What Girls, Who Act Tough at Work, Should Do to Find Love

Femininity is an attribute associated with the “woman-kind”. But because of the inevitable rivalry amongst the genders in the business world, women have adopted a headstrong attitude which, of course, is good in many ways but there’s some dark side to it as well.

In the world of today, instead of focusing on making improvements in our way of life little by little as each day swiftly passes by, we tend to develop an unhealthy competitiveness towards someone who is chasing the same goal as we are. This trend is especially prevalent amongst the genders existing in different dimensions.

As a result, most of the females have allowed their fierceness to overshadow their femininity with the objective of developing a “man-like” personality trait. My verdict is that it may be good for your career advancements but it might be counter-productive if you’re hoping to find love.

Acting tough will take you places you’ve never imagined and give you everything which weakness and tenderness might have kept you from bagging but when it comes to love, a person sexually or non-platonically attracted towards a female will look for femininity in a female.

If you’re single and wondering why you haven’t been able to mingle up yet, it may be a sign that your toughness is costing you your personal relationships and finding compatible partners.

Are you wondering if you’re tough at work? Then maybe you should consider loosening up by a bit.

In the meanwhile, let me point out to you all the possible ways through which you can find love if you are someone who acts tough at work.

Let’s go straight into the points.

1. Embrace the Femininity Within You

A subtle touch of femininity is what makes a wonderful woman. Poems have been penned down and songs have been sung about the mesmerising powers of femininity. No wonders men incline towards the females who are feminine and “ladylike” than those who seem to be just one of the boys/men.

If you are a tough woman, then you would be disheartened to know that you aren’t what most men look for when they fantasize about their ideal female partners.

So, embrace what’s with you and see how it attracts love in your life.

2. Adopt a Friendly Attitude

I hope you bear with me for this article is going to have a lot of Don’ts than Dos.

Speaking of, since you admit that you are tough at work, chances are likely that your toughness has become a part of your personality and you carry it with you whether you go out on dates or for grocery shopping or any other place or occasion that stands aloof from your professional network.

Maybe you give a piece of your mind to the wait-staff if they mistakenly usher you towards the wrong table or are rude to the cashier at the store. And trust me, those people who are anywhere near you when you show your grumpy side will never befriend you, let alone date you.

So, drop the unfriendliness and adopt kindness, and see how it adds a Midas touch in your love-life where even the rusted relationships might blossom into gold.

3. Drop Your Picky Standards

You may claim to be a perfect being with strong work-ethics and a high drive for success in life. It may be true to a great extent but you need some reality check because your junior management might be afraid of criticising you, even constructively, provided your “tough” attitude.


All you need is a little introspection to see your flaws and little imperfections. And by comprehending the fact that you aren’t perfect either, your expectation of having perfect people around you as your assistant or secretary in your workplace will seem invalid to you.

Since no one’s perfect, you should also stop looking for the qualities of perfection in every man you meet and start assessing the ultimate deal-maker/breaker attributes instead. This will help you in finding a potential partner.

4. Make the First Move

If you are of the view that it’s men who are socially and morally obligated to make the first move, then you clearly are living in the wrong century.

Hello, this is the modern world. Welcome to the 21st century and anyone can make the first move here irrespective of their gender.

Your toughness at work might have been added permanently to your personality, which might have prevented you from approaching someone who you fancy, only because they didn’t make the move first.

And if you wait for him to make the move on you, not only might he invest his emotions in someone else but also, you might turn a blind eye on other potential dating partners passing by you.

And you’re still wondering why you’re single, aren’t you? Huh!

5. Don’t Walk Around in Desperation

It’s a no-brainer that tough people are the ultimate “go-getter”. It would be right about justified if we say that if not all, most of them are a bit egoistic. I don’t mean that they blast around their ego per se. It’s just that given their attitude if they have a slight feeling for someone but the other person doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same, they’re likely to go to all heights to chase them and win them over as if it’s a game.

Afterall, everything is a competition if you are tough, isn’t it?

But this might land them in serious troubles because the person they’ve been chasing might not be the person who they were actually in search of. The veil will only be lifted after they “win” them over and see through their personality only to get disappointed blind eye themselves for pining for someone who wasn’t worthy of their time. This might result in frustration as well as wastage of time.

All in all, being a little tough with a high degree of wisdom during the selection of a partner will result in a greater degree of happiness both in the long and short-terms.


I hope you’ll consider taking a look at my advice from an affirmative prospect. I have nothing but your best interests in my heart.

I hope life blesses you with optimism and love.

See you around!

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