When Is the Right Time to Say “I Love You”

There isn’t really a right and a perfect time to do anything. You create the time that’s right for you. It’s entirely in your hands. You write your own destiny, pave your own pathway and what follows is, well, life.

When has there been the right time to do anything anyway? Time is an abstract entity. It flows seamlessly despite whatever goes across our mind.

It never stops to calm us down when we are on the verge of leaping towards insanity, having a manic episode or hurting our inner soul by the intense feelings of despise.

Regardless of the number of times we hope and pray for time to stop and be right, it never gets molded into the shape which we want to recreate it. Time is neither right nor wrong. If anything, then, well, it’s pretty badass. Just my two cents though!

If there’s something that governs our feelings, it’s not time but intuition. Intuition makes us jump to the parallel universe and seize every moment of joy which we couldn’t experience in the one where we live. It fills our heart with such overwhelming thoughts that we can’t purge but surrender ourselves and act accordingly.

Story Alert! I recently reconnected with my best friend of 7 years who I had parted ways with, without any obvious reason but increasing distance. It had been almost half a decade since I last spoke to her but then one morning, whilst I was meditating, I had this overwhelming thought of wanting to reunite with her no matter whatever the hell it might take. And well, today, I’m writing this after talking to her for an hour and a half. Yes, we’re back again. I acted in accordance with my intuition and Voila! It worked wonders.

Mark my words! This thing called intuition, I tell you, is pretty darn interesting! But apart from intuition, it’s also essential to read the mind of the person who is at the receiving end. So, you might as well exercise your wit in reading the mind of your partner if you’re wondering about when to utter those 3 magical words and get them reciprocated to you.

When to say “I love you” to your boyfriend for the first time? Is it too soon to say “ I love you”? How to say “ I love you” to your boyfriend for the first time? Continue reading and you shall have an answer by the end of this article.

In this article, I aim to strike you with 5 strong points that will help you hit the bull’s eye and whisper the enchanting “ I love you” to his ears without the fear of scaring him off or not hearing it back.

Let’s go and take a read, shall we?

1. They Express Their Feelings


Men are known to be inexpressive beings. You never know what’s going on in their minds. Also, they won’t let you come close to their thoughtful side if they’re just casually seeing you and don’t mean business.

But when they start feeling something for you, in addition to letting you close to their soul and talking to you about how they feel, they also take your feelings into consideration.

Well, ladies, when a man starts taking care of you by going to great lengths, wait no more. Just say it!

2. They Listen to You


Most of the men that you are casually dating or in the modern day term, “just seeing” will be interesting in your body rather than your emotions.

They either are inattentive towards you when you are pouring your heart out to them or watching a sports commentary on television. They just don’t listen.

But hey, once they feel a little something for you, they begin to take notice of your moods and try to console you whenever you return home from having a bad day at work.

If that’s the case, then you don’t need to wait any longer. Again, just say it!

3. They’re Happy When You Are Around


In this age of Tinder, it’s really hard to put your trust into someone.

Even if someone swipes right and the conversations begin at a full pace, you never know if even it will lead to anything serious.

Some men may insist on having an open relationship where you will not be exclusive as a couple. Why do men do that? Well, the more, the merrier. That might just be it.

Once your man starts drooling for you, he’ll start demanding for an exclusivity. He’ll try to keep you happy at all times and will be immensely happy to have you around most of the time when the both of you don’t have work commitments to meet.

Once he starts portraying such an act, I say, the time has come to say it out loud!

4. They Look after You Whilst You Are Sick


I’m asking this straight away. Why would he look after you if he isn’t in love with you? Out of humanity, you might say. Oh dear, like chivalry, humanity is dead too in this 21st-century world.

If you are just dating, he won’t even bother to give you a call and ask you how you’re doing, let alone come to your condo and look after you. When you’re sick, you’re off business (if you know what I mean!). So if sex is all he wants and he has 0 emotions, he won’t look after you.

On the contrary, if he genuinely feels something for you, he’ll take care of you and bring the warm bowl of soup to your bed.

That’s when you might as well melt into a puddle of mush and kill him softly with the magical words.

5. His Family and Friends like You


Generally, men don’t introduce you to their friends and family unless they mean something serious. If you’re just a fling, he’ll probably never talk about you with his close associates.

Howsoever, if you are a potential lover, he might take you to the house of his old folks and all there shall be is blossoming love, bond, and laughter.

He will invite you on a dinner date or even propose the idea of having a double-date with his best friend.

If he has brought this subject up, he means business. And something good is going for you. Why not make it better by blessing him with the melody of love?


I hope your intuition gives you the correct guidance.

As for time, don’t wait for it because it never waits for you either!

Go tell him that you love him and let me know how it goes. And unlike time, I shall be waiting right here.

May the Cupid bless you with his arrow!

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