plans.

It might work as a morale booster for you but if you’re eyeing on a sensitive man then it might prove to be counterproductive because he might think that you’re not actually digging for the plan and therefore, paving a way for escape for your own sake.

So yeah, that’s that. You heard me. Don’t leave any escape route and you’re good to go – on the date, that is.


These rules don’t only apply to dating sensitive men. In fact, everyone wants to have a clear vision of which road the relationship is proceeding towards. The element of essence in order to have a sense of clarity in one’s vision is proper communication. The above-stated points are quite valid and hold true in every kind of relationship. Feel free to exercise them along with your wits.

You will get everything you want and will be able to give him everything that he is guilty of if you do things right. Just so you know, my points are at your service.

Blessed be.

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