What Do Men Really Think When They See a Woman Crying

Are you trying to tell me that you haven’t taken a glance in the mirror whilst you were crying just to see how you looked whilst you were sobbing? Oh, come off it!

Crying is pretty natural. We can all admit that we cry either in public or quite secretly when no one’s looking because once a while, we need to clear our system of all the negativity that’s been accumulated somewhere underneath.

Do guys feel bad when they make a girl sad? How do guys really feel when they make a girl cry? Is crying in front of a guy bad? All these questions deserve an answer.

Women are more susceptible to crying than their male counterparts- at least that’s the case in public. Anyways, some boys later comment that we look cute even when we are crying while some confess that they feel seriously grossed out at the sight of a sobbing woman. I thought of all the possibilities and did a little research on the web as to what men actually think when they see a woman crying.

Here are some interesting answers (courtesy Yahoo Answers):

1.“What I think about her depends on the situation and what made her cry.What do I think when I see a girl crying? I think most guys go into panic mode and have no idea what to do. I will usually ask if everything is okay, maybe get you a glass of water, talk to you if you wanna talk about something. If you’re my girlfriend, I try my best to listen and comfort you.

What do I “feel” when I see a girl crying? I get kinda angry and sad at the same time. Guys don’t have the emotional gammit as girls do, we don’t feel the same thing. I feel sad that you’re sad and I feel angry that there’s nothing I can do about. Past that, I don’t know what to think, it doesn’t compute well with me. I’ve learned that I can’t want to fix the problem, that it’s better just to listen and put my arm around you and tell you I understand and everything will be alright. The truth is that I understand the facts and circumstance you’re talking about, I don’t really understand the emotional aspect of it all the time.”

2. “I hate to see a woman cry, especially if she’s hurt or upset. I love it when my wife cries because she’s happy. I made her cry once and felt like the lowest life form in the universe. I never want to see her cry again because of something that I’ve done.”

3. “Depends on the situation or the reason why that person is crying. As far as someone crying that’s in a high state of authority, I would just view them as being normal as long as the reason was justified. The only time I think less of someone that is crying is when they are whining as well.“

4. “First, I think she is using her emotion to manipulate mine, then I look for reality in her sobs, if it’s real I would be sensitive to her issue, if she is using it as a last measure for me to change my mind then I will act like I care and not bother about whatever the issue was later on, hey don’t blame us guys for this, you ladies like to do these things even when we are honest, and if any one of you would like to dispute this then feel free to email me about it.”

5. “Everyone cries.. Very rare that I do, but if I do, my husband is always there to lift me up. A real man isn’t afraid to comfort someone when they are down, man or woman.”

6. “Assuming there’s nothing obviously wrong, and depending on my level of exhaustion, it’s either ‘How can I fix her problem and make things better for her’ or ‘Oh God, what is it this time, and how long will it take to get through this episode?’’

7. “For me, it ranges from indifference to joy. I don’t care at all if the girl is ugly. I just carry on about my day. But it’s so amusing to see a beautiful woman break down in tears. When a beautiful woman cries in front of me, I don’t give any help at all. That way I can watch and enjoy the show.”

8. “Well, it depends on why she’s crying.

If it’s because I broke up with her then I don’t give a sh*t

if it’s different then I usually feel bad for her

a powerful girl………… I really don’t know”

9. “Well first I ask myself why is she crying then I go through possible outcomes for why she is crying. First, I would like to help her, but it would be kinda weird, because I don’t know her, but is I do, then I would ask what is wrong. As in does, it make me frustrated? No, because it’s not me that is upset. Well, my perception of a powerful woman wouldn’t change because everyone cries. If she is crying then it must have been something huge.”

10. “Crying during an argument just feels so fucking unfair. She knows that I can’t keep being angry with her when she cries without looking like a monster. It’s how she wins every single time.”


These were some pretty interesting takes of men on how they perceive the fact of a woman sobbing endlessly in front of their eyes. Some called it manipulative whilst most of them were empathetic to the girls who were seen to be crying.

We are humans. We get hurt. So, regardless of whatever gender we might be off, it’s okay to cry a little once a while. Crying is one of the ways to cleanse the soul. But hey, it’s not the only way out. Crying often and for minor reasons is taken to be a sign of weakness.

You aren’t weak. You are stronger than you know. Don’t cry. Put your chin up princess, or the crown will fall.

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