What to Do When Your Crush Likes Someone Else

Is your heart crying for love and has the “one” you are crushing hard on closed the door for you and turned the key from the other side?

What could be worse? I’ll tell you.

It’s when you discover that your crush’s heart has made a permanent reservation for someone else. Wow!

Now, can you please be brutally honest and raise your hands if you’ve found yourself in a similar situation? Are you been bothered by the thoughts of what should be done when your crush likes someone else? I’m pleased to announce that this article is for you.

Well, if you aren’t raising your hand, I presume you’re lying because a “Misplaced Heart Syndrome” is pretty much of an inevitable circumstance in anyone’s life.

I remember the times when I channeled Tove Lo in her music video of “Habits” when I had a heart-break, not the clichéd version of the heartbreak though. To cut the long story short, that was when my crush friend-zoned me.

I hear you, my friend. I really do. Just think how things would escalate if someone you were planning to have a heart-to-heart session with, outright told you that they were interested in someone else. How ridiculously tragic would that be?

Now, since the ritual can no longer take place, there are some things to figure out and some actions to take when you discover that the butterflies in your stomach don’t add value to someone else’s life.

I have enlisted a few points and I can tell with absolute certainty that you will like what you read. Here we go!

1. Decide If You Want to Continue Being Friends with Them

I hear Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” being played in the background. Turn it off, you! And listen to what I’m about to say.

Okay, so, since crying is considerably a genuine form of expressing grief, it’s only meant to be done momentarily. For how long can someone cry themselves back to sleep? 2 months? 6 months? Even more? Dude! Come on! Get a life. The show must go on!

You can’t keep pining after them when you know that they are unofficially “pegging” someone else.

Your emotions could take you “south hill” if you are all “pally-wally” with them and they tell you how much they like this person and even ask your advice on several matters.

Now, don’t play the Triumph Card and try to break them up. That’d be Satanic and I don’t expect Satan to be my reader. Thank you very much!

Have you started seeing people ascending into heaven or the sky falling down? What makes you think that someone not liking you back is the end of the world?

If you like them, appreciate how they feel and help them. Get your angelic mode on!

If you decide that they are important enough as a friend in your life, then keep them. Don’t push them away.

On the contrary, if you think you won’t have a problem if they are no longer a part of your life, then set them free and let them go.

You don’t need to embarrass yourself for attention or change yourself or even stalk them, really. They’d better be a gone-case rather than staying in and making you feeling emotionally jolted.

2. Avoid Blaming Yourself

avoid blame

Connecting with a lover is like establishing a connection with a friend. I’m a kind of a person who would get connected instantly if it’s meant to be or if I don’t, then forget about being my friend. Oh, I’m such a meanie!

Speaking of, don’t demean yourself if your feelings remain unrequited. Like cards match only with the same ones of their kind, so do the humans. And maybe the animals, the birds and everything else you can think of. Who knows?

You are blessed with a peculiarity in every possible way. There are 7 billion minus 2 people on the planet who you could still crush hard on (the 2 being you and your former crush). What are the odds? I see it’s highly likely. You don’t even have to be good at Mathematics to figure it out.

So, think that you are destined for greatness and your so-called crush isn’t meant to be a part of it.

Feeling better already? I know you are!

3. Did You Do Anything about These Feelings?

Last time I checked, nothing happened when I took no notable action, folded my hands and stood still. You’re right. No gin came to me and did all the work for me. Thou shouldn’t expect that either.

Did you express yourself or come clean about your feelings and were vocal about it with your crush? If you did, you have nothing to regret about. At least, you don’t have to keep wondering about the “what-ifs” that your brain will put forth at some point while you’re still grieving.

It’s quite funny how nothing happens if you don’t act.

Are you amongst the ones who did absolutely nothing? Don’t you think that you might still have a chance?

Not being expressive is such a turn-off. Maybe that’s what happened.

So, take a risk and talk it out with them because I like the ones who dive head on into risk. Wink Wink!

Tell me how it goes!

4. You Want It When It’s Mutual and It’s Good

Don’t get me wrong but I think it’s a little creepy to stalk someone else’s fling.

Rejection is a gut-punching experience. It sucks! I get it. But knowing someone’s POV is such a liberating experience.

Don’t go all BackStreet Boys on them with “I want it that way” when they clearly don’t want it any way.

I understand that in your ideal scenario, you are with him and he’s gaga over you.

But life doesn’t work in that fashion. Loving someone who loves someone who loves someone else can be difficult.

In real life, an ideal situation is non-existent.

If your heart and your ear and, every other sense in your body knows that it’s not mutual, then remember the Frozen song and LET IT GO!

5. Space out and Get out of Your Feels

Mutual Interests

Have you heard of “ghosting”? Maybe it’s high time you gave them the Silent Treatment.

Does your crush like someone else? Yahoo! Consider it as an opportunity to have a kind of an Emotional Detoxification.

If staying distant from them for a time being is good for you, then go for it.

During this period, readjust the expectations you have from this person in your life. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. There are PLENTY of people to crush on.

You got 99 problems and they ain’t one!


I hope I wasn’t a typical bore and you enjoyed scrolling down. I have your back. You can count on me.

If you have any thoughts, I’d like to know. Remember, I’m all ears!

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